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Best Budget Paddle Board UK

There are so many different styles of the board that to pick a one you want is no easy task. It would be best if you were looking for something that offers you support from the board, but also the power to move forward with speed and ease. You may want something that you can stand on or something you can sit on, which makes choosing the right one more important.

This means that the paddleboard you choose should be large and stable enough for standing on. A small board will allow for an awkward posture. A larger board would be safer in case of an accident. Your choice also should be versatile and fast enough for you to move with speed and comfort.

So how do you pick the right one?

Check the dimensions and the quality of the board to make sure that you choose a quality piece of equipment. The more stable the board, the faster it can be. It’s a good idea to have a balance and stability board. And of course, you should be aware of the force on the water and the kind of impact that you’ll experience.

You need to check the size of your feet. A lot of boards come with additional parts to allow for a larger size. But that means extra cost. If you already have foot problems, you can look at the extra parts as an option.

Many good boards come with a useful carrying bag, which gives you the option of transporting the board between paddleboards, whether it be at home or the beach. In the event of a change of plans, you can always unpack and carry the board on your back.

In this article I paid attention to the needs and essential specifications and accessories that make up the perfect paddleboard. And I have carefully chosen the best ten budget paddle boards for your variety of conditions. I hope you’ll find them useful.

Top 10 Best Budget Paddle Board

1. Sportstech WBX Fair Novelty ISPO 2020 Paddle Board

Sportstech WBX Fair Novelty ISPO 2020

Sportstech WBX Fair Novelty ISPO 2020

From Sportstech stores comes this very excellent, fully equipped paddleboard for your variety of needs. It comes with a unique 2 in 1 multifunctional storage compartment and viewing window. The window comes with a cover that protects you from extra humidity.

It’s made with a double layer drop stitch construction and high reassuring seal which offers increased safety, durability and stability. It’s also made with lizard skin deck that helps ensure a non-slip stand.

It also comes with the following accessories; power air pump, kayak seat, adjustable paddle, fin, dry bag, window cover, and quick repair kit. This paddleboard also has a kickback elevation that enables spectacular moves and increases gliding comfort.


  • Comes with a comfortable kayak seat.
  • It has an action-cam for taking pictures from unusual perspectives.
  • Has a dry bag for smartphones and other valuables
  • Lizard skin deck to prevent slipping.
  • Fin with a safety clip.
  • It comes with a kayak seat, increasing comfort.
  • Easy to assemble and dismantle.
  • It comes with other necessary accessories like a dry bag and action cam.
  • The window cover rips easily.

2. Nemaxx Unisex Adult Stand Up Paddle Board

Nemaxx Unisex Adult Stand Up Board

Nemaxx Unisex Adult Stand Up Board

Nemaxx Unisex Adult Stand up Board is perfect for your paddleboarding needs. It comes with the latest technology that has a mix of longevity, speed and directional stability. It ensures that you don’t slip off the deck thanks to its heat-embossed EVA deck, which also gives you standing and foot comfort.

They come in an easy to carry a backpack, and all you need to do to use it is to unpack, inflate, and paddle. It’s made a with thick and high-quality drop stitch chamber with hundreds of stabilizing threads, ensuring maximum durability, rigidity, and stability.

With its high weight capacity of 130 kg, you don’t have to enjoy the fun of the waters alone. You can go on rides with friends or even your pets, making for an even exciting adventure.


  • Weight capacity of 130 kg.
  • Adjustable telescopic aluminium paddle.
  • Made with drop-stitch chamber materials.
  • Flexible fin with easy lock system.
  • Comes with a repair kit.
  • With the high weight limit, you can ride with pets and friends.
  • Extra room for additional items.
  • Board is solid and sturdy.
  • Relatively fast on the water.
  • Pressure gauge doesn’t start reading until after the board pressure has inflated to 5psi.

3. No 32 UK Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

No 32 Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

No 32 Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

This scarlet beauty is great for paddleboarders of every level, from the earliest of learners to the grandmasters of paddleboarding. The No. 32 has a durable design which ensures that it performs well in all conditions. It is 10ft (3.05 m) long, with 30 inches (76.2 cm) of deck width and 6 inches (15.24 cm) base thickness. All these puts together make for improved stability and balance while stand riding.

