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Best Car Wash Mitt

If you are looking for the best way to get your car sparkling clean, then you need to invest in the right tools. One of those tools is a good quality car wash mitt. While sponges are great, mitts allow you to wash your pride and joy with a bit of finesse. You can follow the lines of the body and work the material of the mitt into all the nooks and crannies to give it a professional finish.

You will find that car wash mitts tend to be made from microfiber, so are not only incredibly kind to the surface of your vehicle but hold onto a lot of water and help you to work at even the most minuscule stains that you might miss using just a sponge.

Thanks to the wide variety available, you may have a harder time trying to pick a car wash mitt that’s right for you than you would actually use it to clean your car. That is, you would, without our help. In the following guide, we have put together a list of what we feel are the top 10 car wash mitts out there and provided a buying guide so you know the kind of features you should be looking for when making your choice.

Sitting around twiddling your thumbs isn’t going to get that car clean and sparkly, so let’s get started with our list.

Best Car Mitts

1)Kent Car Care Microfibre Noodle Wash Mitt

The first car wash mitt we want to highlight is this inexpensive offering from the AmazonBasics range. Measuring 30 x 20 cm, it is generously large in size which means you can tackle a greater surface area of your car in less time. Made from high-quality microfiber, it is non-abrasive so it offers a scratch and lint-free option that won’t ruin the paintwork.

It’s not just the softness of the microfiber used in this mitt that makes it worth investing in, it’s the fact that it can absorb up to 7x its weight in liquid and water. This means you won’t need to stop and dip it back into your bucket of suds quite as often as you would with less absorbent options.

One issue we’ve noticed that comes up time and time again is car wash mitts falling off too easily during cleaning. Although this is not a big deal, it does make the whole job a lot messier. Fortunately, like many others you will see in our list, the AmazonBasics mitt has been designed with an elasticated wrist cuff which will keep it in place just like normal snug-fitting glove or mitten.

  • Washable in the machine
  • Inside stitch that prevents the hand from moving
  • Elastic cuff
  • It’s hard to get the debris out


2)Meguiar’s Luxurious Lambs Wool Car Wash Mit

If you are worried that other mittens might scratch your furniture, this one is sure to preserve its perfect surface. It’s made out of

The next wash mitt in our guide is the first of two from the incredibly popular brand Meguiar’s. Given that it is roughly the same price for just one single mitt as the above is for a pack of two, this is not as cheap. Don’t let that put you off, though, as this is definitely a high-quality product.

Also made from absorbent microfiber, at 18 x 28cm this is slightly smaller but easier to manage perhaps than the above mitt. The material helps to lift and trap the dirt and prevents there from leaving unattractive swirls and scratches which can make all the difference between a terrible job and a great job.

Keeping the mitt clean between car washing sessions is easy too as it can just be thrown in the washing machine, ready to battle the dirt and grime again another day.

  • Soft
  • Mesh for stains
  • Collects dust
  • It’s not durable


3) AmazonBasics Deluxe Microfiber Car Wash Mitt (2 Pack)

We’re not really sure about the rather bright green colour, but from another highly regarded company, Kent Car Care, the next car wash mitt deserved to be singled out. This one size fits all mitt has the obligatory non-slip elasticated cuff, but what we especially like about it is that it is actually 2 in 1 with both a mesh and soft noodle surface.

While the mesh helps to remove grime and stubborn stains from bumpers, headlights, hub caps, and windscreens, the soft noodle attracts and lifts dirt and dust whilst protecting the chrome and painted surfaces. So rather than having to buy two different types of cloth to clean your car, you can do it all with this one mitt.

  • Hold a lot of water
  • Durable
  • Wrist cuff
  • Not waterproof


4) TAGVO Microfiber Car Cleaning Cloths Towels for Car

Perhaps you are looking for an extra bit of luxury when it comes to cleaning your car. If that’s the case, the second product from Meguiar’s might be just what you want. It is made from extremely soft and durable, but soft lambswool with an extremely deep pile that helps to lift dirt and grime safely away from the paintwork of your car without scratching it up.

Not only does it offer the lambswool surface, but on the reverse, there is a mesh-style netting that is effective, but gentle, when it comes to working at those hard to scrub at bugs and other caked-on dirt.

