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Best Chalk Paint UK

Chalk paint is a relatively new product in the market but has managed to revolutionize the DIY world. It is a versatile decorative paint that uses chalk in its formula and easy to apply on numerous surfaces including wood, metal glass, and plastic.

Chalk paint is used to redecorate furniture or create attractive focal points. It is available in numerous colours to meet your interior decoration needs.

If this is your first time using this product, it is likely that you are wondering which one is the best. To help you navigate through the list of the endless brands in the market we have reviewed some of the best.

Best Chalk Paints

1. Hemway Chalk Paint (White) Matt Finish Wall and Furniture Paint 1L / 35oz

Hemway Chalk Paint is a multipurpose and easy to use product ideal for use on walls, furniture, woodwork, and fittings. This product is available in 14 colors and is supplied in 1-liter tins.

Covering up to 15m² per liter, this paint dries off within 2 hours. Usually, one coat is enough to achieve good results although you can apply two or more coats if you are making substantial color changes or when painting on bare surfaces.

The most appealing feature of this paint is the no-priming formulation. You can apply it on most surfaces without sanding or priming. It has exceptional adherence which makes it easy to finish off work quickly in a single painting session.

Hemway Chalk Paint is water-based hence non-toxic. It has no odor and is safe to use on poorly ventilated or enclosed environments. It can also be used along with stencils if you want to add creative decorations to an old wardrobe or cabinet.

  • Ideal for DIY projects.
  • Available in 14 colors.
  • Easy to use paint.
  • Compatible with a wide range of surfaces.
  • It can be applied on surfaces that haven’t been sanded or primed.
  • Coverage power reduces when making extensive color changes.


2. RAYHER Chalk Paint

The RAYHER chalk paints offer you a Vintage or Shabby Chic look. It is a versatile paint that can be used on several surfaces including wood, glass, metal, ceramics, terra cotta, plastic, fabric, and canvas. It is available in 25 different colors and is offered in cans of 118ml.

This is a water-bases chalk paint with a high proportion of chalk. A coat of this paint renders any surfaces opaque and velvety. You can use it to redecorate old furniture and create lovely decorations for your home. For best results, apply two coats of different colors above each other and sand it after drying. The 118ml can cover an area of 2.7m².

  • Non-toxic
  • Available in 25 colors.
  • A versatile chalk paint.
  • Ideal for DIY projects.
  • Offered in Small containers.

3. Rust-Oleum AMZ0012 A Classic, Smooth Touch Flat matt Paint Finish

Give your old interior furniture a new breath of life with the Rust-Oleum Chalky Finish. This is a water-based paint that is suitable for interior use only and can be applied in poorly ventilated environments as it is odorless and has a non-toxic formulation.

One coat of this paint offers you exceptional coverage of up to 14m² per liter.  There is no priming or sanding required when painting. The product is supplied in tins of 750 ml.

You will likely love the fact that this product is available in 31 shades. The colors offer you a lot of versatility as they can be used on their own or mixed and matched to create a new look.

The paint is easy to use and dries off within an hour. However, you can only apply a second coat after four hours when total dryness has been achieved.

  • Water-based non-toxic paint.
  • It is odorless.
  • Wide color range.
  • Covers a wider range of up to 14m² per liter.
  • It is a quick formulation which makes it hard to apply using a brush.

4. Rustins CHAPW250 Chalky Finish Paint Windsor White 250ml

Redecorate your interior décor with the Rustins CHAPW250 Chalky Finish Paint. This product is painted over most previously painted items to give them a velvety flat matt finish.

The Rustins Quick Dry Chalky Finish paint can be used in hardboard, bare wood, plaster, MDF brickwork, and cement to offers a smooth touch.  You can apply it as a finish coat over existing metal primers and wood, and paint.

To achieve the shabby look, you will need to apply several coats then distress it by lightly sanding down small areas using steel wool or fine sandpaper. The paint covers approximately 13m² per liter. It takes 30 minutes to dry and re-coating is done after 2 hours.

  • Used as a finish coat.
  • Short drying period.
  • Versatile use.
  • Covers a relatively larger area of about 13m² per liter.
  • May require many coats for distressing.

