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Budget Office Chair UK

Best Budget Office Chair UK


Every working individual tends to spend most hours of the day in the office. Those appointed for desk jobs are mostly glued to their office chair. Although often overlooked, these people suffer from quite a few health problems, especially related to the back and spine. 

I can relate to my personal experience while I was working for a reputed IT firm. The continuous hours that I spent throughout every week took a toll on my health. It was then when I realized that my backache was due to the wrong office chair. It led to frequent doctor visits, physiotherapy, and absenteeism. Later, when I started with my entrepreneurial venture, I made sure to invest in the best budget office chair. It was not only for myself but for my colleagues too. 

Like me, many office goers suffer from posture and spinal issues, which leads to low productivity. Thus, if you plan to provide your staff and yourself a healthy mind and body, consider investing in a budget office chair. But the challenge here is which factors to consider while selecting the best brand for purchase. Usually, the issues lie with the price, design, and ergonomics since it will be used for long-duration daily. You might also wonder whether you want to replace your existing chair or not. Moreover, some of us also confuse budget office chairs with cheap ones!

Through this guide, I have tried to answer all possible queries. Along with extensive research, I have also gone through the reviews of various users. Below is a list of budget office chairs that you can refer to. I also addressed their respective confusions and stressed the factors you may look out for each of them. I’ve tried my level best to provide the best budget office chair buying guide that you can look forward to compiling my personal experience.

Top 10 Budget Office Chair UK

1. Office Essential Durable Office Chair

Office Essential Durable Office Chair

Office Essential Durable Office Chair

If you are thinking of replacing your current office chair, the one from Office Essential is apt. Apart from its contemporary style, its comfortable seat and back support makes it ideal for those with a backache. One of the essential features is its tilt adjusting mechanism, which helps secure an angle of the backrest as per your requirement. There is a knob below the seat that helps in tightening or loosening the tilting tension. As the chair also has height adjusting ability, you can modify it as per your personal needs. 

The chair requires basic installation skills without the need for extra tools. However, you will need an Allen key that accompanies the product. As per preference and requirements, you may consider removing or attaching the armrest. 


  • Mesh material in the backrest makes it breathable and aligns with the spine.
  • The casters of the chair are stable and have anti-slip properties.
  • The chair revolves at 360 degrees, making it ideal for moving around the desk without getting up. 
  • The foundation of the chair is sturdy and has an inbuilt gas lift.
  • Wheels are detachable.
  • One person is sufficient for assembling
  • Can withstand around 15 kg.
  • Compact and doesn’t make any revolving noise
  • No tilt locking feature

2. Yaheetech Lumber supportive Office Chair

Yaheetech Lumber supportive Office Chair

Yaheetech Lumber supportive Office Chair

Since both seat depth and width are important, the Yaheetech office chair supports both comfortably. Its width ranges from 17 to 20 inches (ca. 51 cm). Its depth is large enough to provide support from the back of the knees to the chair’s seat. The curved backrest allows alignment to the natural curve of the spine. 

Further, Yaheetech’s chair also supports the lower back and strengthens its structure, thus enabling long hours of seating without hurting the back. Enough padding in the seat keeps the posture upright and helps in increasing work productivity. Apart from improving the pose, it also increases comfort for a prolonged duration. 


  • The seat is large enough to ensure satisfactory movement.
  • Assembling the chair is easy and includes are necessary tools along with a user manual.
  • The strong base keeps the wheels in place, but the casters allow easy movement.
  • It allows the user to increase and decrease the height of the seat.
  • The seat has enough sponge to make it soft and comfortable for the back. 
  • Moves easily on any surface.
  • Tilting the mesh backrest is possible
  • Attractive appearance and suits the decor
  • Requires just a few minutes for assembling.
  • Not ideal for people above 100kgs.

3. Office Essential Armless Office Chair

Office Essential Armless Office Chair

Office Essential Armless Office Chair

In this present pandemic scenario, work from home is the new normal for most office goers. Although you may not have considered it, your working chair is one place we spend most of the time. Office Essential’s chair is perfect for those looking forward to investing in better comfort and ensure better posture throughout the day. 

