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Best Budget Mascara UK

Every woman wants that flair that comes with wearing great mascara. The problem is many believe it has to be super expensive. And because we want that one product that fits perfectly, we usually make the willing sacrifice of extra cash. What most of us don’t know is there is a way around it.

When it came to mascaras, I spared no expense. Having thin lashes and sensitive eyes like mine, I always believed higher priced mascaras are my only salvation. Boy was I wrong! Though high-end brands do offer great quality, you do not need to spend much to get the best mascara formula for you. You can do this, even with a budget. When picking the best budget mascara for your lashes, it is wise to note what you want in a formula. This is because mascaras come in different formulas with specific functions. Eyelashes also come in different forms- full, thin, long, short- and as such, each requires a different, yet specific mascara formula and wand. And there are those of us with sensitive eyes and those who frown at animal ingredients.

In this article, I gave a full review of the best budget mascara products to add to your kit. I pulled information from lots of reviews and testimonies about the products, research on formulas, user favourites and my personal experiences. Each product is deeply analyzed, resulting in a rich collection of affordable mascaras to choose from. And the collective agreement of the different sources makes the review a trustworthy and a solid reference.

I also added a product guide that has been compiled to help you make the right choice when picking the best budget mascaras for yourself. The guide will show you factors to look out for, and the best ways to get full value from your product. It will also to show big spenders that they can get great quality in lesser priced products as well.

Top 10 Budget Mascara UK

1. Essence False Lash Effect Princess Mascara

Talk about hitting a budget mascara jackpot, and this is the first product that crosses my mind. Essence False Lash Effect takes the number one spot on my best budget mascara review for one simple reason- I got a lot, for very little money!

The wetness of the formula and the brush shape combine to provide the easy application to my lashes. And it spreads so evenly and smoothly, without the stress of sticking together. In the end, I got an impressive length and volume boost. And that is saying a lot, considering how low budget the mascara really is.

It also gave my lashes a bit of a false lash look, making them appeared and lasted longer. I like the wand and am very sure it made a huge contribution to the uniform spread of the mascara over my lashes. And the inky colour created this bold and alluring look around my eyes. I really loved to see. Essence False Lash Effect mascara is a great bargain option if you want length and volume.


  • False lash effect
  • Lengthening and thickening effects
  • Long-lasting formula
  • Non-sticky
  • Soft, uniform wand
  • You do not need excess layers; just a swipe of two is enough for great effect.
  • The wand is great at getting the formula on the bottom lashes perfectly.
  • Makes my short eyelashes look really longer
  • It melts easily when eyelids are oily

2. Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara

A great addition to any beauty kit, Maybelline Lash Sensational is that mascara which gives you the personal touch you seek at a pocket-friendly price. A practical gift from a reputable brand, I was amazed at how well this product performed when I tested it out. 

When applied, not only does this mascara give my lashes a longer look, but they also came out well defined. The level of volume was impressive, and the curls came out lovely. I felt glad I got this mascara as the effects even lasted all day- longer than I would expect for one of such price!

One sweet factor about Maybelline Lash Sensational is how the brush easily captures my small lashes. The more I stroked, the better and more intense it looked. The package was very spot-on when it mentioned the multiplied lash effect because that was exactly what I got. I made sure to follow the application instructions though- like not let it dry in between coats, as the mascara feels rather wet. In the end, my lashes looked longer, curlier and very glamorous. Maybelline Lash Sensational is a great choice for those with thin, small lashes which look for quick, yet stunning touch-ups. Maybelline Lash Sensational is a great choice for those with thin, small lashes which look for quick, yet stunning touch-ups.


  • Multiplied lash effect
  • The curved wand that fits eye shape
  • Six-layer bristle brush
  • Liquid ink, low wax count formula
  • No clumping
  • It gives voluminous, dark, thick, long lashes in just one layer
  • The brush shape is perfect for applying the formula and elongating the lashes
  • It gives a decent separation effect to the lashes
  • It smudges when you apply a lot of it, so you need to wipe the excess off

3. L’Oreal Paris Volume Million Lashes Mascara

L’Oreal Paris has always been a brand I trust, so when I discovered they had budget mascaras on the market, I just had to test them out. And this mascara is complete proof that you can get the best volumizing effect on your lashes without breaking the bank.