The board uses first quality military grade drop stitch material that covers the top, sides, and bottom of the SUP. The body of the board is double reinforced; even a car’s weight won’t damage the board, making sure the board won’t deform over time. It’s triple panel fins helps improve its overall speed, steering and handling, making it easier for kids and teens to use.


  • Has a complete, non-slip top deck.
  • It has a mass limit of up to 350 pounds (158.76 kg).
  • Removable fins.
  • Six inches (15.24 cm) thick board.
  • Easy steering and control for beginners.
  • There is extra space for pets and friends.
  • You don’t have to deflate all the time.
  • Not suitable for the sea where there are waves.
  • The bag for carrying the product is weak.

4. Streakboard UK SUP Board

Streakboard SUP Board

This SUP board uses inflatable technology that features advanced drop stitch material. With 0.99 mm of PVC, it’s ensured that the board can be bloated up to 15 PSI. This also provides a stable platform for paddlers that weigh up to 230 lbs. This SUP board is perfect to handle the abuse that comes with an adventurous ride.

It has a 5 mm EVA deck pad which provides reliable traction under the feet. And also it has a soft grip for comfort when riding the board. It has a removable 8-inch middle fin and two permanent side fins to ensure excellent tracking and manoeuvres.

With the high-pressure pump, you can inflate the board within five minutes. When you deflate it, you can roll it up and take it wherever you like. Apart from the D-ring on the nose for individual mounting, it also comes with side D-rings for your water bottle.


  • It is made of 0.99 mm PVC.
  • Maximum capacity of 130 kg.
  • Comes with D-rings for a water bottle.
  • Adjustable aluminium paddles.
  • Removable middle fin.
  • Can accommodate more than one person
  • Isn’t it heavy to carry?
  • It is excellent for beginners
  • Quickly fades following continuous sunlight exposure

5. Roc UK Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Roc Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Roc Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

This is one of the most durable military-grade lightweight boards on the market. The extra complete design gives a great all-round board for all skill levels. This board is suitable for freshwater, in the ocean, and on rivers.

The board has everything you’ll need to enjoy your time on the water, including a premium alloy paddle that floats, waterproof cell and key bag, leash to prevent falling, and a premium backpack. It is sturdy and stable and comes with three fins which also help in its movement on the water.


  • Floating premium alloy paddle.
  • Waterproof cell and key bag.
  • Comes with three fins.
  • Maximum weight limit of 275 lbs.
  • It is stable, durable, and sturdy
  • Light adjustable paddle
  • Not suitable for kids

6. Bluefin Cruise UK SUP Board Package

Bluefin Cruise SUP Board Package

Bluefin Cruise SUP Board Package

Bluefin SUP board is in the top 20 Best seller’s SUP boards for many reasons. Two of those reasons are; stability and versatility. Bluefin uses pro weave drop stitch and 1000 denier EXO surface laminate PVC. And these materials ensure that the boards are so rigid, it can hold up to 28 PSI. It also provides that it’ll be the most stable inflatable SUP you’ll ever buy.

It also comes with a kayak conversion kit and GoPro mount. These ensure that you can transform your regular SUP board into a SUP kayak in seconds using the D-rings. One of the accessories provided is a comfortable kayak seat for increased comfort. The GoPro mount on the nose can be used to capture the action, ensuring that you make memories during your rides.

The 2-piece paddle has an ergonomic fibreglass shaft that weighs almost 45% less than your standard SUP paddles. It has an 8 inches (20.32 cm) versatile centre fin that provides the ultimate glide and versatility for day to day paddling. If you want the best of the paddleboarding experience, this is the one for you.