One of the issues with many microfiber car wash mitts, like the ones we have featured in this guide, is that some of the lower quality offerings leave swirls. While a lot of this comes down to proper usage, using lambswool is one great way to really keep swirls to a minimum.

If we had to find just one fault with this mitt it’s that it can’t be washed in your washing machine.

  • Very absorbent
  • Good for drying
  • It leaves residue fluff


5) Meguiar’s Microfibre Car Wash Mitt

Similar to the Kent Car Care car wash mitt we’ve featured further up our list, this mitt from Armor All has two unique cleaning surfaces to help you clean your car as thoroughly as necessary, at a fraction of the price. While one side features soft noodles that can be used to work into all the nooks and crannies on your vehicle, the opposite side is made of meshing that can be used on the more stubborn, hard-to-shift dirt and grime.

If you’ve ever experienced the frustration of using a sub-par washcloth or mitt that just pushes dirt particles around, the polyester in the makeup of this mitt cleans your car’s surfaces, while the polyamide lifts moisture and dirt.

You can be sure that this mitt will not leave those annoying swirl marks or scratch up your car.

Like others in our guide, it has a specially designed elasticated cuff that keeps the mitt on your hand, with little chance of it falling off and making more mess than is necessary.

  • Microfiber material
  • Absorbent
  • It will probably turn gray


6) Lambs Wool Car Wash Mitt

The colour is…well, yes, it’s a little bit on the extreme side. However, that should not stop you from considering this as your next wash mitt. It has a generous size with the usual elasticated wrist cuff that stops it from falling from your hand mid-wash, or even more annoyingly when you are dipping it into your soapy water.

We think it resembles some kind of raspberry jam and desiccated coconut-topped sponge cake a little, but trust us, it is made from high-quality microfiber that, as we’ve already discussed, can absorb up to 7 times more water and liquid than other materials. Once it latches onto that dirt and grime, bugs and flies, it won’t let go of it, until you rinse it off.

As it comes in two packs and can be used for just about any cleaning job, you can keep one for your car, and one for cleaning up around the house. A huge downside is that you can’t wash it in the machine. However, if you follow the directions closely and wash it gently, after the first time you wash it, it comes out even softer.

  • Storages dirt more deeply
  • Two-year warranty
  • A little harder to maintain


7) Car wash Mitt Cleaning Gloves, Amison 2 Pack

Okay, so we have to admit that the next product in our guide looks more or less identical to the previous one. However, it is branded with the Gtechniq name and available for a slightly lower price (though this is just for one mitt). Therefore, in the interest of making you aware of the best deals out there, we wanted to bring it to your attention. Made from microfibre, as so many of the others are, this is not only soft and super absorbent but also offers an incredibly low level of friction.

This means you don’t have to worry too much when you are washing your car using this mitt. It can be used to work over all the surfaces and all the components to give your car that glitzy and sparkly showroom finish.

The microfibre itself is made from 100% polyester in split strands of varying lengths to ensure it offers the best dirt collection and release characteristics. It can also be cleaned in the washing machine at 50C and can be tumbled dried on a low setting, so it’s easy to clean between uses.

  • Super-absorbent
  • For dry and wet use
  • Keeps your hands dry
  • Not durable


8) Detailers United – Lambswool 2-in-1 Mitt and Scrubber

Another woollen wash mitt. This time from SavvyDesigns and available at a very reasonable price. It is not quite the luxury product that some of the other car wash mitts we have featured so far are, but given its rating on Amazon and the price, we think it is worth highlighting.

The lambswool is perfect for removing all that dirt and grime from the surface of your car without scratching or otherwise damaging it. It’s also not just for use on the exterior, as is the case with so many car wash mitts. This can be used to carefully clean the interior, thanks to its ability to trap, lift and remove the dirt, rather than pushing or dragging it around over different surfaces.

As ever, the only real downside we can find with this product is the fact it can’t be machine washed. Is that slight inconvenience really worth missing out on such a great product, though? When it is easy enough to hand wash and air dry this affordable accessory that will have your pride and joy looking smart and shiny.

  • Two-sided
  • A big scrubbing surface
  • Easy to clean
  • Small


9) MIKAFEN Car Wash Microfiber Mitts  (Set of 2)

2 car wash mitts for under a tenner? Seriously? Sign us up. Available with a pack of 2 in hard-to-lose blue and yellow colours, this set from Mr Siga is a cost-effective way to invest in high-quality microfiber chenille cleaning mitts to help keep your car looking showroom fresh. You know the drill, the microfiber ensures it is great for absorbing water and other liquids and it is so soft that it won’t scratch up your car, but not so soft that it won’t lift and remove the dirt.

