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Carpet For Your Stairs UK

Best Carpet for Stairs UK


Are your staircases looking dull and gloomy? Do you always have to bear the inconveniences of staircase accidents from slipping?

Carpeting your stairs is one necessity that comes with several benefits, such as protection of the hardwood, for wooden staircases, the addition of style and beauty to your interior décor, the prevention of staircase accidents such as slipping from the slipperiness of the wood texture or terrazzo or bruising your feet on the hard floor in case of stone staircases. Making the right choice of carpet for your stairs becomes very important.

I recall the visit vividly I paid a family member some time back, and his tale of repeated accidents on the staircase involving his kids. While playfully running up the stairs, they sometimes, slipped and fell disastrously, or hurt their feet. He had to purchase a neat, beautiful and soft carpet to reduce the dangers of his kids using the stairs. Avoiding these hazards that come with living in a duplex can come from a right and proper selection of the best quality carpets for your staircase. 

With the right carpet for your stairs, your home takes on a majestic appearance, especially with the right choice of colours, style and quality, making your house look like a palace of its worth. Carpets come in many shapes, colours, designs and materials. I will review the best of these carpets for your stairs to make easy your choice of picking a suitable product for your beautiful home. 

Top 10 Carpet For Your Stairs UK

1. Generic Soft Bare Carpet Stair Treads

Generic soft bare carpet stair treads

Generic soft bare carpet stair treads

This product from the famous Generic brand is affordable and appealing in design, with over seven different colours. The product is durable, and made of 100% polypropylene yarn, with an excellent ability to hold the feet firmly but softly. It is relatively thick and therefore, of good durability. 


  • 22 x 67 cm.
  • 11mm thickness.
  • Different colours 
  • Durable and washable
  • Non-slip
  • Money-back guarantee 
  • The carpets are washable remain durable after prolonged usage.
  • They are easy to clean and have an antibacterial property from the unique fibre technology used in making them.
  • They are non-slip and protect users from slipping accidents.
  • They are made of polypropylene yarn, and so can dry water effectively.
  • The weak adhesive that wears off after prolonged usage. 

2. N/D Set of 15 Carpet Stair

N/D Set of 15 Carpet Stair

N/D Set of 15 Carpet Stair

This product, from N/D, is a bit different from the ones above, it is of another quality, and softer in texture. It is available in different colours and is affordable


  • 22 x 67 cm. 
  • 30mm thickness. 
  • Available in grey colour. 
  • Anti-slip with adhesive at the back of the product for installation on stairs. 
  • A suitable thickness for durability.
  • Non-slip and protective from accidents while using the stairs.
  • The appearance is sleek and appealing.
  • Washable with detergent or spin dry, without destroying its life span.
  • Very thick and fluffy.
  • Adhesive wears off after prolonged usage. 

3. Y-Step 15 Set of Stair Pads Step Carpet

Y-Step 15 set of stair pads step carpet

Y-Step 15 set of stair pads step carpet

This product from Y-step comes in a deep brown coffee colour with a design that is comforting and appealing to the eyes in a rectangular shape with rounded edges. The product enjoys a remarkable degree of popularity and acceptability, with a price that is relatively affordable and cheap. The product can be easily installed on your stairs without much hassle or previous knowledge of how to carry out this installation. 


  • Available in three sizes: 45 x 23 cm; 65 x 24 cm; 80 x 24 cm.  
  • Coffee colour. 
  • Non-slip, adhesive back for attachment. 
  • 3mm thickness. 
  • Easy to clean and take care of. 
  • Low cost.
  • Easy installation for your staircase.
  • Non-slip and good for your feet.
  • Washable and neat.
  • Adhesive wears out after a while.
  • Quality is not as good and reliable.

4. Casa Pura Rectangular Shaggy Carpet

Casa Pura rectangular shaggy carpet

Casa Pura rectangular shaggy carpet

This product from Casa Pura is more expensive than the previous ones. However, it boasts of an exquisite design of finely woven polypropylene fabric. Its adhesive can stick on a vast difference of hard surfaces and textures. The system is ideal for domestic or commercial ambiences and communicates warmth and softness. It is available in an assortment of colours of over fifteen varied hues. 


