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Best Bushcraft Knives

Best Bushcraft Knives UK


Sometimes you want to get away from everything, your job, your phone, the noise of the city, everything that gets in the way of a clear mind and clean air. Bushcraft is fast gaining momentum not just as a trend, it is a way of life for some people, depending solely on a set of tools and your survival instincts.

There are a lot of things that you will need if you’re going out into the wild –a tent, a fire starter, some rope, a sleeping bag, a flask for water- but I can guarantee that the most important of them all is a Bushcraft knife. Why? Because without a Bushcraft Knife, you will not be able to carve up wood, prepare food or fire, which are all very essential to outdoor survival. Your trusted knife might be the last line of defence against the forces of nature (a bear or a cougar).

It might prove difficult to choose from numerous products and brands available online, most of which can be very misleading. I have prepared a list of the best and most affordable blades out there

A bushcraft knife is usually between 3 to 4 inches long. It can be longer, depending on your preference.

It can be used for carving up wood, trimming rope, making stakes for tents, clearing up foliage, digging, and trimming limbs off small twigs of trees. Most importantly, it could be your last line of defence when you are in danger.

A Bushcraft knife needs to sturdy, durable, reliable, less susceptible to rust, and pocket friendly -literally and metaphorically. I have taken out time to make a list of some of the best Bushcraft Knives you can find. Here’s a list of 10 knives you could try, who knows? You might find something you like

Top 10 Best Bush Craft Knives in the UK

1. Mora Outdoor Companion 860 Knife

Mora Outdoor Companion 860 Knife

Mora Outdoor Companion 860 Knife

It is safe to say that everyone in the bushcraft community loves the Mora Companion, the Morakniv Company is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of knives. They are affordable and can take a lot of punishment. If you like well-crafted steel, you will be fascinated by the attention to detail and finishing on this blade, with its smooth rounded edges and grounded spine. It has a high-friction grip, very comfortable in the hands, light (113 grams), and versatile. It is available in Army green, Orange, and other colours.

It also has a patterned grip that provides traction and flexibility for a variety of activities like cutting wood for a fire, skinning animals, or carving wood.


  • The knife is 8.1 inches long with a stainless steel blade 4.1 inches long, 0.1 inches thick
  • It has a colour matching plastic with a belt clip
  • A knife sheath for securing the blade
  • It is very cheap for its quality
  • It is ridiculously sharp
  • It lasts very long and doesn’t rust easily
  • It comes with a warranty
  • This blade might be too small for someone with large hands

2. Camillus Vortex Folding Knife

Camillus vortex Folding Knife

Camillus vortex Folding Knife

If you are looking for something more tactical, the Camillus vortex Folding Knife is perfect for you. It is 11 inches long, and its blade is 3.5 inches. It weighs around 204 grams. It has Carbo Nitrade Titanium bonded with the steel blade that prevents it from rusting or corroding. This blade is also harder than untreated steel.

Don’t be deceived by the style of the grip; this blade is still very efficient. This is a preferred choice for people who love hunting and camping. It is fairly expensive but worth every penny.


  • It has a 3.25’’/8.9 carbonitride Titanium Drop Point Blade, and it is made from Aus Japanese steel
  • It has an Ergonomic TPR handle
  • It has a quick-release CUDA blade launch mechanism

  • The blade can be secured or locked in place with ease
  • It is easy to sharpen
  • The grip is anti-slip
  • The blade dulls easily
  • The screws might become loose and weak over time




I love this blade because of its fierce look. Germans make the blade -that explains a lot. The handle is made of wood that can be folded and opened up. The whole length of the knife is 9.65 inches. It will fit just fine in your pocket or in your rucksack, or you could put it in its sheath and attach it to your belt if that’s your style.

I imagine Chuck Norris wouldn’t mind an early morning shave with this beauty, that’s if his beard doesn’t crack the blade. Back to knives, the tip of the blade is a drop point; it has a plain edge.


  • It is light in hand, weighing about 212 Grams
  • It has a fine handle made of wood
  • It comes with a blade sheath that made of nylon
  • It is very durable, and it will be quite a while before you need a new knife
  • It is very stylish and strong
  • The blade is thick and can be used on hardwood
  • The sheath can be unreliable

4. Gerber Unisex’s Gator Premium Folding Knife, Black, One Size

Gerber Unisex’s Gator Premium Folding Knife, Black, One Size

Gerber Unisex’s Gator Premium Folding Knife, Black, One Size

The Gerber Unisex Gator Premium Knife is a steel blade made in the USA. It is a smooth short blade. If you know how to manipulate your knives, it can tough enough to cut smaller objects.