Its adjustable height with the handle below the seat makes it reliable to suit personal needs. The curved mesh backrest allows airflow and supports the natural curve of the spinal cord. From the moment you sit on it, you can feel the difference instantly. Apart from being affordable and classy, it’s strong ergonomic built is a decent choice that is ideal for any workaholic. 


  • The chair has a simple design but complements any working environment.
  • It includes a class 4 gas lift ideal for adjusting any height and weight.
  • The wider seating space makes it suitable for those with a broad back.
  • The diameter of the base is compact and can fit into a small space.
  • The capability of revolving at 360 degrees
  • seat gradually takes the shape of the user
  • Withstands weight till 11o kgs
  • Simple assembling technique
  • No reclining or tilting mechanism

4. COMHOMA Ergonomic Office Chair 

COMHOMA Ergonomic Office Chair 

COMHOMA Ergonomic Office Chair 

COMHOMA’s classic executive chair sets its standard higher among other adjustable office chairs. If desired, both the armrests can slide backwards along with the backrest. Its breathable mesh material supports the back while working for long shifts without leading to backache. Investing in this chair will be a smart choice due to its durable and long-lasting fabric. Its padded seat provides the lower back with optimum support, which seems tight at the beginning, will mould in due course. 

Since it does not have any complicated control system, there is nothing to worry about its positioning. You can conveniently use the tilt locking mechanism to secure the desired angle of reclining. Its overall appearance is amazing, but its ergonomic design suits any individual’s body structure. All the five wheels in this chair roll smoothly and prevent slipping. 


  • An Allen key is the only assembling tool required which accompanies the package.
  • The structure of the chair is well-built, and lifting the armrests saves a lot of space.
  • Its simple yet modern look suits both the office and home environment.
  • It promotes a good sitting posture, and the height is adjustable by pulling the lever. 
  • Offers a rocking mechanism to relax
  • Enables setting the feet flat on the floor by adjusting
  • Balanced support to lower back and buttocks
  • Improves blood circulation all over the body.
  • The material of armrests is not comfortable.

5. Office Essential Affordable No-arms Office Chair

Office Essential Affordable No-arms Office Chair

Office Essential Affordable No-arms Office Chair

The benefits of using a supportive office chair are too many. If you are on a budget, this one from Office Essentials is yet another good buy. Since it is also important to maintain decorum in the work environment, the chair’s look encourages working efforts. The central leg of the chair allows 360 degrees rotation to both left and right. Thus it is versatile for any space in the office or at home. 

The long-lasting quality of the chair is due to the use of a higher gas lift, which enables height adjustment. You do not have to a professional in installing the chair. However, basic skills are necessary, which requires only simple tools that are available with the purchase. You may also refer to the simple instruction manual while assembling. The base has anti-slip properties and a fixed back without armrests, making it ideal for any standing desk. 


  • It is a compact, space-saving chair with a strong built.
  • The high-quality ensures longevity and durability over other chairs.
  • The comfortable fabric-padded seat and backrest help in promoting a stable posture.
  • Although the chair is light in weight, it has high stability on the ground.
  • The comfortable seat has standard quality foam
  • Caster wheels spin smoothly
  • Wheels are well-aligned with the legs
  • No screeching noise while seated
  • Uncomfortable for overweighing individuals

6. Favor Lock-Enabled Office Chair

Favor Lock-Enabled Office Chair

Favor Lock-Enabled Office Chair

Instead of sitting for long hours on a poorly positioned chair, gift yourself an anti-slouching office chair to promote a good posture. It will not only contribute to better health but also improve working efficiency. The 8cm thick cushioned-seat adds the comfort that the lower back and buttock require while working for extra hours. You can easily glide the armrest’s handles as per your height by adjusting the pulley. 

Since this chair also has an adjustable headrest, it relieves pain from the neck and shoulder. It also supports the body with the same pressure that it needs. Moreover, with a slight tilt, you can recline and take some time off to feel re-energized. This high office chair’s ergonomic seating area and lock mechanism ensure comfortable working hours for all. Each caster has a nylon coating with non-slip pads, making sure that you can move around freely while being seated.


