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Do you have a lot of electronics at home? If yes, then a multimeter is a great tool to own. Electronics are human-made and there are chances of error at some point in time after continuous use.


It is always wise to keep a multimeter at home, you never know when you will need one. When you go out shopping for the best budget multimeter, you realize, there are plenty of options available. To make your search simpler, we have listed down all the essential information that will help you make an informed decision like a detailed buying guide and top 10 multimeter recommendations.


10 Best Budget Multimeter Recommendations


AstroAI Digital Multimeter Resistance Continuity Temperature


The AstroAI Digital Multimeter is one of the top choices for budget-conscious people who are looking for a user friendly and effective multimeter that does not come with a high price tag.


You can carry out multiple ranges of tests like AC/DC voltage, resistance, continuity, frequency, AC/DC current, capacitance and temperature, and test diodes. The multimeter is ideal for professional use as well because it comes with features like true RMS for measuring AC voltage and current and auto-ranging capability.


Using this multimeter is no rocket science. It is designed in a simple to use way. It has convenient features like LCD backlit screen, kickstand, data hold to ensure proper readings and a low battery indicator. With all these features, taking and recording readings is simpler.


The brand understands the safety of the people and thus incorporates various features like explosion-proof ceramic fuses rated at F500mA/600V and F10A/600V for the utmost safety, it automatically shuts off after 15 minutes of inactivity and also offers overload protection.




Compact and solid build

Overcurrent protection

3 years warranty

4000 counts function




A little delay in showing resistance


BOLYFA Advanced 117


The BOLYFA Advanced 117 lies in the mid-range category of budget multimeters. This multimeter boasts of its True RMS 6000 counts function. It is able to test AC/DC Current, AC/DC Voltage, Resistance, Continuity, Frequency, Tests Diodes Transistors, and Capacitance.


The brand understands that the device should be easy to use and thus includes loads of features like an LED backlight that helps you work freely in low-light, polarity indication and low battery indication.


The multimeter is suitable for use for not only home use but also maintenance enthusiasts and professional electricians.


The BOLYFA Advanced 117 has a USB interface that records the data during the operation and works as a data logger when connected to the PC software of the multimeter. The device can work at high temperatures because the shell is made of flame-retardant material.


The brand has carefully considered the safety of the people and includes many safety features like built-in explosion-proof ceramic fuse tubes and overload protection for multiple ranges.




Safety and Compliances – CAT 600V IV, CATIII 1000V

Range selection – auto and manual

Low battery indicator

Sampling speed – 3 times/second




No auto shut off after inactivity


Neoteck Pocket Digital Multi Tester


If you are looking out for a pocket multi tester at an affordable range, then the Neoteck Pocket Digital Multi Tester is an ideal option. It has a RMS 2000 counts function and has a manual range. This type of multimeter is best suited for laboratories, factories, workshops etc. It includes 2 pcs of Test Probes of 1000V 10A.


It is a pocket device but has a number of features like resistance, data hold, precisely measuring the AC/DC Voltage, DC current etc. You can run various tests like Transistor P-N junction test, diode assembly test, continuity buzzer and transistor HFE test.


The device also has many other features like a large backlit LCD display which makes the measurements simple to read in the dark and overload protection in all ranges. Comes with a non slip case and a stand with which you can place the device at a 45 degrees angle and use it hands free. The device is sturdy enough to give an amazing drop protection.




Low battery indicator

RMS 2000 counts function

Operating temperature -0 degree celsius to 40 degrees celsius

Easy to use



No negative points were observed so far


LOMVUM Digital Multimeter Tester


This is one of the best and most affordable multimeters in the list. The LOMVUM digital is an auto ranging multimeter tester is 6000 counts function and measures multiple ranges like AC/DC voltage and current, temperature and battery, continuity frequency, capacitance, resistance current and diode.


The LOMVUM True RMS multimeter test shows accurate measurements and is suitable for use to professional electricians and beginners as well. Men and women, both, can use the voltage detector. It can be duly used at a laboratory, home, automobile, factory etc.


The device comes with an LCD backlit and flashlight that makes it simple for you to read the measurements in the dark. It also has a full range overload protection and auto power off after 15 minutes of inactivity for your safety.


If you want to stick or hang your multimeter, it can be done easily as it comes with built-in magnets that stick to any iron surface easily.



RMS 6000 counts function

Overload protection

built -in magnets

Auto-shut off after 15 minutes of inactivity

One year warranty




No low battery indicator


ULTRICS Digital Multimeter


Are you looking for a multimeter that can make your tests faster and simpler? If yes, then the ULTRICS Digital Multimeter is one of the best choices.


