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Best Budget Air Purifier UK

Air purifiers improve air quality for health and wellbeing. They are also believed to boost productivity. These purifiers help your body to deal with common health problems such as bronchitis, allergies, asthma, and so on, in a much better manner. They also help clear the air that your lungs need to work properly, thus improving the quality of your lifestyle. In fact, you will likely feel healthier and more relaxed after spending time in a room with the fresh, clean air of an air purifier. 

Air purifiers not only kill germs and other airborne particles, but they also remove excess odour, dust, smoke, VOCs, and allergens in the air. They can significantly improve your home’s quality of life.

How to pick the right air purifier

This is where the combination of the review guide and the price guide helps. This review guide is designed to let you know which are the best air purifiers that meet your specific needs in a range of price points. You will discover that you do not need to spend a fortune to get great air quality at home. On the contrary, you can choose the right device for your budget that will give you improved air quality, without having to pay a lot for it.

How to pick a good air purifier for your home

Depending on the type of pollutant you are looking to remove, you need to look for different characteristics in an air purifier.

Filter: You should pay attention to the filter. A filter should work efficiently and deliver great air quality, even during the winter. It should also have a long life and be free from scratches.

Air quality sensor: An air quality sensor will determine the air quality in the room. It is said that some sensors are noisy, while others emit high noise levels. This makes it hard to read the sensor results on small screens. Therefore, you will need an air quality sensor that generates a very low amount of noise.

Portability: You want a portable air purifier, as it is easier to carry around with you when you need to clean the air in your living room, office, or any other room. The best way to find a portable air purifier is by asking questions from people who already use it for a few years. You may even consider the fact that you will use it more frequently when you need it.

Environmental indicators: The best air purifiers will come with a user-friendly digital display and offer consumers many useful indicators and control features. The remote control and auto-shut-off feature will make the device even more convenient.

Budget: You do not want to buy an air purifier with expensive technology for an air purifier you will use sparingly. You want a basic air purifier for a room you use a lot.

Here is a comprehensive review list and detailed purchase guide that works in combination with the list. While the review list gives you an array of top-quality options to choose from, the guide tells you how to select the best one for you. Though each product listed here has been tested and green-lit by experts and satisfied users, individual needs vary. It is why you need the combo of the review list and product guide to help you make the ideal choice for your home or office.

Top 10 Budget Air Purifier the UK

1. Philips UK Series 2000i Connected Air Purifier for Dust and Covid

Philips Series 2000i Connected Air Purifier

Philips Series 2000i Connected Air Purifier

Philips Series 2000i Connected Air Purifier is a true HEPA filter air purifier. It captures up to 99.97% of airborne toxins, particles, dust, smoke, pollen, odours, mould, pet hair, and pet dander. It also works with Alexa, giving you great flexibility in use through voice control. The intelligent purifier automatically detects impurities in the air and features a night mode feature that keeps the device operational while you sleep. The ultra-powerful filter binds to and neutralizes airborne pollutants and aerosols, including those carrying respiratory diseases. The power level of this fine air purifier allows it to generate enough cleansing for up to 79 square meters. It also comes with an A energy efficiency class.

Philips Series 20001 is best for use in medium to large-sized rooms up. The product is also perfect for pet owners, smokers, hay fever sufferers, children, sufferers from respiratory diseases


  • 220 watts power.
  • three auto modes and five manual settings.
  • Quiet sleep mode
  • True HEPA filter
  • Covers 7square meters

  • Comes with an air quality sensor
  • Perfect for large rooms.
  • Very powerful purification.
  • Weak WiFi connection

2. LevoitSmart UK WiFi Controlled Air Purifier

LevoitSmart WiFi Air Purifier

LevoitSmart WiFi Air Purifier

This is a portable air purifier with True HEPA filter. With an energy class of A++, it is effective against harmful smokes, stray pollen, pet dander, hay fever, cooking smell, and many other toxins in the air. This beautiful and stylish air purifier comes in white and black body colour options. 

It has a 3 stage filtration system that includes: pre-filtration; a honeycomb active carbon HEPA filtration, and high-efficiency activated carbon filtration. This filtration technology helps it remove airborne contaminants as small as 0.3 microns. This air purifier has a noise operation level of 23dB for a restful and soothing indoor environment that improves sleep.

The cleaner also has an LED unit which helps you choose between two brightness settings at night. This feature helps create the ideal night light environment for a peaceful sleep while it fights germ and toxins that threaten your health. It also comes with three fan speed settings and a filter change reminder. And all the numerous features of this stellar air purifier is operated via a smart WiFi control through the VeSync app.