  • It comes with a kayak conversion kit for seated paddling.
  • Integrated GoPro mount to catch all the action.
  • Eight inches (20.32 cm) centralised fin.
  • Fibreglass paddle.
  • Has a smart-lock fin system.
  • Too light fibreglass paddle
  • Made with thicker and stronger materials for improved stability
  • Extremely durable
  • Very firm and can withstand rock collision
  • They are significantly heavier than regular boards
  • Aren’t fast on the water

7. Redder UK Inflatable SUP Board Vortex

Redder Inflatable SUP Board Vortex

Redder Inflatable SUP Board Vortex

Redder SUP Vortex is made with powerful double layer construction. Both layers are made up of tarpaulin fabric and are supported by a strong double-wall drop stitch structure. It offers extra durability and stiffness, making it scratch, UV and salt resistant, and hence suitable for all water conditions.

Vortex all-round board is suitable for kids and adults, and also for beginners to get the hang of paddleboarding—this a paddleboard for all.


  • Two side fins with one 8 inches (20.32 cm) central fin.
  • Three pieces adjustable carbon and fibreglass paddle.
  • Recommended rider weight of 110 kg.
  • Advanced surface laminate technology.
  • Both beginners and kids can use it
  • Can be used in the ocean
  • Highly stable
  • It is only recommended for spring and summer use

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8. ALPIDEX UK Package SUP Board

ALPIDEX Package SUP Board

ALPIDEX Package SUP Board

ALPIDEX package paddle board is on this list because of its variety of functions and accessories. It is yet another product that proves that inflatable stands up paddle boards are just as good as regular paddleboards.

It is made with non-slip EVA deck and comes with a double-action air pump with a pressure gauge. The one removable central fin and two side fins help stabilize the board and to better glide through the water. It also has a lightweight aluminium paddle with an ergonomically shaped handle which can be adjusted to your body size. Its side walls are reinforced. Its eyelets are fixed with two-layer tabs to prevent tearing. It utilizes drop stitch technology for strength and durability.


  • It has a removable central fin and two side fins.
  • Maximum user weight of 110-130 kg.
  • Non-slip profile deck made from comfortable EVA.
  • Eyelets in the middle of the board to attach SUP seat.
  • A SUP seat can be attached for comfort
  • Comes with necessary accessories
  • Ineffective carrying bag

9. MaxKare UK Stand Up Paddle Board

MaxKare Stand Up Paddle Board

MaxKare Stand Up Paddle Board

Being composed of thickened PVC and drop-stitch materials, MaxKare Stand up paddleboard is rigid and yet light. It is durable and can support 1-2 people (330lbs). The enormous EVA cushioned deck with patterned design increases both comfort and friction, making sure you don’t slip.

It is convenient to store and transport because it can be rolled and put in a backpack after deflation. It has an adjustable aluminium paddle and a safety leash to prevent falling. The safety leash also makes it beginner-friendly. This paddleboard is excellent for surfing, fishing, yoga, and sightseeing in the water.


  • Detachable fins.
  • Adjustable aluminium paddle.
  • Large EVA cushioned deck.
  • Pointed bow, promoting faster glide.
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Easy to carry in a backpack
  • Perfect for all bodies of water
  • Takes too long to inflate

10. Leader Accessories UK All-Round Inflatable SUP Board

Leader accessories all-round inflatable SUP Board

Leader accessories all-round inflatable SUP Board

This is an extra durable inflatable paddleboard constructed with thick military-grade PVC. The inner structure is reinforced with drop-stitch to maintain a reliable and rigid paddleboard shape. This also ensures its ability to withstand damage.

The Leader accessories paddleboard supports the weight of over 120 kg. This makes it great for taking your kid or pet along with you. It comes with some extra packages like; fins for tracking, kayak leash, and D-rings for the inclusion of a kayak seat. It is perfect for a stable, fun and comfortable experience.


  • Fins that help in tracking.
  • Weight limit of over 120 kg.
  • Adjustable paddle.
  • A kayak leash to prevent falling.
  • Can be ridden with the company
  • There’s an option for including a kayak seat
  • Highly stable and buoyant
  • Low-quality fabrics cover for the handle

Best Budget Paddle Board Buying Guide

All boards are different and, obviously, there are only so many that are suitable for beginners. Not everyone is cut out for the sport and so it is important to find one that fits your abilities. The right board for you might look like this:

Paddleboarding is an activity carried out for a variety of reasons. It can be a sport or as a leisure activity, a way of having fun either alone or with friends and family. Hell, it can also be for fishing. But no matter the reason, paddleboarding is, no doubt an essential part of many of our lives.