5. Rust-Oleum AE0525400UK Spray Paint, Chalk White

Give your old furniture a classic smooth touch with the Rust-Oleum Spray Paint.  This is an easy to apply paint that can be used to bring a new life to the worn-out furniture. You can apply directly on both painted or bare wood, plaster, brick plastic, metal, or stone.

You can experiment with this color by applying two different shades to create a distressed look.  Once the paint has dried you can sand or scour it for best results.  You must ensure that the can is maintained at the same position from the surface when spraying for even results.

One can of the Rust-Oleum Chalky Finish Spray Paint can cover an area of approximately 2m².  The coverage may vary depending on the porosity, spray technique, or the roughness or the surface being applied.  The paint dries within 1 hour and a second coat can be applied only after 4 hours.

  • It can be applied to a variety of surfaces.
  • It offers a smooth and chalky finish.
  • Easy to use.
  • Takes 16 hours for full hardness to be achieved.

6. Rustins CHAPC250 Chalky Finish Paint Kenwood Cream 250ml

The Rustins Chalky Finish Paint gives your worn-out furniture a new lease of life. It is suitable for interior use only and contains wax.  This product can be used over most previously painted items. It can be applied on different surfaces including hardboard, bare wood, MDF, brickwork, plaster, and cement.

One feature that you will definitely love about this product is that you can be able to create a distressing look from it. Apply different coats on your furniture then distress it by sanding down small areas using steel wool or fine sandpaper. Usually, one coat is enough for primed surfaces while surfaces will require 2 coats.

Covering approximately 13m² per liter, the Rustins Chalky Finish Paint dries within 30 minutes depending on humidity and temperature. Re-coating can be done after 2 hours.

  • Ideal for DIY projects.
  • Takes a short time to dry.
  • Ideal as a coat over painted wood.
  • It cannot be used on metallic surfaces.

7. Shabby Chic Effect Chalk Finish Furniture Paint Antique White

Update your furniture’s appearance with the Paint Factory Chalk Finish Paint. This paint is ideal for changing the look of your furniture both new and old.

This paint is safe for interior use as it is odorless and non-toxic.  It is applied on surfaces that have been cleaned and dried. It dries within 2-hours and a second coat can be applied after 4 hours. Covering approximately 4.5m² per liter, this paint is not for use directly on metal surfaces.

  • Ideal for repainting.
  • Suitable for DIY projects.
  • Non-toxic
  • A bit thin.

8. Rust-Oleum Chalk Chalky Furniture Paint China Rose 750ML

Your furniture can now have a clean and new look thanks to the Rust-Oleum Chalk Chalky Furniture Paint. This paint can be used directly on wood both painted or bare stone, brick, plaster, metal, or plastic.

Covering an area of about 14m², the Rust-Oleum Chalky Paint is available in 16 shades which can be used plainly or be mixed to create a distresses look.  It is easy to use and is best applied using a roller.

The paint dries within one hour but a second coat can only be applied after 4 hours when full hardness is achieved.

  • Odorless chalk paint that is safe for use indoors.
  • One coat is enough for great results.
  • You can mix and match colors to create a distressed look.
  • Color dry to shades darker or lighter than expected.

9. 250ml Chalk Finish Paint Tin Tub Smooth Touch Matte Furniture Vintage House Home

Use this chalky finish furniture paint to provide your furniture with a classic smooth touch. You can apply it directly onto wood, stone, brick, plaster, or any primed surfaces.

This is a water-based formulation paint that is odorless and thus safe for use indoors. It comes in various colors that allow you to mix and match different shades. You can apply two coats of contrasting colors then sand or scour them when dry to create a distressed appearance.

Covering up to 4.5m² per liter, painting doesn’t require any priming or sanding for most surfaces.  It works well over varnish and old paint. It is easy to apply and dries with a soft, velvety sheen.

  • Water-based and odorless paint.
  • Ideal for use on all surfaces with no priming or sanding required.
  • Easy to use.
  • Various color choices.
  • No priming or sanding required.
  • Covers a small area due to the low quantity.