  • It does not have any complicated assembling methods, and all the knobs glide smoothly
  • The metallic legs are sturdy and can take a load of up to 135 kgs.
  • It revolves 360 degrees with a swivel mechanism 
  • The adjustable headrest supports the neck by aligning with the vertebrae
  • Mesh fabric in the backrest
  • Adjustable seat as per the required height
  • Promotes lumbar support with curved backrest.
  • Backward adjustment possible
  • Removing the armrests is not possible.

7. Hbada Free-rocking Office Chair

Hbada Free-rocking Office Chair

Hbada Free-rocking Office Chair

Working for prolonged hours often leads to back issues, which can gradually minimize using a comfortable and well-suited office chair. This chair from Hbada can assemble with convenience but requires an extra hand while screwing the armrests. Due to its lightweight feature, it is easy to relocate. The foldable arms save a lot of space while sliding under a desk. Hence, if space is a constraint in your working area, it will suit you best. 

If you are among those who suffer severe back issues, this chair’s S-shaped curve provides enough support while working extra hours. It also incorporates 360 degrees swivel mechanism giving you the freedom to move around freely while seating. Its adjusting capacity is quite high, which is often limited within this price range. Its provision to provide sufficient angle for rocking enables one to take small breaks and rest amidst a busy working schedule. The control knob beneath the seat allows customizing the tilting tension as per your preference. This lets you relax your body and mind at frequent intervals and releases pressure from joints. Hence after a certain time, you feel rejuvenated. 


  • The seating area of the chair consists of high-density foam, ensuring maximum support.
  • Movement in this chair does not make any sound, and the casters glide smoothly.
  • The tilt locking system is adjustable with push and pull of the protruding handle. 
  • The ergonomic design of the chair ensures better posture and suits all-natural statures.
  • Ideal furniture for those working from home
  • Assembling the chair is manageable
  • The padded pillow supports the lower back.
  • Breathable mesh backrest
  • Molding of the seat takes time

8. IntimaTe WM Heart Revolving Budget Office Chair

IntimaTe WM Heart Revolving Budget Office Chair

IntimaTe WM Heart Revolving Budget Office Chair

With its ergonomic design and supportive backrest, the IntimaTe WM Heart chair is ideal for both youngsters and seniors. Since most of us look forward to a comfortable working space without a backache, this chair is appropriate for all. Apart from high ratings and amazing praises from its customers, it makes it a sought-after working chair in the current scenario. Its elegant style and modern curvature to align with the spinal cord give this chair a thumbs up. To ensure that the chair can provide freedom of mobility, it also has a swivel mechanism. 

Although the headrest is not adjustable, the waist support and backward Tilting is sufficient for a midday break. The armrests, however, are adjustable to ensure saving space while storing under the desk. The premium quality plastic and steel legs provide strong stability without the tension of skidding while in movement. 


  • The chair’s material at the back consists of both sponge and net and thus is breathable. 
  • While working, the backrest supports the lower back and promotes contouring.
  • On lifting the armrests, the desk can be as close as possible, thus giving a better view.
  • The height of the chair is customizable as per the size of the user. 
  • Relieves pressure from the lower back
  • Mesh backrest promotes air circulation
  • Pulley for Tilting and height adjustment.
  • Five smooth non-screeching casters
  • No locking system in the tilting mechanism.

9. Femor Highly Adjustable Budget Office Chair

Femor Highly Adjustable Budget Office Chair

Femor Highly Adjustable Budget Office Chair

One of the most underrated pieces of furniture in a working environment is the office chair. It’s poor construction and quality often leads to serious back issues. If you are planning to invest in some budget office chairs, Fermor has various additional features. Its lightweight may seem that it won’t be supportive to those above 100kgs, but it can ideally carry weight to 150kgs. Thus, if you are slightly on the higher side, this chair will suit you more. Its strength is due to the incorporation of iron, nylon, and plastic, which makes it serve longer and better. 

You can adjust almost all the essential parts like the headrest, backrest, and armrests as per preference and requirements. A well-suited, comfortable, and supportive office chair ensures the minimization of fatigue and increases work effort. Its five wheels are smooth in movement and include a 360 degrees swivel design, thus revolves freely. 