  • Smart WiFi control
  • Three fan speed levels.
  • A++ energy efficiency class.
  • Filter change reminder.
  • 23db noise level.

  • Compact design with colour option
  • Filter change reminder
  • Great for bedrooms
  • Not an ionizer

3. Electriq UK Ultra Quiet HEPA Air Purifier for Dust

Electriq Ultra Quiet HEPA Air Purifier

Electriq Ultra Quiet HEPA Air Purifier

This is a HEPA filtration type smart air purifier which generates negative ions. It has a 4 stage purification system and is suitable for homes, offices, caravans and even boats. It also has a smart and quality monitor, and its sensor can automatically change according to real-time air quality. When the surrounding air quality drops, the light indicator signals with a red flash. And as the air quality increases, it switches from red to green.

The device also comes with three fan speed technology, like other brands. And it has a built-in Plasma ionizer that neutralizes airborne pollutants for a cleaner, fresher air. 


  • Plasma ionizer.
  • 45m2 room capacity.
  • Temperature and humidity indicator.
  • LED display.
  • 1.6kg overall weight.

  • Portable yet powerful.
  • Covers a large room capacity.
  • Low noise level.
  • No smart control

4. LeitzTruSens UK Z-1000 HEPA Air Purifier for Dust

LeitzTruSens Z-1000 HEPA Air Purifier

LeitzTruSens Z-1000 HEPA Air Purifier

This impressive gadget is a quiet working air purifier with impressive features. It has a unique 360° DuPont HEPA filter for capturing pollutants from all directions. With its advance filtration, the device removes 99.9% of airborne toxins and particles as small as 0.3 microns. Pure Direct technology uses two airflow streams to achieve even distribution of air all over your surroundings. This feature is very thoughtful as most air purifiers come with one-directional airflow performance. The gadget also operates with a minimal noise level and has a rapid purification rating. 

With a simple touch-button control for fan speed, LeitzTruSens Z-1000 allows you to choose between low, medium, high, or turbo speed, based on your needs and air quality. It also comes in a sleek design suitable for placement in any part of the room.


  • 360° DuPont HEPA filter
  • Pure Direct technology
  • UV mode.
  • Simple touch control button for fan speed.
  • Filter replacement indicators

  • Sleek, aesthetic design
  • Powerful, even distribution of air
  • Turbo power fan speed
  • Noise level at turbo fan speed may be slightly discomforting

5. HoMedics UK Compact Air Purifier for Dust

HoMedics Compact Air Purifier

HoMedics Compact Air Purifier

HoMedics Compact Air Purifier is a HEPA and carbon filter air purifier with UV-C cleaning light technology that kills germs borne in the air and carried into your home. The device features a 5-in-1 air purifier with ionizer and aromatherapy functions. The UV-C light works to attack living microorganisms in the air that causes allergic reactions and aggravate or induce asthmatic symptoms. Also, the device is produced in three different sizes for an additional room and office sizes.

As an ionizer, it releases negative ions that fight the cations in the air. Cations are harmful to your health; this technology brings them down. This feature makes this product very useful to sensitive chemical patients and those who suffer from respiratory diseases. Also, the gadget can produce a beautiful scent that is pleasing into the air you breathe. This fights terrible odour and leaves your air not only fresh but sweet-smelling. It also has a self-timer feature that allows timed continuous purification of the air.

This powerfully functioning device is perfect for allergy sufferers by its UV-C light feature and True HEPA filtrations system. It brings the best outdoor air quality into your room for comfortable living and sleep. It also has 3 level custom speeds with night mode for uninterrupted use while you sleep. The device also features an indicator for when it is due to replace the filter. And it can work correctly in rooms of 75.8m2/hr (816ft2/hr). Finally, HoMedics Compact Air Purifier comes with a 3-year product warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee on Amazon.


  • 5-in-1 air purifier.
  • 360 degrees HEPA type filtration.
  • Auto timer up to 12 hours.
  • Aroma slot with three pads.
  • Optional ionizer.
  • Aromatherapy
  • UV-C light enabled.
  • Timer option
  • Ionizer function
  • This product is not ozone free

6. Air Purifier for Allergies with Filter & Ionizer Compact Air Purifier

Air Purifier for Allergies with Filter & Ionizer Compact Air Purifier

Laluztop SY-701 Portable Air Purifier

This Portable device is a desktop USB air purifier with filter. The advanced, versatile design of this product is second to none. It is also perfectly combined with an aromatherapy cup. Here, you find four aroma kinds of cotton to add essential oils too, and create an ambient, breathable environment. Also, the device is powered by True HEPA technology that efficiently filters out 99.97% of PM2.5, formaldehyde, bacteria, smoke, pollen, mould spores, dust, odours, and pet dander. It has sensitive touch control and operates quietly with a noise level of 30dB at the lowest fan speed level. Its motor runs at 2W of electricity, ensuring you save a lot in energy costs. And a night light feature includes two brightness levels to choose from.

