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Best Car Tracker UK

We can’t keep our eyes on our precious engine all the time, but fortunately, we’ve got gadgets to do it for us. GPS trackers are no longer only for spies and supercars owners; you can purchase them for less than £ 100. If your car is stolen, they are not just helpful, either-the new trackers will measure your company mileage, tell you about your driving or help you find where you parked. We made eight attempts to get you on the right track.

A GPS tracker is a system used to control something or the location of someone remotely. The system sends data to GPS satellites, which then directs the information forward to the device owner’s linked app or phone number. Safeguarding a vehicle in the event of burglary is a common justification for using GPS trackers. As long as the gadget is not detected and deactivated by someone who takes the car, the owner can see exactly where the vehicle ends. Installing a tracker might be a wise bet if your car is precious, or if you park it in a spot where car thieves are known to work.

Parents of learner drivers, who want to make sure their teens remain healthy and do not end up getting lost on their journeys, can also use GPS trackers. Other instances of using a GPS tracker to control someone you know remotely are also morally doubtful, and possibly illegal. In September after he was found to have stalked his former girlfriend by adding a GPS tracker to her vehicle, a man from St Albans received a suspended three-month prison sentence.

Business intelligence is a third justification for using a GPS tracker. Monitoring a business vehicle while you drive could reveal valuable route-planning knowledge. Some organisations still use trackers to provide their mileage statistics, to be used for cost measurement and HMRC reporting. The trackers used in this article are ideal for use by companies with just a few cars. Businesses with larger fleets should look instead at systems for fleet management.

Top 10 Car Tracker UK

1. Streetwize GPS Tracker

Streetwize Personal Vehicle Gps Tracker SWTRACK1

Streetwize GPS Tracker

Uniquely here, the Streetwize can be used to keep tabs on dogs, children or even baggage outside the car. The internal battery lasts up to 200 hours, or it is possible to hardwire the unit into a car. You need to use your own SIM card, but it functions brilliantly once set up. However, the instructions are inaccurate; we could only get it going after talking to the technical department of Streetwize.

The tracker (via a companion smartphone app) responds to a message triggered by the driver with an accuracy of up to ten metres. Any car, caravan or even a trailer can be mounted to the tracker, so you can keep an eye on where your vehicle is. The car battery can be hardwired to run off, or the device can be charged at home and taken to the car. The Streetwize GPS tracker is subscription-free, in comparison to those on the market.

You do, however, have to purchase a SIM card that is not Three Network.


  • GPS Tracker for Cars.
  • Durable and Compact.
  • The Equipped Tracking System functionality.
  • Live Tracking position.
  • The car tracker uses an ultra-intelligent emergency warning system to automatically send security messages when a vehicle leaves a predefined area.
  • Terrific little gadget.
  • Compact and compact multi-use Global Tracker Unit for Positioning System.
  • Waterproof
  • This feature is not available with this tracker. Do not pick auto top-up.

2. V-Auto by Vodafone

 V-Auto by Vodafone

V-Auto by Vodafone

Telecom giant Vodafone advertises the V-Auto as a safety aid, not an anti-theft tool. Detecting a collision requires an accelerometer and ties you to an operator to call for support. If you want to keep an eye on someone borrowing your car, the slick-looking app will track trips and even rate your driving. The V-Auto is clean, but costly and big, making the OBD fitment uncomfortable and obvious.

The V-Auto is not cheap to plug into your OBD II port, as Vodafone insists on an extra £ 4 a month subscription. This system is more than just a tracker, however. It has Auto SOS, so a partner or parent can be notified in the event of an accident. It also monitors how you drive – gamifying your strategies to see if your abilities can be enhanced, minimising wear and tear on your car and engine, and improving fuel efficiency.


  • With an entire suite of features such as Auto SOS.
  • Compatibility.
  • GPS tracker multi-purpose Curve.
  • It gives you a driver rank, including warnings, based on your driving.
  • Tracking at low cost is very helpful and reliable.
  • Easy to setup.
  • Perfectly working.
  • Superb data reviews.
  • Doesn’t work with Isuzu DMax
  • Significant server problems and app crashes are present.

3. Winners GPS Tracker

Winners GPS Tracker

Winners GPS Tracker

Real-time positioning and precise positioning: real-time monitoring, automatic location information display (Android/iOS app, web/WAP support), real-time tracking, positioning of GPS/A GPS/LBS modes, positioning accuracy of up to 5 metres. No installation is required; the unit can be stored quickly and easily because the magnet is solid. Simple to stick with the powerful magnets to any metal surface – including under the car in just one second.