10. Securit Water-Based Acrylic Chalkboard Paint For Glass/Metal/Ceramic/Plastic/Wood

If you are looking to repaint your wall, then the Secruit Acrylic Chalkboard Paint is the solution for you. This is a water-based paint that is easy to use as a primer for non-traditional wall surfaces. You can use it on any metal, glass ceramic, or wood surfaces.  It is weather resistant meaning that you can wipe it off even with a wet sponge. You can use traditional chalk or chalk markers.


  • Easy to use
  • It is resistant to weather.
  • It is applicable on several surfaces.
  • It comes in small cans of only 250ml.

Best Chalk Paint Buyers Guide

Chalk paint is the modern and contemporary paint of choice for vintage upcyclers who want to change their old furniture into beautiful and unique upcycled furniture. This pain creases a smooth chalky finish which provides a good look on furniture. It adopts unique shades and special color combinations allowing you to have your dream home.

When it comes to buying chalk paint, there are several things that you need to consider. Below are some of the most important considerations.

Type of Chalk Paint

If you want a fast and consistent finish, you may want to choose a spray chalk paint. Spray chalk paint achieves a smooth and uniform finish but if you want a more vintage chalk paint look, going for traditional chalk paint may be a better option.

Normally, the consistency of the chalk paint will depend on its formulation. A vinyl latex base of an acrylic latex base provides varying consistencies. If you are interested in a more traditional realistic chalk paint look, then choose the thinner consistencies.

These are easy to apply with a spray gun which allows you to achieve a more professional look.  On the other hand, those interested in a more contemporary look should go for a thicker consistency.


The color you choose for your chalk paint will largely depend on your house’s color scheme as well as your taste and preferences. If, for instance, you want to play safe you can choose an off-white color.

For those that prefer floral patterns, light shades, and an informal feel in your house, then you can accent your house with teal chalk paint. But if you prefer vintage colors and fittings drawing inspiration from British and American designs, then a navy blue look would uplift with your home.

If you are more interested in bolder colors, then green and blue hues are the current trends in interior décor. Choices range from turquoise to mint green and teals, to deep navy blue hues.


When you use a paintbrush to paint your furniture, you are guaranteed of a thorough application. However, you must be careful not to leave visible brush strokes on the surface being painted. If you are painting a wooden piece, make sure to follow the grain of the wood to achieve a more natural application.

Normally using a roller is faster and ideal for larger pieces of furniture. However, depending on the consistency of the paint, the paint may be too thick for use with rollers. It is more sensible to use a paint gun for thinner paints as it leaves you with a smooth finish.

Dry Time

Mort chalk paints have a fast-dry time. However, this can be hard to use if it involves patterns and other stuff that requires to have wet paint. Often, people prefer fast-drying paint, but it greatly depends on the type of project that you will be doing. Ensure that you check the drying time of the chalk paint that you intend to use.


Usually, most people tend not to care if the paint they intend to use is friendly to the environment. However, this is something that is quite important and should be considered when using chalk paint. Chalk paints that are environmental- friendly will have a label indicating so, while those that are not will not have anything to show. Always choose a paint that is ecofriendly.

Adhesive Qualities

Perhaps this is the most important consideration when it comes to chalk paints. You want your work to be easily done and yet achieve the look that you wanted. This can only be achieved if you buy chalk paint that has great adhesive qualities.


The finish of the chalk paint is the other thing that you need to consider. It is important that you get a matte look once the paint is dry. You also want to consider how the end product will look like. Therefore, it is important that you choose the right type of chalk paint.

Type of Furniture

The material used to make the furniture you intend to upcycle matters a lot. Wooden furniture offers you the best results when upcycled using chalk paint. You are guaranteed the best results if the wood has faded and looks like it could use some vanishing.

Usually, people upcylce bookcases, coffee tables, chests, dining tables, and chairs. You can find a suitable paint chalk color that will blend well with your scheme color and the specific piece of furniture


If you are thrilled by DIY projects and want to create a new look on your furniture and other surfaces within your home, then you need to consider chalk paint. It creates the best look for your vintage furniture as well as modern furniture. It is easy to use and will create a perfect look even if this is your first time using it.

This list of top ten Chalk Paints UK, then you know what to look for when you will buying chalk paint. This article also offers you a guide on everything that you need to know about chalk paints.

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