The biggest wow factor I got from this product is the ‘Millionizer’ brush. Not only did it allow me to achieve a brilliant volume, but also separated the lashes, giving me a flattering fanned out effect. I was even worried that the size of the brush might cause the mascara to clump, but it never did. I just spread very easily and got the desired full lash effect I wanted. 

The wand is also very flexible, and the package also stated there was a built-in wiper in it. I realized it was the reason why the mascara did not have a clumping effect when I applied it. Each stroke felt deliberate as if I decide how much formula the brush applies to my lashes. If what you desire is the best combination of volume and separation, then L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes is the perfect budget mascara for you.


  • Big Millionizer brush
  • Both long and short bristles for lash separation
  • Built-in anti-clump wiper
  • Ultra-flexible Elastomer applicator
  • Thickens the lashes without being clumpy
  • Keeps lashes nicely separated
  • Very easy to remove
  • The brush can feel hard and somewhat sharp to sensitive skin.

4. Rimmel London Extra Super Lash Building Mascara

This budget mascara review would not be complete without adding Rimmel London Extra Super Lash. As far as budget mascaras go, this one met my needs with much comfort, and I was still amazed at the quality.

What I noticed most about this mascara is it lengthens and curls really well. The eye-opening, volumizing effect promised blends nicely with the delivered curls, giving you that stunning look. The pigment is also very brilliant, and it defines the eyes with the right level of wow factor.

The brush is perfect as it works the mascara evenly into all the lashes. The staying power is also satisfying, thanks to hydrogels in the formula. It is also smudge-proof, as I carried it for long without it messing up. And the added vitamin E means my lashes get to feel good and look good at the same time. For women who want that extra curl to go with length, I would highly recommend this mascara.


  • Length, Curl and Volume action
  • Hydrogel-filled formula
  • Vitamin E enriched
  • Smudge-proof and no clumping
  • Suitable for sensitive eyes
  • It makes lashes look long, individual and very natural
  • The wand does not overload or cause clumping
  • It is also very easy to remove
  • The brush is not very flexible

5. 4D Silk Fiber Eyelash Mascara

I was a bit sceptical about trying this one out. Not only was my assumptions proven wrong, but I also discovered a product that offers two things so well for so little money- comfort and performance.

The Silk Fiber Eyelash mascara delivers comfort through its green and safe formula. A combined blend of pure silk fibre and plant material results in a smooth cream mascara that sits on your lashes like a second skin. And though the thickening was not as pronounced as expected, the curls and intense shade I got made up for it.

The curls also stayed fresh and neat for very long time. I think the waterproof nature is the reason why the mascara has such impressive staying power. It never mattered whether I sweat, the curls held their own with no smudging or flaking. For a product this cheap, that is a big thumbs-up. Women who are great suckers for maximum curling would fall in love with this 4D Silk Fiber Eyelash mascara.


  • Safe and green silk fibre and plant material combo formula
  • Smooth, creamy texture with anti-cold water, anti-sweat factor
  • Volume maximizing brush
  • Curl lock factor
  • Waterproof
  • Makes the lashes look naturally long and fullStays fresh all day; no under the eye mascara shadow after long use
  • Comes off easily with removing wipes
  • Dries very quickly, making it difficult to manipulate separation

6. Technic Mega Lash Waterproof Mascara

I had a vegan friend complain that most vegan-friendly mascaras were so costly; she might have to sell an arm. So, I considered her when researching for the best budget mascaras on the market. And Technic Mega Lash Waterproof mascara was the answer I got.

The volumizing effect is incredible. The massive brush was intimidating at first, but then I realized why it was built so. The bristles capture your lashes brilliantly, giving them that pop effect. It must explain why so many vegetarians gave it two thumbs up. 

The formula has an amazing hard wearing factor. The water resistance is so impressive. I even wore it swimming. I did learn later that this works best if the layer applied is not so heavy. Overall, the product does what it says on the package, so I decided to have my friend try it out. She still uses it to date. Technic Mega Lash is the ultimate cruelty-free and vegan budget mascara for massive volume definition.