  • 23.5 x 65 cm. 
  • Shaggy, soft and fluffy material 
  • It is made of 100% finely woven polypropylene fabric. 
  • Non-slip adhesive side to aid stability. 
  • They are made of the best quality. 
  • Comfortable and easy to use and maintain. 
  • Very secure adhesiveness and stability.
  • Sleek and beautiful design.
  • Comfy and soft for your feet.
  • Durable and made of the best fabric.
  • The edges are prone to wear and tear. 

5. Amazing Tour 15 Pack Carpet Stair Treads

Amazing tour 15 pack carpet stair treads

Amazing tour 15 pack carpet stair treads

This product is available majorly in light grey, at quite a cheap cost in comparison to other products. The adhesive tape is made to grab on any surface and hold firmly. It can be easily washed and kept neatly and would fit nicely in home ambiences. 


  • 55 x 20 cm. 
  • It is made of non-woven fabric.
  • Available in two colours. 
  • Anti-slip with adhesive at the back of the product, for attachment to stair surface. 
  • Easy to cut and make use of. You can trim and cut it to your desired size and style. 
  • High-quality fabric does not permit residues, discolouration, and is not dirt-prone.
  • Comfortable for feet, and has a firm attachment to the stair.
  • Anti-slip.
  • Easy to wash and keep clean.
  • The stickiness of the adhesive wears out over time.

6. RASHION 14PCS Carpet Stair Treads Mats Floor

RASHION 14PCS Carpet Stair Treads Mats Floor

RASHION 14PCS Carpet Stair Treads Mats Floor

This product appears mainly in dark grey. It is made of premium quality of polyester fibre that is tactile and resistant to wear and tear. It is easy to cut to size and make use of styles and designs. It is very durable and can be washed repeatedly without any loss of its skid resistance. They appear in beautiful rectangular shapes with rounded edges. 


  • 55 x 20 cm. 
  • It is made of high polyester fibre, strong and tactile.
  • Anti-moving tape to keep it firmly fixed on the stair, and avoids slipping off its position. 
  • Easy to cut and attach. You can cut out the size that you wish to make use of, depending on the size and shape of your stairs.  
  • The stair carpets are very durable and can be washed repeatedly without losing durability.
  • They are easy to cut into the fitting and desirable shapes and made use of.
  • They are made of good quality and have a beautiful appearance to beautify the environment where they are made use of.
  • The adhesive is relatively weak and wears off after some usage. 

7. Coldshine 14pcs Anti-slip Stair Tread Pads Carpet 

Coldshine 14pcs Anti-slip Stair Tread Pads Carpet 

Coldshine 14pcs Anti-slip Stair Tread Pads Carpet 

This product from cold shine is great in thickness and durability. The product is available in a range of colours, from grey to red. They are easy to install, use and maintain.  


  • 22 x 67 cm.
  • 25mm thickness. 
  • 100% polyester yarn.
  • Washable and durable.
  • Super soft and comfy.
  • Excellent grip on the stairs.
  • Durable and affordable.
  • Easy to install and make use of.
  • They cannot be cut to desirable shapes like other products. 

8. Qianmei Stair Tread

Qianmei stair tread

Qianmei stair tread

This product is majestic and beautiful, sporting a beautiful design on its soft material. It protects your heels and feet with its sound-absorbing smoothness. It is also easy to clean and durable for your stairs.


  • 65 x 24 cm.
  • 10mm thickness. 
  • 100% polyester yarn.
  • Fluffy and rectangular rug.
  • Non-slip and self-sucking.
  • Washable and durable.
  • Available in different colours.
  • The material is durable and washable.
  • Anti-static.
  • Provides an excellent grip for your feet to prevent slipping on the stairway.
  • Protects the stairs from wear.
  • Sound-resistant and anti-slip.
  • Adhesive wears off after prolonged usage. 

9. TFACR Stair Treads Pads

TFACR stair treads pads

TFACR stair treads pads

This product is perfect for your office ambience and is made of petite and beautiful rectangular carpet pads for your stairs. Made of the highest quality fabric, the pads are dirt-resistant, long-lasting and easy to clean. With its elaborate edge design, your stairs are guaranteed to be well-protected. 