It looks very sturdy, but it is surprisingly light to carry around. The blade is made from steel, and the handle is made from glass-filled nylon with rubber overbold rubberized Gator grip, it has a clip to hold it in place in your knickers. The blade handle is designed with finesse for more grip.


  • Versatile design for different uses
  • It has a fancy handle; this aids grip and feels comfortable in the palm
  • it has a smooth blade
  • The blade is rust-proof
  • It has a very stylish design
  • The screws may come off over time

5. Fallkniven S1Z – Knife

Fallkniven S1Z - Knife

Fallkniven S1Z - Knife

This blade is slightly larger than most bushcraft blades. It is versatile and can be used for multiple activities. This knife will split a log of wood into two clean halves and spread butter on a loaf of bread without any issues.

It is a powerful blade and should be used by people who have experience with knives. It has a long, fine blade, designed to allow the blade to deliver more power when it is swung. It was intentionally crafted with a lightweight but steady grip, most of the weight is on the blade, and this makes it easy to cut harder wood or objects.


  • It has a well-balanced blade that serves multiple purposes
  • It comes with a minimalist style sheath for the blade
  • The blade is made of stainless steel
  • It is very lightweight
  • This blade is very versatile
  • It is durable
  • Can be very dangerous in the hands first time users who are not familiar with the knife
  • It may come off its sheath if it is not secured
  • It is not cheap

6. Mora Craftline Outdoor Knife available in Black/Red

Mora Craftline Outdoor Knife available in Black-Red

Mora Craftline Outdoor Knife available in Black-Red

This knife is made out of black coated stainless steel. The Mora Company is another company that has been around for quite some time and has a reputation for making high-grade knives for outdoors. This blade is sturdy and well balanced.

It has a military-grade blade that can be used for heavy-duty tasks. The steel is very thick and would easily withstand a lot of pressure. The knife looks like something straight out of an action movie.


  • The blade is 8 inches long and 1.5 inches wide
  • It comes with a sturdy leather/Cordura sheath for the blade
  • The base of the blade is partially serrated edges for cutting synthetic material
  • The blade is lightweight and unbelievably sharp
  • The blade is made of high-quality materials
  • It is very durable and guaranteed to last long
  • This is another blade that is not suitable for newbies. You need to have the experience to handle it.
  • It is quite expensive

7. Mora Unisex Outdoor Kansbol Knife Kit available in Green

Mora Unisex Outdoor Kansbol Knife Kit available in Green

Mora Unisex Outdoor Kansbol Knife Kit available in Green

This pricy knife is a drop point type of blade. This blade is very sturdy, built like an ox, to withstand resistance. It has a grip made of Thermorun. This knife is not just an ordinary bushcraft knife. It is the bushcraft knife for an ideal survivalist. These knives were made to thrive outdoors in performance, durability, and efficiency. They work just fine on any type of wood for any purpose.

On this knife, improvements have been made to produce a very well balanced knife. The first time I saw this bushcraft knife, it made me drool. The packaging was different from anything I had seen before. The case was made of polymers, the interior coated with rubber foam, and inside, a stone for sharpening the knife whenever the need arises. This knife is worth every penny if you want a quality knife. This knife is the James Bond of knives, indestructible.


  • The blade is very well balanced
  • It has a Thermorun grip
  • It is 8.9 inches long, about 3.3 cm wide
  • It is versatile
  • It will not rust or dull for a long time
  • It is not suitable for people who are new to bushcraft knives
  • It can be quite heavy and require technical ability to use

8. Haller 84719 Wrapped Handle Hunting and Outdoor Knife

Haller 84719 Wrapped Handle Hunting and Outdoor Knife

Haller 84719 Wrapped Handle Hunting and Outdoor Knife

This knife is portable and lightweight. It is a fixed type knife with full tang and a lanyard. It is majorly a hunting knife but will do just fine in other areas. It is made of coated black stainless steel, very grippy but easy on the hands. The handle has a rope-like lanyard that ensures the blade does not slip from your hands while in use. It is a very nice blade for a fair price.