Save power and waterproof IP58: maximum working time of 120 days with 10000 mAh lithium-ion battery, IP58 waterproof build, dustproof, shockproof, no need to worry about rainy days. Wide: Monitor the location of the car (car rental, lorry, motorbike, fridge, boat, etc.) on your iPhone, Android phone, PC, and Mac. Mobile GPS monitoring. Real-time live monitoring and background log tracking. Look at the website or computer. By SMS, you can also get GPS coordinates. Imported from Great Britain.


  • You can track it in real-time by calling, text message tracking, Up to 5-15 metres and app. Accuracy.
  • 10000mAh Large-capacity battery charging capacity.
  • Feature Geofence, Defines a zone when the unit enters or enters.
  • It leaves the area and sends an alert to your cell phone.
  • Playback of history route can record driving details for up to 6 months.
  • Widely used: the rental company can use it to track, place and control the car’s location; schools can use it.
  • A very good tracker with low operating costs and a fair price.
  • It is a terrific piece of gear.
  • Excellent computer and battery life.
  • Best tracker powered by a battery.
  • Poor Customer Service.

4. TKSTAR Mini Waterproof Tracking Device

TKSTAR Mini Waterproof Tracking Device

TKSTAR Mini Waterproof Tracking Device

Free real-time monitoring, positioning of GSM/GPS dual-mode, positioning accuracy of up to 5 meters.5000mAh ultra-large battery capacity, super long standby, charging once will stand for 90 days. Geofence feature, over speed, low power warning.

Call the tracker and receive an instant Google Map SMS connection to your phone/tablet/PC from the tracker’s exact location. 


  • Geofence feature, low power warning, over-speed.
  • Waterproof Tracker Tracking System for Mini Real-Time Auto GPS Secret Spy.
  • Fantastic money worth.
  • Simple and powerful.
  • Easy setup
  • Magnificent Tracker
  • Simcard problems

5. PAJ GPS Power Finder GPS Tracker Car

PAJ GPS Power Finder GPS Tracker Car

PAJ GPS Power Finder GPS Tracker Car

A full collection of this locating system! You don’t have to get anything done for commissioning, because of the already incorporated SIM card only register online and you’re done.

With an active tracking period of about one h / day and up to 90 days in standby mode, the 10,000 mAh strong battery lasts about 40 days! Annoying loading is therefore reduced to a minimum, and your directional transmitter protects what you love reliably. At any time, the battery level can be viewed online.

The PAJ POWER Finder is extremely durable and splash-proof and has a strong mounting magnet. Your vehicle, antique car, caravan, boat, excavator, container, beehive and more are safe from theft. Therefore, he is best suited to.


  • Instant warning in the event of an emergency.
  • Secured anywhere and at every moment.
  • Save Time
  • Nothing in sight at any moment.
  • Easy to setup.
  • Very flexible.
  • Pleased, very good traceability and good availability of networks.
  • Not available, catastrophe with web apps, bad service.

6. GF22 GPS Tracker

GF22 GPS Tracker

GF22 GPS Tracker

GPS, WiFi, LBS, AGPS and BEIDOU comprehensively assist the car tracker. And it features a silicon high-definition microphone. And several power-saving modes are supported. 10-50 metres, Memory support: 32GB TF card (not included), Record range: 80 square metres, View platform: SMS + APP + PC.

Low battery alert, a remote switch unit, built-in solid magnetic, free installation features in the car tracker. Remote pickup, remote recording, listening to APP, voice recording, callback voice control, real-time monitoring, shock burglar alarm, one-key SOS for assistance, historical trajectory, electronic fence.

And many power-saving modes are supported.


  • The low battery reminder.
  • Without opening the app, you can monitor the vehicles.
  • Multiple functions.
  • Transparent enclosure concept with three distinct types of selectable DIY stickers.
  • The strong role of positioning.
  • Device for Portable Real-Time Positioning.
  • Great technology.
  • Better Route Administration.
  • Improved Security and Safety
  •  It’s Costly.

7. iTrack GPS311 Micro GPS Car Tracker

iTrack GPS311 Micro GPS Car Tracker

iTrack GPS311 Micro GPS Car Tracker

The iTrack Micro Tracker is the ideal system for tracking your car, motorbike, van, or other vehicle or asset location and driver actions. With our easy-to-use web-based tracking application and FREE iOS/Android App, the small GPS311 Micro Tracker enables tracking either a single vehicle or a large fleet.

