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Best Cheese Graters UK

Food is not just about taste, but the presentation also matters. Unless you have excellent knife skills or own a food processor, it is extremely difficult to get even shavings without a grater. A cheese grater is a lifesaver and an essential kitchen tool. From making sandwiches to whipping up pancakes and making light work of cheese, garlic, and lemon, a grater is a pretty handy tool that everyone must own.

That’s the reason behind this post. We know that when it comes to researching a product, you all get overwhelmed. So, we have saved you the hassle by reviewing 10 best cheese graters UK to give you an idea of what you should invest in.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Best Cheese Graters UK

The following is the review of the best cheese graters available in the market. We have done some research to create this list. So, you can consider it as a completely personal review.

#1 KICHLY Stainless Steel Cheese Grater cum Vegetable Slicer

KICHLY’s Stainless Steel Cheese Grater cum Vegetable Slicer stands out among the rest. This is probably the best cheese grater you will find on the market. It is a boxed cheese grater and vegetable slicer that comes with a nice ergonomic handle. It is composed of Grade-430 high-quality stainless steel giving it longevity and stability. If you are looking for a multi-purpose grater that is compatible for grating all types of cheese as well as vegetables and fruits, then this model from KICHLY is the best.

It incorporates a single handle design engineered to fit comfortably in one hand, allowing for efficient grating and shredding. The ergonomic rubber handle ensures that your wrist and palm aren’t strained. It is perfect for grating cheese as well as vegetables, including cabbage, carrots, cucumber, and some fruits as well. While it is a boxed cheese grater, the hexagonal-sided design provides the users with a variety of customised shred thickness.

To effectively grate cheese or shred vegetables, simply hold the grater to a certain angle to which you feel comfortable holding, and then swipe the content over the grater place. Thanks to its boxed design, all the grated items will be confined inside the grater.

  • Assists in immensely grating and shredding a wide variety of vegetables
  • Ergonomic handle for splendid grating experience
  • Provides 6 types of grating textures
  • Easy to clean
  • Applying too much pressure while grating may cause it to bend
  • Food particles tend to get stuck in the crevices of the joints


#2 KitchenKraft Multi-Purpose Stainless Steel Boxed Grater

If you are looking for an incredibly space-saving cheese grater, then KitchenKraft has a 6-inch model that does the job of 4 tools in 1. It is a box cheese grater that has a versatile design. With this one product, you can shred, slice, zest, and grate your favourite foods and the best part is that you don’t have to waste time and money with fiddly kitchen tools that are only meant to do one job. This multi-purpose boxed grater is a versatile, compact, and a very handy kitchen gadget.

It has a stainless steel body with a plastic handle. You can use it to turn chocolate bars into delicious sprinkles, slice cucumbers for salads, grate cheese for sandwiches, and zest lemons to add flavour and zing to cocktails and cakes. The best part is that when you grate or slice, or zest, all your ingredients remain inside the grater, preventing any spills and mess.

When we talk about its grating tools, there are four installed on every side of the grater. It allows for grating, coarse zesting, medium zesting, and slicing. The product is made of food-grade steel that doesn’t rust. The convenient plastic handle provides a comfortable hold while grating, and most noteworthy, this cheese grater is engineered with rolled edges, keeping all the gratings in place.

  • It is dishwasher safe
  • Incredibly compact design
  • Four tools in one for greater grating experience
  • Convenient handle
  • Some don’t appreciate its small design because too small
  • Can be flimsy sometimes


#3 Zyliss Ultra-Sharp Cheese Grater

If you are looking for something contemporary than your traditional cheese graters, then you will find Zyliss Ultra-Sharp Cheese Grater quite interesting. For starters, it is not like your usual cheese grater. That is, unlike your box grater, this is a rotary drum grater with ultra-sharp stainless steel blades. This is a lightweight model that is perfect for fine grating tasks. It comes with an ergonomic soft-touch handle that is comfortable to hold, and you don’t have to put extra pressure on it while grating.

The best part about this grater from Zyliss is that its handle is engineered to switch sides for right and left-handed use. This is something that you will not see in many grater models. For your convenience, the manufacturer has also made the handle and scrum separable, making way for easy and hassle-free cleaning. Its design and build make it look like a gadget from the future. However, it is only suitable for grating cheese as well as some nuts. It is not perfect for vegetables.

The fine acid-etched grating drum works incredibly well with just a little pressure. The rotary drum is encased inside the body of the grater, keeping it away from your fingers while using. Last but not least, it is dishwasher friendly and easy to store as well.

  • Comfortable design and easy cleaning
  • acid -etched blades for finely grating ingredients
  • Well-designed handle for easy operation
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty
  • The hole is quite narrow – will have to scrape out the cheese
  • Instead of grating sometimes it mashes the ingredients


#4 Vinsani Handheld Drum Cheese Grater

This multi-purpose grater is one of the best cheese graters preferred in UK households. The versatile cheese grater from Vinsani comes with three different drums for fine and coarse grating. Vinsani Handheld Drum Cheese Grater is suitable for grating all types of cheese, chocolate, nuts, and vegetables like carrots. It is a great kitchen tool for preparing coleslaws, spiralizer, grating, salads, and hash browns. The grating rotary drums are made of high-quality stainless steel, and the whole body is of high-grade, durable plastic.