The device helps you test on multiple ranges like AC/DC voltage and current, ampere check, transistor HFE check, temperature and battery, continuity frequency, capacitance, resistance current and diode.


ULTRICS multimeter is ready to use and includes 9V battery, numerous other safety features like low battery indicator, double insulation, fold out stand of viewing and overload protection.


It also has a large LED backlight that makes it simpler for you to read the measurement in low light areas. The device has a thick removable rubber covering that protects it from breaking from being dropped.






1 year replacement warranty

Operating environment – 0 degree celsius to 40 degrees celsius

Useful for laboratory, home,  workshop, factory etc

Automatic polarity display

Compact and portable design




The size of the fonts on the multimeter are tiny


PROSTER Pocket Digital Multimeter


The PROSTER Pocket Digital Multimeter is a CE rated tester. It is designed carefully to troubleshoot numerous household and automotive electricals.


The 2000 count multimeter has a large LCD unit display that makes it simple for you to read the measurements in low light areas. It includes a comprehensive set of features like accurately measuring voltage, resistance and current. Diode assembly test, continuity buzzer, auto-ranging, transistor P-N junction test.


The device comes in a cool looking yellow shell with a non slip cover that protects it from breaking if dropped. It also has a stand that makes it simpler for you to note down the readings and use the multimeter hands-free.


The multimeter comes with a 9V battery and test probes. It also has safety features like auto shut off after 15 minutes of inactivity.




2000 counts function

LCD display with backlight

Auto shut off

Easy to use




Can handle frequency up to 50v


Handheld Digital Multimeter


This is the most affordable multimeter in this list of best budget multimeters. It can be used to read AC and DC voltage, resistance, current gain, DC current and diode measurement.


The device features an audible continuity tester that creates a signal when the electrical path can be confirmed between the two points. It complies with EN 61010 – 1:2010, British Safety Standards for Electrical Measurement Equipment.


It comes with one of the most important safety features – PVC shockproof jacket. This device is ideal for DIY enthusiasts.




Handy and compact

PVC shockproof jacket




Lacks some safety features like auto shut off, overload protection etc.


Neoteck 8233D Auto Ranging Digital Multimeter


The Neoteck 8233D Auto Ranging Digital Multimeter is one of the best choices for shoppers who are looking out for a user-friendly and effective device that does not come with a huge price tag.


If you are stuck on the road at night doing some automotive troubleshooting, then this device can help you fulfill the function because of its LCD display with backlight. Though the price is not high, does not mean it doesn’t show accurate readings.


It offers precise measurements of current, voltage, diodes and resistance. Not just this, it also offers continuity buzzer, auto ranging functions as well as maximum results over time. The multimeter comes with a non slip soft plastic case for drop protection.


It also has a stand at the black so that you can keep the device at a 45 degrees angle for you to easily read the measurements hands-free. It comes with a 9V battery.


The device also has safety features like auto power shut off, overload protection and also meets the safety standards for Euro Standard.Safety Class: IEC 61010-1, CAT II 600V.




2000 count

Auto power shut off

Low battery indicator

Data hold button

Automatic ranging function



No temperature sensor


Neoteck Multimeter


One of the most affordable multimeters in this list, the 4000 count Neotech multimeter comes with a K-type thermocouple for measuring temperatures up to 1000 degree celsius.


It comes with both options, manual and auto ranging. All you need to do is select the mode you want by pressing the measuring button. The device also comes with auto polarity display and large LCD display with backlight that makes it easier to read measurement in dark areas.


The Neoteck Multimeter is your friend to troubleshoot many automotive and household electrical issues. It can be widely used in laboratories, factories, schools, radio technology etc. The device also comes with different test leads for your convenience.


The stand of the multimeter helps you read measurements hands-free. It also comes with numerous other features like overload protection and auto shut off feature for your safety, data hold etc.




Max count display – 4000

Strong antimagnetic and anti-interferential performance

Logic function

Backlight display




The continuity buzzer sound is too low


Mestek Digital Multimeter Tester


If you are looking for an affordable multimeter that shows you the highest counts, then this is the one. The Mestek Digital Multimeter Tester shows 9999 counts and can measure AC/DC voltage, current, duty cycle, diodes, live wire, circuit continuity etc.


The device has numerous features like data hold which can make you read the data easily, backlight which can help you note down the measurements in low light areas, auto off when there is inactivity for more than 15 minutes and NCV and VFC function.

The multimeter can be used at various places like automotive and household appliances, home users, DIY enthusiasts, professional technicians and electricians. It can be used for distribution boxes, fuses, cables, automotive batteries, universal batteries, household sockets, automotive circuits, charging systems and more.