The GPS311 Micro Tracker enables 24/7 web-based monitoring in real-time and SMS text message location updates on request. Our tracking platform will also store 90 days of historical location data in the cloud, enabling you to display and archive travel reports and access simulated route repeats in real-time mode for specific dates.


  • Remote Engine Cut-Off.
  • Real-Time Live Tracking.
  • SMS Tracking.
  • Free iOS/Android App.
  • Power & Signal Status LEDs.
  • Built-in Backup Battery – 3.7V 180mAh Li-ion.
  • Waterproof
  • Portable Tracker
  • Easy to use
  • Web-based tracking application
  • Its difficult to installed

8. Coconino GPS Tracker

Coconino GPS Tracker

Coconino GPS Tracker

Real-time monitoring, automatic display of location information (Android/iOS, Web/WAP APP support). This easy-to-install mini tracker supports both secret and open installation. MBS and GPS-based two-way monitoring methods.

Even when the signal is bad, the car power cable is cut, the car battery is stolen, or the GPS is removed, this real-time GPS tracker can be located accurately. Even when the signal is small, it can be located correctly, integrated switching power supply, broad voltage input range (suitable for all cars), plugin, and operate.

To protect your privacy, a password is required to execute and change any configuration. 100% Satisfaction guarantee: Coconino guarantees you professional customer support.


  • Compact and lightweight design.
  • Phone search feature and function for voice recording.
  • Works as a self-portrait remote shutter release, capturing the precious moment easily.
  • Anti-loss warning for low power consumption.
  • Easy to use.
  • Latest GPS technology.
  • In the event of robbery, abduction, or any emergency, quicker asset recovery.
  • Discreet positioning allows for covert GPS monitoring.
  • Rare GPS Inaccuracy.
  • Drainage Battery.

9. Rewire Security 104 GPS Tracker


Rewire Security 104 GPS TrackerRewire Security 104 GPS Tracker

Its ease of use was what we liked most about it. It’s ready to go as soon as you unpack it and magnetically mount it to your car, no messing around! Start getting updates immediately on the location and speed of your vehicle, as well as some other parameters.

For up to 60 days in deep sleep mode or up to 30 days in normal tracking/recording mode, this vehicle tracker will retain a fee, one of the most impressive lifespans of any GPS tracker on this list.


  • No contracts, direct debits or hidden expenses. Pay to monitor as you go. 
  • Genuine protection product rewire built in the UK.
  • Features magnetic base strong flat plate. Can be mounted in just a matter of seconds on your vehicle.
  • 6000mah built-in battery lives tracking to 4 weeks and 3 months in plan mode.
  • Friendly cloud-based live tracking programme from the consumer. 
  • Easy to use
  • An outstanding tracker at a reasonable rate.
  • It works from the box, straight out.
  • Superb, cost-effective and great peace of mind.
  • An accurate and strong responsive tracker.
  • Bad features
  • Unable to use without a subscription and sim card topped up.

10. Spy Track Nano

Spy Track Nano

Spy Track Nano

It’s so small that don’t stop at a car; the device can be attached to anything from a motorbike to an item due for delivery. The spyTrack Nanao has to 10 days standby time, weighs just 60g, its small form factor makes to easy to conceal in your pocket or bag.

Review security boasts no contracts or direct debits with this car GPS tracker-all you have to do to activate it.


  • Free smartphone and tablet APP for IOS and Android.
  • Pay as you go monitoring, no contracts or direct debits.
  • The battery life of up to 10 days with one single charge.
  • Comes pre-installed with a sim card, ready to use.
  • It weighs just 65 grammes and is suitable for monitoring individuals, properties and vehicles.
  • Terrific little tracker.
  • Outstanding value and quality commodity.
  • Easy-to-use, very precise.
  • This is a truly amazing, flexible product concealed behind the dash.
  • Not displaying the actual location of the GPG.
  • After four months, work ended.

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Car Tracker UK Buying Guide

That completes our list of today’s best GPS car trackers on the market. However, having no less than ten outstanding models listed, how can you determine which one is the best for you?

We will take a look at some of the features you should consider when making your choice in this next segment, as well as addressing some of the most frequently asked questions about vehicle trackers.