We really like the mitts in this set can be used both when they are wet and when they are dry. Therefore, if you are just looking to dust the interior or clear crumbs from the car seats, you can use it with little to no effort or trouble. If we had to offer one criticism or negative point, it would be that these seem to be a little thinner than some of the other products mentioned above.

However, for the price, and just how effective they are to use, is this really a deal-breaker?

  • Two-year warranty
  • Easy to clean
  • Elastic band
  • Drying loop
  • Not very soft


10) Detailers United – Microfibre Car Wash Mitt/Detailing Mitt

Are you really fastidious when it comes to cleaning your car and working on the detailing aspect? This money-saving pack that includes 9 different pieces that can be used for cleaning all areas of your car’s exterior is a great option. Made by Suntop, we are just amazed at the value they are offering.

In the pack, you get a microfibre wheel brush, wash mitt, 2-in-1 sponge, 3 wash pads and 3 multi-purpose cleaning cloths, that all fit neatly and tidily into a sturdy and practical suede storage bag. While some washcloths are only really suitable for cleaning the visible parts of your car’s body, this 9-piece kit includes all you need to tackle everything from the body to the wing mirrors, bumpers, wheels and wheel arches and even the tyres.

Be warned, there are so many different accessories that you may find yourself taking a trip down a car cleaning rabbit hole that you don’t want to come out of.

  • Good price/quality ratio
  • Very absorbent
  • Lightweight
  • Elastic band
  • Inside can get wet


Best Car Wash Mitt – Buyer’s Guide

When you buy a car, you invest a considerable amount of money into it. It makes sense to want to protect that investment, by taking care to maintain and clean it regularly. To ensure you do a great job every time, you need to use the right tools, as we noted at the outset. Although we are sure the 10 items, we picked out for this guide will help you keep your car looking spotlessly clean, we know it may still be too big a variety to choose from.

That’s why we’ve put together this brief and helpful buyer’s guide, so you know exactly what you should be looking at and considering when browsing through car wash mitts.


Without a shadow of a doubt, this is the most important aspect of a car washing mitt that you need to base any buying decision on. You will find that the majority are made from either wool or microfibre. There are pros and cons of each, as we have discussed in the above reviews, but to make things easier, you should note that any car wash mitt that is not made from wool or microfibre is likely to cause you more problems than keep your car clean.

Size and Dimensions

Many make the mistake of considering the size of their car when thinking about the size of the car wash mitt they choose. You should instead look at the size of your hands, as not all mitts are designed equally and while some are one-size-fits-all, others may be more suited to larger hands than others and vice versa. It’s best to try and pick out mitts that will fit your hands as snugly as possible because they are going to be easier to control and less likely to fall off.


We don’t like to spend money on nothing, do we? Therefore, it’s important that you research how durable the wash mitts you are interested in are. The last thing you want is to spend money, even if it’s under a tenner, on mitts, only for them to fall apart after just one use, if it even makes it through one complete car wash intact.


You will notice that we have picked out car wash mitts for our guide that are made and sold by trusted and reputable brands. Kent Car Care, Meguiar’s and Amazon, in particular, are known for producing high-quality products.


It’s fine to take the price into consideration, but the cost of a product should never be the main focus when you are choosing anything, let alone car wash mitts. We understand you will have a budget that you are looking to spend within, but you should be cautious about spending either too much on a product that is not any better than something cheaper, but on the other hand, too little and investing in a mitt that only lasts for a short time before falling apart.


Give the local car wash or valet service next time and give it a go yourself. There is a great sense of achievement and pride you can derive by cleaning your car yourself and with the right car wash mitt, you can have just as good results as any professional.

The options we have selected for our guide above were carefully chosen to appeal to a wide variety of buyers. There are products for those who have tight budgets, and that amazing 9-piece set for the most detail-conscious and eagle-eyed car owners. Whatever you are looking to achieve, when it comes to cleaning your car, we are confident that one of the above wash mitts will do everything you want.

We’ve done the hard work, so you don’t have to – well, you still have to wash your car, we’re just an internet site and that’s way out of our remit. It’s all down to you now!

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