While it is perfect for the home kitchen, the grater is portable enough to be carried around wherever you want. It has a flat base that ensures the tool remains stable throughout the use. All you have to do is put the ingredients inside the drum and rotate the handle, and you will get your grated ingredients within minutes. It is as simple and as easy as that. It comes with three different drums for your cooking needs. Each drum has different grating holes so that you can grate according to your grating needs.

Moreover, it only requires minor assembling and cleaning the grater is quite easy as well. Simply remove the grater from the body and put the drum under running water. This is a great model for those who don’t want to go through the hassle of moving their hand back and forth, holding the ingredient towards the grating blade. All you have to do is just rotate the handle and you will freshly grated produce.


  • Three different grating drums for fine and coarse grating
  • Better grip and stability on a flat surface
  • Robust design
  • Easy to understand instruction manual
  • Grating hard ingredients is difficult
  • The drum tends to detach from the body


#5 Premier Housewares 4-Sided Cheese Grater

While it looks like your regular cheese and vegetable grater, it is a high-end model preferred mostly by chefs and those who cook often. This is a 4-sided cheese grater from Premiere Housewares. Each side has a different set of blades that allows you to decide how finely or roughly you want your produce to be. It is made of high-grade stainless steel material, which is durable and engineered to stand the test of time. What’s so special about this grater is that it comes with a convenient detachable collection compartment that is printed with a measurement chart. So, you don’t have to collect the grated produce from a chopping board or from the countertop. This container is included to save you from this hassle.

Premier Housewares 4-Sided Cheese Grater is designed for everyday use. If you love cooking and trying out recipes, then this is a tool to have in your kitchen arsenal. Cleaning the grater is easy as well. Simply put the stainless steel body under running water, after use. Or, you can put it in a dishwasher for hassle-free cleaning.

When we talk about its grating features, this tool is equipped with two grater sides, one shredder side, and one slicer side. So, you can use it for not only grating cheese but for preparing sandwiches, salads, chocolate dishes, and whatnot.

  • Comes with a detachable plastic container to collect all the shavings
  • Premium quality
  • Four-sided grater for different grating needs
  • Easy to clean
  • Expensive
  • Its size is surprisingly small


#6 LEVIVO Stainless Steel Grater with Container

There is a lot to like about LEVIVO Stainless Steel Grater, which comes with a container. It is a grater designed specifically for your love of cheese. It will grate down a parmesan block or any other hard cheese without any hassle. It is a perfect kitchen essential to have if your meals are incomplete without the cheese. This grater will help you add the final touch to your salads, soups, and Italian dishes. What’s interesting is that the manufacturer has included a collection box to make grating a less tedious job than it usually is.

The stainless steel, incredibly sharp grater is dishwasher friendly, and the generously sized grating pores ensure that you get finely yet roughly grated produce. Moreover, if you want to use this tool for other than grating cheese, you can buy the “LEVIVO Stainless Steel Grater Expansion Set” that comes all-inclusive of different grating blades for different grating purposes like slicing cucumbers, turning chocolate into tiny sprinkles, and more.

It is one of the cheapest cheese graters on the market, and if you are in need of one, this model from LEVIVO is quite a good option.

  • Best for grating cheese
  • Equipped with a collection box
  • The stainless steel grater is dishwasher safe
  • Incredibly sharp
  • Small and fiddly
  • Steel and plastic doesn’t balance well


#7 Creative Tops Vintage-Style Gourmet Cheese Grater

Now, this is what we call a unique yet simple design. If you don’t like the idea of having a fancy grater, then this vintage-style cheese grater is all you need. This cheese grater is not only large, but its unique approach of grating has people wondering about it. For starters, unlike the square, flat, and hexagonal shapes, this cheese grater from Creative Tops is colonial with a wooden handle on top of it. It comes with two grating options, making it a must-have for cheese lovers.

The blades are formed in a conical design offering two grating options – coarse grating for parmesan shavings and a regular grating size for pizza toppings and sandwiches. The conical design makes it easy for you to grate cheese in two and fro motion without straining your wrist. Another amazing aspect of its design is the wooden handle that narrows to give you a comfortable hold throughout the process.

And what’s best is that the stylish conical design allows you to directly grate cheese onto the plates and food. You don’t have to collect it in a container or something before spreading it over the food.

  • Beautiful Acacia wood handle
  • Two cheese grating options
  • Unique style and design
  • Stainless steel body
  • While it says you can grate directly on the food, holding it in the air and grating is a bit difficult
  • It is also prone to slips


#8 Tenta Kitchen Cheese Grater Set with Container

If you love to experiment with food and like to prepare different cuisines, then Tenta Kitchen Cheese Grater Set is a must-have in your kitchen. It is not just a cheese grater but an all-inclusive grater. For starters, it comes with fours kinds of grating blades. The most amazing is the slicer blade, which is great for slicing, shredding, and chopping vegetables like potatoes, carrots, onions, tomatoes, green peppers, eggplant, and cabbages, among others. With this set, you don’t have to use a knife for the most part of the cooking. These versatile blades are enough to take care of the grating, chopping, and shredding part.