Just as you can’t carry out archery without a bow and arrow, you can’t also go paddleboarding without a paddleboard. And getting the Best Budget Paddle Board UK for your activity is not an easy task.

Knowing what exactly to buy is the most important thing to put into consideration when purchasing any product. You shouldn’t just go to the market to buy a product. You should also know what to look for in a product. The following is a guide to help you get a paddleboard that suits your needs.

Are you a beginner?

This question is fundamental in your paddleboard purchase because not all paddleboards can accommodate a novice. Some are made specifically for professionals, so it is vital to search only for paddle boards that you can learn with.

Does it have a seat?

Stand up paddling can sometimes be tiring, and you just want to sit in open waters and admire nature. It is vital to search only for paddleboards with seats or that a seat can be attached to.

What is the weight capacity?

It is essential to consider the weight capacity if you plan on taking someone or your pet along with you once in a while.

Ability to withstand currents.

Always consider this if you ride in places with strong water currents, or if you want to take your board into the ocean. Not every board can withstand high winds. Not every board can withstand high winds.

Go pro mount available?

If you’re one for nostalgia, then a go pro mount is of importance to your paddleboarding needs. It helps you comfortably make memories while keeping your camera safe.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it okay to leave an Inflatable SUP Board inflated?

Yes, it is okay. But this is as long as you have adequate storage space. This will help save you from the stress of inflating and deflating every time you want to use it.

Can you sit on a paddleboard?

Yes, and no. The answer to this question depends on the paddleboard you purchase because not all paddleboards can accommodate a seat.

Are our inflatable paddle boards good?

The straight answer to this is yes. It offers everything you could want on a paddleboard, and it is also easier to move around. All you need to do to use it is to inflate it with the provided pump, and all the fun is yours to have.

How To Paddle Board

There are plenty of training methods that you can use to improve your riding. It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with these as you will need to know your body if you want to get better at paddling.

Paddleboarding Technique

Here’s the best way to paddleboard.

1. The Right Weight

It would be best if you chose the right weight for your paddleboard. For most people, a lighter board will do. You can paddle with a heavy paddle and build muscle and endurance, but you won’t get anywhere fast.

Your paddle should be easy to lift, easy to put down and easy to put back on. It should be light, too.

You want a board that you can lift over your head and which you don’t have to struggle to paddle. If you struggle, it’s probably not the right board for you.

2. The Right Balance

When you stand up, you have to balance yourself to get yourself upright and steady. We’re talking about a slightly forward tilt at the waist with the butt facing the direction of the board.

So start by standing tall and straight. As your arms get longer, angle the shoulders and torso forward. Keep your hands and arms out at your sides.

Hold the paddle with the shaft facing forward and the handle facing sideways. Start slowly and try to create a slight bend in your knees and ankles. Remember to keep your knees locked and your feet under you at all times. If you’re having trouble holding your paddle, it may be too heavy. Pick a board with a mid-weight paddle and find something with lighter paddles for your other equipment.

3. Start It Off Right

Take a few steps on the board. If you’re not familiar with it, that’s okay. Start by walking down the ramp on the beach until you are comfortable. As you start to use your paddle, go to the edge of the board and let it hit the water. Now pick it up and walk back to where you started.

4. Extend and Pull

After you make it to the ramp, you should have your feet forward, chest out and a straight back. Your feet should have a comfortable distance between them and the paddle. Your body should be ready and relaxed.

Bring your paddle into your hand, then extend and pull your paddle to your chest. Make sure your arms are in the correct position and that your torso is still and relaxed. Keep your eyes on the water.

You should also make sure that your knees are bent, and your feet aren’t falling apart. Most importantly, your shoulders and arms should be relaxed, and your hands relaxed. If you feel your shoulders tense up, your stance is off, and your knees are flexed, you need to adjust your stance.