Features to Consider When Buying a Car GPS Tracker

  • Delayed Time or Real-Time? Will you like to know precisely where the car is right now? Or is it okay to know where they were ten minutes ago? The closest you get to track in real-time, the more reliable the findings are, but the higher the bill will be, too.
  • All the devices are fragile, but the smallest is about the size of the lighter of a Zippo cigarette. The smaller they are, the easier it is to hide inside the car (or outside). However, the size will impact battery life as well. Talking about which…
  • Life of the Battery. How much would you want the unit to be charged? Smaller monitoring units will have smaller batteries, and as many as once a weeks will require a charge. For months, bigger units will go but are harder to hide. Or completely remove the issue with a system that hooks up for constant power to the vehicle itself.

Why you Should use a Car GPS Tracker

Recover Stolen Vehicles

You have less than a 50 per cent chance of getting it back if your car is stolen, and that rate varies greatly from state to state. However, those odds skyrocket if you have a GPS tracking system. If you call the police to report a stolen vehicle, it’s up to them to find it, and sometimes it’s just pure luck. You have a much better chance of finding it again if you call the police to report your stolen car AND you can tell them exactly where it is.

Monitor Vehicles Usage – Family

We also have to share our cars with family members these days, usually our wives/husbands, and children. A GPS tracker is a perfect way to control those with whom we share the vehicle’s driving habits, revealing excess speeds and rough braking, for example.

Monitor Vehicle Usage – Business

If you own a business, you may be just as concerned about your vehicles! Vehicle-tracking systems for business owners will allow you to control workers while they are out and about.

Types of Tracking Systems

There are two types, active and passive, of GPS tracking systems. Both of them have their pros and cons, which in this next section we’ll go through.


Transmitting data via satellite uplink will always be an active type of car GPS tracker. That means that you can get real-time details when you click a button via a website or app. At the precise moment, you can see where the vehicle is, and you can trace back through its path to see where it has been, verify that it has not violated any speed limits, or went to any locations it shouldn’t have. The downside is that most Successful GPS car trackers have satellite network access subscriptions attached to pay for that access.


On the other hand, a passive tracker will not transmit data. Instead, though it will remain connected above the ground to the GPS satellite network, it will store all the vehicle’s movements internally. That implies that the unit must be physically removed from your car and connected to your laptop or tablet. You can then download the details for a detailed history of the vehicle’s movements. Of course, the downside is no real-time data, and a passive GPS can not be used to locate a lost car. The plus is that these devices are typically cheaper, and unlike with the Active type trackers, there is no annual subscription to pay.


What is a GPS tracker for cars?

A GPS Tracker is a system that calculates your vehicle’s location using Global Positioning Satellites.

How are car GPS trackers functioning?

Through interacting with satellites orbiting the earth to download its exact location, they function the same way that a Sat Nav system knows where you are. If it has the location, it uses the 4G LTE mobile data networks to connect with you, or rather your phone or desktop, to send coordinates that the app or website overlays on a map, normally Google Maps.

How reliable are GPS trackers for cars?

“Car trackers are incredibly accurate and a fantastic deterrent in the war against car theft. A high-end model will locate the vehicle to within 8 feet of its exact location.” In the war against car theft, car trackers are incredibly accurate and a fantastic deterrent. A high-end model will locate the vehicle within 8 feet of its exact location.

Cheaper models can be a little less specific, but, generally speaking, when you know it’s in Oregon, it won’t tell you the car is in Texas.

Where should I position my computer for GPS tracking?

It’s a pleasant question. Most individuals will suggest having it on the outside of the car. That has the bonus that it is unlikely to be detected and removed by a car thief. On the other side, it might end up removing itself without a tough case and solid magnets.

It is easy to hide a smaller GPS tracker in a glove box or under the vehicle cabin’s seats.

What is the car’s best GPS tracker?

In our view, as you can see from our extensive list of high-quality devices, there is not only one best GPS tracker, but the best GPS trackers use the most up-to-date technology to send you real-time data about the location of your vehicle so you can see where it is at any minute of the day. To provide alerts, it will be a super portable device that can connect to your smartphone, and it will have a long battery life that means less charging and hassle.


The Spy Tec  Vehicle GPS Tracker is the best product on the list for our money, or rather for yours, as you will be the person buying it. After reading through our full purchase guide, you can see that it checks all the boxes for being a high-quality and accurate GPS tracker, which is why it is such an incredibly successful product.

It’s super lightweight, making it easy to put in your car comfortably and inconspicuously. It has long battery life. It synchronises effectively with Google Maps. It has a Geo-Fencing function to track the vehicle’s position at all times, and it is effortless to use. All of that is phenomenal value for a price tag of around 50 bucks or so, plus a monthly membership of $25, too. We are pleased to call the Spy Tec as today’s best car GPS tracker on the market for all those reasons.

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