  • 65 x 24 cm.
  • Made of high-quality fabric that does not fade, hide dirt, and is easy to clean. 
  • Self-adhesive back and non-slip.
  • Edge protection design, with 3cm right angle retaining edge design. 
  • The stairway carpets are durable and easy to maintain.
  • An invisible keel that protects the stair treads from scratches.
  • Dirt-resistant and easy to keep clean.
  • Edge designs that keep your stairs protected.
  • The adhesive is prone to weakening over constant usage. 

10. Mewmewcat 15 Pcs Stair Pads

Mewmewcat 15 pcs stair pads

Mewmewcat 15 pcs stair pads

Comfortable to wash, non-slip and durable, the Mewmewcat 15pcs stair pads are your best bet for comfort and beauty on your stairs. They boast of the best quality in natural latex material, softness and thickness for your stairs


  • 65 x 12 x 4cm. 
  • Made up of 15 stair mats. 
  • The mats are made of strong needle-punched fabric to absorb noise and are warm and comfortable. 
  • Very affordable, when compared to other products.
  • Sleek and beautiful appearance.
  • Noise-resistant and comfy.
  • The adhesive is too strong that it could rip off paint and dent the surface if you would want to redesign. 

Carpet For Your Stairs UK Buying guide

In making the right choice of carpet for your stairs, you must pay attention to the following buying tips. These will help you to ensure that you get the best deal for yourself.

Material quality

Ensure that you consider the best quality material for your carpets. There are a whole lot of ranges from wool to polyester to polypropylene to nylon for you to choose from. However, look at the materials that are more durable and last longer. In this regard, polypropylene is said to last longer. If you seek comfort and softness, the choice of woolly material would be your best bet. However, wool is quick to accumulate dirt. If you, therefore, would rather wish a washable and slow-to-gather-dirt fabric, nylon would be a good fit for your stairs.

Best carpets for Wooden Stairs

 Ensuring that you are purchasing from a good brand can help you to escape any of the challenges that come with poorly-made carpets. Some carpets are compatible with wooden floors while others are not. So, buying carpets depends on the type of floor in your house.

Carpets suitable for pets

We all know that pets shed hair, and some carpets will hold on to the hairs making it almost impossible to clean, the carpets that you buy must allow for you to remove pet hairs attached to it. Brands will state that their carpets allow for easy removal of pet hairs. So, if you have a pet, definitely keep an eye out. 


A good design for your carpet adds colour and style to your interior home design. Some carpets come in long pieces of carpet material or as short rugs, for each stair, that align with the general structure of the stair carpet. Picking from a good range of available colours can help you adapt the choice of your carpet to the general interior colouring of your home. It is, therefore, crucial that your choice goes with a bit of design sense.


The thickness of your carpet matters as thicker carpets has a longer life span than less thick ones. The thicker carpets also drown out the noise and are softer for your feet.


These are common questions that you should be aware of before going to take that buying decision on the best carpet for your stairs. 

Will a stair carpet offer protection for my stairway?

Yes, surely. Depending on what material your stairway is made of, a stair carpet can offer protection to your stairs. If you have stairs that are made of wood, and with a careful wood finish, sharp and pointed edges of shoes can leave dents on the wood that would harm the surface and appearance of your stairways. 

How do I prevent my stairway carpet from causing falls?

Ensuring that you have installed stair carpets neatly and adequately attached to the stairs, without having to slip off, helps to prevent accidents from slipping or falling. You could neatly attach tapes to the edges of your carpets to prevent them from coming off. 

How long should a right stairway carpet last?

This would largely depend on the quality of the material used, and also the usage. However, a right stairway carpet should last about ten years or more, while those of lesser quality may last from but a few months to some years. You must continuously maintain your stairway carpets by cleaning them up, and ensuring that they are well installed on your stairs. 


Of all these products, it is my recommendation that these listed products, Generic soft plain carpet stair treadsCasa Pura rectangular shaggy carpetMewmewcat 15 pcs stair padsTo be considered as a better buying option because they combine quality, brand integrity, sleek and comfy design, affordability and versatility. While considering all these, however, it is vital that in your choice of the best carpet for your stairs, you pay due attention to your taste and convenience, to ensure that you keep your ambience looking beautiful and exquisite.


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