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Best Cafetiere

Are you one of these people that need at the very least, one coffee to get your day off to a flying start? Do you feel a little lacking if you haven’t had that hot and tasty, maybe even frothy and slightly bitter burst of caffeine in your mouth?

There is obviously a great multitude of ways you can prepare coffee. Some like the instant stuff, some find that appalling and atrocious, whereas others swear by a black espresso hit. If you want a nice full-bodied, deep and oh-so bold coffee, then you may find the long, drawn-out flavours that a freshly brewed coffee in a cafeteria will hit all the right spots.

You are not alone in your love of coffee, which is why you will find there is an astonishing number of different cafetieres out there. To make things a little easier for you deciding one from another, therefore, we have put together this list of what we believe are 10 of the best cafetieres.

Best Cafetiere 2020

1. Bodum 8-cup Cafetiere, 1-Litre, 34-ounce

First in our guide is this very affordably priced, retro-styled cafetiere from Portuguese-based Bodum. Bodum has a sterling reputation within the industry, which is why they are featured more than once. This particular cafetiere consists of a stainless-steel frame and filters, with the basin being made from borosilicate glass, noted for its heat-resistant properties.

Although available also as a 3-cup model, we chose the 8-cup to focus on because for the price tag, that’s a lot of tasty coffee you can make. It is not the most sophisticated or stunningly complex we’ve ever come across, but for making those tasty brews, but when it comes to making those tasty brews, this will not fail you.

The patented safety lid is designed to be leak-proof, with a sturdy and reliable bayonet-style closure. We feel we should add right now before going any further that with the Bodum models particularly, the cup capacity is based on espresso sized cups and not mugs.

All in all, though, this is a solid performer and worth investing in for no-fuss coffee brewing.

2. La Cafetiere Monaco 8-Cup, 1-litre, 35-fl-ounces

We really love the vintage look to the next cafetiere in our guide, from La Cafetiere. One of the oldest and most trusted designers and producers of warm beverages accessories and appliances, La Cafetiere, know a thing or two about what is involved in making the best cafetieres. They have been supplying households with their products since 1967.

There are 6 different shades available, though we are showcasing the beauty of the blue, so there is bound to be a colour to match your own unique taste and your kitchen décor. While it’s true, it’s incredibly understated, that seems to make it stand out even more from an aesthetic point of view.

Material-wise the frame and the mesh filter are constructed from durable stainless steel, while the basin is made from a hard glass bolstered by heat-resistant capabilities. Everything looks simplistic and refined about this cafetiere.

3. Kuyal Stainless Steel Cafetiere, 8-cup, 1-litre, 34-ounces

Beautiful and elegant are two words we would use to describe this tough little number from Kuyal. It features all the hallmarks of a good quality cafetiere – heat resistant glass and other parts like handle and lid too, that sits inside a fully-detachable frame made from 304 stainless-steel.

The company it seems have improved their filtration system for this model, so there is no need to worry about even the smallest of coffee grounds getting through the filter and into your cup to ruin your caffeinated start to your day.

From a safety point of view, it is worth noting that this cafetiere is made from materials that are both 100% BPA-free and fully FDA certified. The 304 stainless steel refers to the fact it is food grade, so don’t worry about the price, as this has been made to a very high standard.

4. KICHLY Double Walled 1005 Stainless Steel French Coffee Press 1-litre, 32-ounces

Next, we have a very metallic and clean looking cafetiere from a company called KICHLY. This has a double-walled design which not only helps preserve the heat of the coffee but protects the important components from accidental damage.

The filtration system has been impeccably made and includes all the necessary parts to ensure that just the essence and oils are what makes it to your mug or coffee and not the coffee grounds. We love the high percentage of stainless steel in this design because it means it is protected from rust and is less likely to break quickly.

As it is very similarly priced to the models we’ve already featured, it will really depend on the look and feel you are after whether this is right for you.

5. Bodum Kenya French Press Coffee – 4-Cup, 0.5-litre

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