The device also has a built-in torch if you are stuck in the dark.



1 year warranty

Compact and accurate

Wrong insert alarm

Overload protection


Easy to use




No negative points were observed so far


Buying Guide


Irrespective of the reason for buying a multimeter for yourself, it is wise to consider a few points before purchase. The reason behind this is that there are plenty of options available in the market and you might end up choosing the one that doesn’t fit your needs. Make sure to follow these considerations especially if you are a first time buyer.


Analog and Digital Multimeters


The multimeters that you find in the market are either digital or analog. There is a difference between the two and thus before you pick one, it is essential to know the features of both.


Analog multimeters give better readouts but the only drawback is that it keeps on fluctuating and hence it is tough to judge the exact value.


On the other hand. Digital multimeters are more sensitive when compared to analog multimeters and these have high input impedance. These multimeters can make a number of measurements and thus, it is an ideal choice if you are working on many electronics.


Manual ranging and auto-ranging


An auto-ranging multimeter can understand what you are trying to test and thus there is no need for you to input the range. Thus, this saves you the effort of having to know the values of the electronics you are testing.


On the contrary, in manual ranging, you need to know the value range of what you are testing.


Design and Build


The interface of the multimeter should be designed in a way that is easy to understand. The product design should be such that even a technically inexperienced person can understand. The marking should be clear and simple to read even in low light conditions and should not fade after prolonged use.


The case of the multimeter should be of an appropriate size and good quality so that the product can be stored properly. Always prefer a backlit display for a digital multimeter. In case you are in the HVAC sector, then you would want to purchase a multimeter that can read temperatures too.


Look for bumper corners in the multimeter you are willing to buy, for extra protection. Also, check if the probes are insulated with silicone rather than low quality PVC.




You would of course not want to pick a multimeter that is not accurate. What is the purpose of even using it when you cannot vouch on the precision? Since you are spending a lot of money on this small device, it is wise to go for the best one.


We understand that the budget multimeters may not be 100 percent accurate. The best way to know its accuracy is by reading the reviews. This is why we have reviewed 10 best budget multimeters for you that will help you make the right decision.




Since we are talking about budget multimeters, we are not even talking about the ones that fall in the triple-digit price range. When you start looking out for multimeters, you would know that it is available at different price ranges. Here we focus only on the affordable multimeters that fall in the price range of £10 – £50. Thus, do not expect the product to have too many frills like the high-end ones.


Other Features


Digital multimeters come with a number of cool features. You may want to understand them to ensure you have taken the right decision.


Are you going to be dealing with computer processors or refrigerator systems? If yes, then you may want to look for the multimeter with a temperature sensor that allows you to check the device’s temperature without the need of carrying one more instrument.


The transistor testing circuits allow you to check digital and integrated logic circuits to ensure it is functioning properly. You may even want to look for other practical features like backlight for convenience, ‘hold button’ for taking down readings, etc.




Tinkering around with electronics is not simple and thus you need to ensure maximum safety. Things can anytime go wrong when you work with live currents and you, of course, wouldn’t want to risk your life and your home.


Thus, always remember to choose a budget multimeter with appropriate safety ratings as per the electronics you will be working on.


CAT levels can be confusing and difficult to understand for many, and thus, we have tried our best to simplify it, so that you can make the right buying decision.




You are good to go with the CAT I multimeter if you are working with the circuits that are not directly plugged into the main power supply.




You may want to look for a multimeter with this rating if you are testing or even trouble-shooting electronics that are directly connected to the power source. Multimeters with this rating are fine to work with electronics with 100- to 240- volts.




You may want to use a multimeter with CAT III safety rating if you are working with three-phase motors or refrigerators.




There is no safety rating higher than the CAT IV. thus you can expect a number of safety features from this multimeter.


You require a device with CAT IV safety rating if you are to work directly with the power supply from the main transformer into the buildings. Such a device comes with an auto cut-off if the amp goes above safe levels. Other safety features are wide flanges, banana plugs, and blast shields.


Make sure to understand and comply with every consideration mentioned above before you buy a multimeter as per your needs and budget. This will assure you that you have taken the right decision.




If you are looking for a manual or auto ranging multimeter, this article can help you with all the essential information. Buying a budget multimeter is not a big task but choosing one from the many options available online can be daunting. This is why we have shortlisted the options to you and presented 10 best budget multimeters.


Make sure to keep in mind the points of the buying guide because that will help you make the right decision quickly. Keep a checklist of all your needs and then start shortlisting the multimeters.


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