  • Hard-wearing formula
  • Mega size brush for mega volume
  • Water-resistant
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Excellent, non-clumping results
  • Lengthens. Thickens and separates short lashes greatly
  • Very strong staying power with no smudge
  • It makes lashes a bit dry after long use

7. Maybelline The Falsies Instant Lash Lift Mascara

Maybelline The Falsies has always been a name people praise when it comes to giving the ‘Falsie Rashie’ effect. So, for budget mascara users, having Instant Lash Lift at such price is a great gift.

I got a very dramatic volume, length and definition effect when I tried this out. The great thing about it is how quickly you notice the effect, ergo the ‘Instant Lash Lift’ tag. It also stays on for virtually the whole day with no smudging or smearing whatsoever. And the double-curved brush surface design equals lifting and lengthening effect when I apply the mascara.

As the package suggests, sweeping from root to tip gives you the most effective results. And the infused formula locks in the lift and volume effect, worthy of admiring every time I see a mirror. Instant Lash Lift is also suitable for those with sensitive eyes. And users who use contact lenses have nothing but great feedback to give about it. If you wish to get lash volume and length, but worry about your sensitive eyes, then this mascara is made for you.


  • Instant lash lift effect
  • Fibre infused formula
  • Length and volume lock factor
  • Double curve brush
  • Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers
  • Gives excellent coverage and length to lashes
  • Gives very good lift and curl
  • Easy to reapply, even when the lashes are dry
  • It is a bit hard to remove

8. Max Factor Masterpiece MAX Mascara

For a best-selling brand like Max Factor to release a mascara product at such a low price was unbelievable to me. The Masterpiece Max dishes out ultra-volume effect combined with separation to give a full, intense look with fanned out lashes.

The formula is so comfortable to the lashes and gives a definition that proves the 400% volumizing factor. It does dry quickly, but the package instructs you wait for each layer to dry before applying a new one. Be sure to work from side to side and root tips for upper lashes, then look upwards for lower lashes.

The brush also features a unique microchannel structure between the bristles. I noticed how evenly it coats the mascara on my lashes. There was no smudging, even when I was tempted to touch my eyes, and the formula felt smooth to touch. The mascara can also be enjoyed by contact wearers and those with sensitive eyes. Volume and definition are what Max Factor Masterpiece Max is all about, so if this is your thing, then go for it.


  • 400% volume vs bare lashes formula
  • IFX brush
  • Suitable for contact wearers and sensitive eyes
  • Smudge-proof and touch-proof
  • Washable with water and soap
  • The colour shows quite easily stopping you from applying too many coats.
  • Builds lashes without clumping
  • Mascara effects last very long on the lashes
  • It feels a bit heavy on the lashes

9. L’Oreal Paris Miss Baby Roll Mascara

The formula boasts a Quick Mega Volume effect, and that was precisely what I got. And the more I applied to my lashes, the more volume I noticed. My lashes came out full and bold and stayed that way for very long. The curls, however, were the best part as the formula lifts from the roots and keeps them locked.

The brush is also specially designed for that curling effect. The Mega Curl Roller brush has pronounced bristles that comb the lashes easily from root to tip. I was able to get the maximum effect when I applied the mascara as per instructed. I moved the roller brush back and forth from root to tips, adding more mascara until I got the intense effect I wanted.L’Oreal Miss Baby Roll is your ultimate go-to mascara for maximum curl.


  • Quick Mega Volume formula
  • Mega Curl roller brush
  • Instant lash lift
  • Comes in three colours; black, indigo and teal
  • The big brush allows you to get the mascara on quickly
  • It never clumps and is very consistent
  • Gives you a big, curly lash
  • Has a brief chemical smell that you may find uncomfortable for a few seconds

10. Isehan Heroine Make Long & Curl Waterproof Mascara

It is impressively resilient. The waterproof features keep the formula locked and in place, even under the rain. When I first applied, I expected an average volumizing effect at best, but I got more. It delivered great length and curled to my lashes, and I could not wait to show them off. And the effect stays as long as needed, with no smudge or flakes.