  • It is 7.6 inches and a blade of about 4 inches
  • Its handle has a paracord winding for grip and lanyard material that is anti-slip
  • It comes with a nylon sheath
  • It is lightweight and flexible
  • It is not expensive
  • The grip may not be very reliable

9. Camillus Western Black River Fixed Blade Knife cm

Camillus Western Black River Fixed Blade Knife cm

Camillus Western Black River Fixed Blade Knife cm

This knife is great for outdoor activities. It is also made of 420C stainless steel.  It has a simple design for efficiency and a lanyard hole to attach a rope to. It is available in silver and black colours.

It is rust-resistant, ergonomic, and gives the user control. It can be folded and kept away in your pocket. This knife cuts wood like it’s cutting through cheese or butter.


  • It has a built-in custom pocket clip that secures your knife when it is not in use
  • It has a titanium blade that glides into the hardest of surfaces. It is 9.5 inches overall in length
  • It has a lock blade system
  • The blade does not rust easily
  • Its rubber blade will not break if stressed
  • Easily fits into any pack
  • It can be a little hard to control
  • It requires you to state your age before you can buy

10. JACK PYKE Unisex Hunters Knife Set

JACK PYKE Unisex Hunters Knife Set

JACK PYKE Unisex Hunters Knife Set

This blade set comes with two knives, a small steel fixed blade 4 inches long, and a larger blade of 6 inches. Both knives are full tang, and the handles are made of fancy rosewood. They look like something straight out of the Wild West. Both of these knives handle well and can be used in a variety of scenarios. This knife is a should have for outdoor and survivalists. Plus! These knives are gorgeous.


  • The handles are made of rosewood
  • It has nylon sheaths for storing the blade
  • The blade is 6 inches long
  • You get two knives for the price of one
  • The blades are full tang
  • The handles make gripping easier
  • They can dull easily and be quite hard to sharpen

Best Bushcraft Knives UK Buying Guide

Well, that was a fun list. There are a lot of things that you need to know or at least have at the back of your mind before you buy a bushcraft knife. Of all the things you might need when you go outside, on a hike, on a camping trip, or any other activity, you absolutely cannot do without a knife. Here’s a list of things you should consider.

Bushcraft knife with Firestarter

When purchasing a bushcraft knife, you should consider buying on with a fire starter. This will make starting a fire more convenient if you do not have a lighter.

Sheaths for your Knife

I highly recommend that you purchase a bushcraft knife with a sheath. The sheath serves as a protective layer from moist. More importantly, it prevents the blade from harming you when it is not in use. There are lots of customizable options that you can use.

Bushcraft Knife Full-Tang

A tang refers to when the thickness of the blade runs from the tip of the blade to the handle. This design makes the blade very strong, especially for batoning purposes. Blades with full tang are stronger than foldable blades and have more stability when in use. This is essential, especially if you intend to use your knife for batoning

Serrated Edge

A bushcraft knife with a serrated edge is as useful as a knife with a plain edge. They will competently do whatever tasks you want to use them for. You will not have any trouble cleaning up fish, dressing game, and cutting line. Sharpening a serrated knife is also really easy.

Bushcraft knife Sharpener

It is only natural that the blade on your knife gets blunt after some time being used. A sharp blade makes working easier; a blunt blade will stress you out. Buying a sharpener is a must.


A Bushcraft Knife is a must-have for any adventurer. I can’t say this enough, there is no survival outdoors without a bushcraft knife, another alternative would be an axe, but that’s a different ball game. From personal experience, research, and years of outdoor adventure, I have made some recommendations for you. My first recommendation is the Camillus Western Black River Fixed Blade Knife, let’s say this knife got into a fistfight with a telegraph pole, my money would be on the Fallkniven. Plus the Swiss know how to make a knife.

Next is the Mora Outdoor Companion 860 Knife, the Mora Company is a household name among outdoor lovers. They are tested, can be trusted, and are crafted to perfection to meet all of your outdoor needs. If you want something quality that will stand the test of time.

My last choice is the Haller 84719 Wrapped Handle Hunting and Outdoor Knife. It is affordable, versatile, and easy to take anywhere with you. If you love the call of the wild, be it a forest or a wilderness.

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