The reason why we are recommending this set to you is that if you love to eat salads, fruits, pasta, and pizza, it can help you quickly prepare the produce for that. Most importantly, it is easy to clean, as well. You can simply put the slicer in a dishwasher and give it a few spins. It comes with its own storage container so that whatever you shred, grate or chop is securely stored in the container without creating a mess.

The blades are composed of food grade stainless steel material, which are accented by colourful trim. For easy operation, there is a plastic handle provided.

  • Comes with four different kinds of grating blades
  • Makes food preparation easy
  • The set is easy to clean
  • Its compact design is storage-friendly
  • Poor plastic construction
  • Grating is quite laborious


#9 Alessi Stainless Steel Cheese Grater

This is a unique piece of kitchen tool that not only works as a grater but remove the blade from the top, and it becomes an attractive bowl, or you can say a piece of tableware, in which you can serve salads and dips. Simply put, it is a designer grater that appeals to every cook and cooking enthusiast due to its unique structure and appearance. But, it is not just all about its appearance, it is engineered to make grating a whole lot easier.

All the grated produce is collected inside the designer container, making it easy for you to grate without creating a mess. The grater is composed of stainless steel, whereas the container is made from thermoplastic resin, which makes it flexible yet unbreakable. The best part is that Alessi has introduced this grater in numerous colour variants. That is, it is available in ivory, red, ice, black, and blue colour options. If you are new to grating and cooking and don’t have much exposure grating tools, Alessi Stainless Steel Cheese Grater can prove to be a great starter tool.

You don’t have to hold the grater in any manner while grating. It easily holds onto the table while you grate.

  • Great quality
  • Incredible design and colour options
  • Can be used as tableware as well
  • Fits right into your palm
  • Not for vegetables
  • One may find it difficult to get the grater plate off the container


#10 Jean-Patrique Four-Sided Stainless Steel Food Grater

Last in our list of best cheese graters is the Four-Sided Stainless Steel Food Grater from Jean-Patrique. It is a professional food grater that chefs use. So, you can determine how good it is for grating purposes. Like a traditional boxed grater, this too has four grating sides with different sizes. That is, each side has different blades to suit a variety of recipes. With that said, you can not only use this tool for grating cheese, but you can also grate fruits and vegetables.

This grater is completely made from food grade stainless steel. It is high-quality steel that is strong and sturdy, yet lightweight for hassle-free operation. It is engineered to last long without compromising on the quality of its grating mechanism. It is a great kitchen tool for preparing garnish. You can turn chocolate bars into tiny sprinkles for garnishing your smoothie, or you can grate parmesan to garnish your favourite pie.

The best part about this grater is that everything you grate is stored within the grater. All you need is a flat top.


  • It is easy to clean
  • Perfect for cheese
  • High-quality stainless steel construction
  • Four different grating sizes
  • Not great for slicing potatoes
  • The handle is a bit uncomfortable


Best Cheese Graters UK – what is the best type of cheese grater?

As you can see from the reviews, there are different varieties of cheese graters available in the market. However, when you are looking for a cheese grater, remember that you need to look for two types of blades – etched and stamped. Etched blades are formed using acid that corrodes the blades to make them super sharp. Stamped blades, on the other hand, more rigid and thicker blades that stick out. It is up to you which type of grater you want based on your requirements.

There are primarily four different types of cheese graters available in the market:

  1. Box Grater

These are the most popular of all grater types. The majority of people prefer box grater for grating cheese because it is so easy to use and clean. The primary reason why people love boxed grater is that they are multi-faceted and come with four grating sides, each with different blades for different types of grates.

  1. Handheld Grater

This is another type of cheese grater known for its ease of use. Typically, it comes with one blade and is pretty easy to operate. However, this type of grater is only suitable for grating cheese.

  1. Rotary Grater

This is an innovative design that is quickly becoming popular among households in the United Kingdom. This type of grater is best used for grating hard cheese and produce like nuts and chocolate. The best part about rotary grater is that it is the safest of all the grater types since your hands don’t come in contact with the blades. This makes them safe for children as well.

  1. Zesters

Zesters are essential kitchen equipment perfect for nutmeg, chocolate, and parmesan. There are different varieties of zesters available, including the conical ones.

Keep your needs in mind when looking for the best cheese graters UK.

Final Words

Depending on your cooking needs, you can choose a cheese grater. It is no rocket – all you have to do is find a product that is easy to use, easy to store, easy to clean, and safe. We have reviewed ten products that we think are the best. But you can conduct your own research if you are not satisfied with these. If you have any questions related to the products or anything related to the buying process, do ask us, we will help you.

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