The curved brush surface worked neatly over the curves of my lids when applying. Because of my kind of lashes, I needed up to three coats to get the desired effect. The mascara also did well regarding lifting my lashes, though I wished it could have been more. Still, for an unpopular brand, Isehan Heroine hits home with this lovely budget mascara. Isehan Heroine Make Long & Curl is an ideal choice for those who want all day length and curl definition.


  • Length and curl lock factor.
  • Curved brush
  • Waterproof
  • Smudge-proof
  • It stays on great and does not budge, even on oily skin
  • It has a silky consistency that separates and lengthens lashes
  • Makes lashes look big and lovely
  • It can feel quite dry and heavy on the lashes after extended periods of use

Best Budget Mascara UK Product Guide

Not a lot of women know what to look out for in a mascara. For those of us who do, picking the best budget mascara for our accessories becomes an easier task. But choosing the right mascara has little to do with what others are using and more with what you want and need. 

Though features like smudge-proof, zero clumpings and zero fading are a must, others are best suited to your precise needs. This is because mascaras are a personal thing, and each choice must fit in your unique style and personality. So before you get one, be sure to ask yourself these questions;

What kind of lashes do I have?

Usually, lashes are either long or short, and both types determine what effect you look to create with a budget mascara. The volume may also be full or thick, depending on the physique or age of the person. For long lashes, the general goal is to create curl and separation. Miss Baby Roll and 4D Silk Fibre are great at curls, while Volume Million Lashes gives impressive separation.

Short lashes need to make up for length and as such, are best improved with volumizing mascaras like Essence False Lash. These give you what we call the ‘Falsie Rashie’ effect, making them look longer and fuller, like extensions. Those with thin lashes are better off with budget mascaras that give a volume effect. Thick lashes are best expressed by separation.

What is the mascara best at?

Mascaras work to achieve four basic effects; volume, length, separation and curl. Generally, budget mascaras combine a number of these features but at best, most perform more at a specific one. Volume Million Lashes and Lash Sensation are best at volume. The Falsies Instant Lash Lift is great at length, and Miss Baby Roll is ultimately curled mascara. Max Factor, though also offers volumizing effect, also excels equally at definition.

Understanding these needs makes it easier to pick mascaras with the perfect combos- like say, volume and separation for short lashes.

Sensitivity and Formula

Another factor to look out for is sensitivity. Many people complain about irritation in the eyes after using mascara and for a long time, blamed it on flaking. The fact is, like me, many have eyes that react to certain compounds in most mascara brands- Nickel, for instance. As such, we need to be sure the brand we select addresses this problem.

Many brands create hypo allergic mascaras for those with sensitive eyes, but they usually land on the pricey side. As a budget mascara shopper, you need to check for products that are suitable for sensitive eyes like Max Factor Masterpiece Max. These types are also suitable for contact lens wearers, as they usually ace the same problem we do.

Also, you may disapprove of the use of animal materials to make mascara, like beeswax. For such, there are vegan and cruelty-friendly budget mascaras on the market, such as Technic Mega Lash Waterproof mascara.

Do I need waterproof?

If you fear having your mascara run or create panda eyes from the slightest moisture, then a waterproof option is your best bet. These are known for their resilience in the face of water, sweat and sometimes even touch. Technic Mega Lash and Isehan Heroine are ideal for this need. Max Factor Masterpiece MAX, though not waterproof, is very touch-proof.


The fact remains that your lashes can get the special treatment you desire without breaking the bank. That is why this budget mascara review has been created. I have listed products that appeal to different needs, ranging from volume to length, separation and curl. I have also mention products that offer waterproof features, eye-sensitivity friendliness, as well as vegan suited. 

Each product was tested by both professionals and general users, like me. From the activities, testimonies and opinions were collated to create this product review. The buying guide also explains the numerous factors to consider when choosing a budget mascara. With it, you can make a solid decision about picking the perfect product for your kit without the fear of spending a small fortune.

By my verdict, Essence False Lash Effect Princess Mascara as the best overall budget mascara. It gives you everything- volume, curl and definition- for an incredibly small price. L’Oreal Paris Volume Million Lashes Mascara is my premium choice for maximum lash improvement while staying on a budget. And Technic Mega Lash Waterproof Mascara is my top choice for full lash pampering at the lowest price.

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