  • You can choose from the multiple colours available to suit the décor of the workspace.
  • The backrest evenly adjusts to the structure of the spinal cord, giving it extra comfort.
  • The support to the lower back is higher with the elastic adjustment below the backrest.
  • Both seat and height adjustment is possible to meet personal requirements. 
  • Ideal for regular use for long hours
  • Spongy and fire-resistant seat
  • All the wheels can rotate 360 degrees
  • Headrest has a high-quality sponge
  • Requires basic installation skills and tools for assembling

10. Warmiehomy Classy Grey-Velvet Office Chair

Warmiehomy Classy Grey-Velvet Office Chair

Warmiehomy Classy Grey-Velvet Office Chair

Because of a velvet upper layer consisting of a velvet upper layer, the Warmiehomy office chair is suitable for those looking for both comfort and elegance. This adjustable office chair has a 360 degrees swivel mechanism, and its ergonomic design is relevant for ensuring a proper posture while addressing clients. Its rocking function is ideal while taking a break from a monotonous day, and height adjusting property suits all statures. It is quite effortless to increase or decrease the seat’s size with the pully located beneath it. 

Assembling this Warmiehomy chair is not at all complicated and will barely take a few minutes. Although the velvet layer seems high maintenance but is easy to clean and provides a comfortable space to sit. Its lightweight makes it extremely portable and is ideal for use in both offices and at the home workspace. It supports the back and the lower back portion of the body, thus reducing a backache’s chances. 


  • The armrests have paddings for extra support and attach to the backrest.
  • The backrest consists of upholstered fabric, which gives it a sturdy and stylish look.
  • The wheels are widely spaced, ensuring high stability and a balanced movement.
  • A well-instructed assembling manual makes it easier for the user to unpack and fix.
  • The ergonomic design of the armrest
  • Wheels rotate freely in and around the workspace.
  • Casters have anti-skid properties
  • Soft and padded cushion for sitting
  • Non-sliding armrests take up more storage space

Budget Office Chair UK Buying Guide

Purchasing the best budget office chair is quite challenging when you have such varieties to choose from. Below are some answered questions that will help you with the process that will help provide you basic clarifications. It will thus, ease your purchase and help you consider the best office chair as per your requirements. 

Why is it essential to use a good office chair?

A good office chair supports the back and aligns the spine with the backrest, minimizing backache and several other muscular issues. Most individuals spend their day behind the desk for professional commitments, either at home or the office. Sitting on a poorly constructed chair often leads to severe back and shoulder pain, which later reduces work efficiency. Thus, it is essential to invest in a quality office chair that supports the back. It will ensure a relaxed body and mind throughout the day, in the long run. 

What is a swivel mechanism in an office chair?

Those chairs with a central leg and permits to revolve around it at 360 degrees are the swivel mechanism in it. It allows the user to continue working in different directions of the desk without getting up. 

What is the use of the tilt-lock mechanism in an office chair?

The Tilt-lock mechanism in office chairs enables the user to sit straight while working on the desk. The position, once secured, keeps the back and spine upright and prevents slouching. Tilt lock chairs support the body in maintaining a good posture. Likewise, by unlocking it, it helps in providing a reclining or rocking effect. 

Why is ergonomics important in an office chair?

Those chairs with appropriate ergonomic design ensure that the user experiences a proper back shape, which aligns with the backrest. Ergonomic armrests provide support to the arms while continuous working sessions prevent pain in the arms and shoulder. Ergonomic office chairs help the joints to release pressure and thus minimizes pain in them and their muscles. 


On reaching the end, we hope that we could clear most of the doubts that often arise while planning to invest in the best budget office chair. Below mentioned are some of the recommendations that you may refer to during the purchasing process. 

Best budget office chair if you are on a tight budget, the Office Essentials Office Essential Affordable No-arms Office Chair is a good buy. Good value for money: The Office Essential Durable Office Chair is affordable and has the basic features a working official may look for.

Most expensive office chair: If budget is not an issue, the favor Lock-enabled Office Chair is ideal for all and has multiple adjustable features. However, before deciding on a particular chair, check out the respective pros and cons, and analyze it according to your requirements. While continuing to work hard, make sure to take good care of your health, which gradually will increase productivity. 

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