Keep your arms relaxed, but remember to keep your arms strong and straight, not loose.

5. As You Stay Forward, Focus On Shifting Your Upper Body

To keep your body in a straight line as you paddle, use your arms to direct your upper body. This will require strength in the arms and chest, but it’s a great way to stay steady on your board.

You will need to shift your body forward slightly to get more stable. Do this gradually and focus on being relaxed and moving your upper body slightly every time you paddle.

Try to learn to do this on flat water. When you start to paddle, your upper body will naturally shift forward, so be sure to keep your lower body still and relaxed. It’s the hardest thing you’ll ever do. But you’ll feel so much more stable and in control.

6. Stay Up, But Don’t Stand Still

You will be jumping around quite a bit when you start to paddle. Just like when you’re doing any other aerobic exercise, you need to breathe and relax.

When you don’t move your upper body, you’ll naturally start to breathe deeper and faster. Just remember to breathe, but don’t forget to relax.

Take a big breath in when you start to paddle and hold it for the duration of your stroke. Don’t let your breath go so deep that you can’t bring it up for the next stroke. As your chest expands during your stroke, don’t try to breathe into your ribcage, just into your lower body.

Once you start, try to focus on pulling your upper body back into a straight line with the paddling motion. When you’re paddling, your arms will naturally try to move in a certain direction and come together with the paddle, and you need to direct your upper body and keep your torso straight consciously.

7. Blend Your Water Breathing With Your Paddling

Water breathing is one of the best tools you can use to stay steady while paddling, but you have to learn how to integrate it into your paddle stroke. Don’t think you can open your mouth and breathe as you paddle.

A perfect balance to accomplish this is to do water breathing as you’re paddling. You can keep your eyes on the water, take a big breath in, paddle and then keep your eyes focused on the water. It’s also important to learn how to use water breathing to your advantage while you paddle.

8. Don’t Start All Over Again

Don’t try to perfect your stance and get the perfect, textbook position the first time you paddle. Instead, start with a little movement and rhythm. Start with a very short distance and work your way up.

At first, it might feel weird and almost silly to start moving forward when you’re barely moving. But that first step is crucial. It establishes the foundation of the motion, and you’ll be able to do more advanced movements and positions after this.

Start with a distance that feels comfortable. Maybe it’s two strokes or one. Move slowly and focus on moving your body forward and focusing on keeping your core calm.

Make sure you shift your hips and your legs to help balance and drive your movement forward. You won’t want to do too much shifting at first.

9. If Your Knees Flex, Your Lower Body Has To Move

You need to keep your lower body always moving, not just your upper body. Doing so will help you stay steady on your board and force your knee to move as well.

You’ll need to focus on driving the knee up and down, not forward and back. Do this by leaning slightly forward and back with each stroke. When your knee is moving forward, your leg will be bent, but when your knee is moving back, your leg will be straight.

If you’re not pushing your knee up and down with each stroke, your lower body is standing still. Instead, your leg will just be floating in the water.

10. There’s More to Building a Paddling Foundation Than Proper Poses

You may see paddlers paddle in more than one pose, but that’s not important to building a solid paddling foundation. Instead, be sure to focus on your movement and create a rhythm through your strokes.

Don’t try to break away from your standard paddling position unless you’re trying to do so by adding a new pose or movement to your paddle stroke. You’re more likely to make it worse and make your paddle stroke start to come out of synch.


I hope that this article has made getting the Best budget paddleboard the UK for your needs a lot simpler. Go through the list and the buying guide and go for the board best suited for your needs. I’d recommend Nemaxx Unisex Adult Stand up Board as my best budget choice paddleboard, because of its extra room and high weight capacity.

MaxKare Stand up Paddleboard is my recommendation if you’re looking for the best value paddleboard. And this is because it offers even more than some costly paddleboards. Bluefin Cruise SUP board package is my recommendation if you’re looking for a premium price and quality. It has everything you’d want in a paddleboard and extra accessories for your needs, including a removable kayak seat.


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