Ideally, the filter should be removed and replaced every six months, but this depends on the air quality of your room. Its compact design makes it easy to fit in any corner of the room. 


  • 3-in-1 True HEPA and Active Carbon filters.
  • Aromatherapy function.
  • Energy, class A.
  • 30dB noise level.
  • 100% ozone free.

  • Very effective aromatherapy
  • Discreet build and design
  • Very quiet operation
  • Only comes with a USB, no plug

7. WINIX ZERO UK Air Purifier

WINIX ZERO Air Purifier

WINIX ZERO Air Purifier

This high-performance device is an anti-allergen air purifier suitable for larger rooms. It comes with a True HEPA type filter that rids the air in your house of bad smell, dust, smoke, mould bacteria, germs, and pollen. The design also comes in white colour; a universal shade is known to blend in any surrounding. Its filtration technology is of 4 stages (pre-filter, Carbon filter, True HEPA filter, and WINIX Plasma Wave technology). This removes 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns from the air. And the device is tested and certified by ECARF, AHAM, and Allergy UK, to guarantee its indoor usability.

It operates with four fan speed levels, has an auto mode, and generates enough power to purify up to 99 square meters of indoor space.


  • Four-stage filtration.
  • Four fan speed levels.
  • H13 True HEPA filter.
  • ECARF, AHAM, and Allergy UK certified.
  • Night mode with silent filtration function.

  • Suitable for bigger rooms
  • Silent filtration function
  • Ozone-free
  • No aromatherapy function

8. Bionaire UK Compact Air Purifier with Dual Positioning

Bionaire Compact Air Purifier with Dual Positioning

Bionaire Compact Air Purifier with Dual Positioning

Bionaire Compact Air Purifier with Dual Positioning is an air purifier with five filtration system. It comes in a silver or white colour option and possesses three fan speed levels, depending on your air quality level. As its name implies, this versatile device has multiple positioning for you to choose from. In addition to this, this device is a petite, compact, and highly portable air purifier, fit for trips. How wonderful is it to carry your clean air with you wherever you go? 

It also has an automatic filter status indicator that reminds you when to clean its filter – or replace, as the case may be. And it features an independently controlled ionizer than can be turned on when the need calls for it. This air purifier has a CADR of 67m3/hr and is ideal for small rooms up to 13m2.


  • Three fan speed levels.
  • Independently controlled ionizer.
  • Five stages of the filtration system.
  • CADR 67m3/hr.
  • Automatic filter status indicator.

  • Best for small rooms.
  • Dual sitting position.
  • Does not shut off automatically.
  • Is not an aromatherapy device.

9. Silentnight UK Air Purifier for Dust and Germs

Silentnight 42269 Air PurifierSilentnight 42269 Air Purifier

This ozone-free home air purifier possesses a very active Carbon filter that serves as a shield, protecting the air in your home from the invasion of unwanted harmful toxins. This air purifier works noiselessly and is very active in the fight against toxic airborne substances. For this, it features a 99.9% cleaning ability against bacteria, allergens, dust, and many other discomforts that come with bad, polluted air. 

The filter uses the activated carbon technology and authentic HEPA to eliminate dust mites, smoke, pet dander, foul odour, allergens, mould spores, and many other harmful airborne toxins out of the air. The result is a room filled with fresh and highly refreshing air. 

The device operates with a 3 level fan speed that works noiselessly. Despite the advantages of air purifiers, having one that disturbs your sleep or makes it difficult to get sleep at night, can also be pollution in its own. Talking of sleep, the device also comes with a soothing blue night light that shows when the power is on. This feature enables you to sleep peacefully – especially if you suffer from sleep disorders, the ambience that the light provides can greatly induce you to sleep. Also, you can create the perfect sleeping conditions when combined with the sleep mode. 


  • Activated HEPA enabled.
  • CADR 80m3/hr
  • Three timer settings
  • Blue night light with sleep mode
  • Three fan speeds

  • Quiet operation.
  • Soothing night light.
  • Powerful filtration.
  • There is no directional airflow.

10. Blueair UK Blue Pure Air Purifier

Blueair Blue Pure 221 Air Purifier

Blueair Blue Pure 221 Air Purifier

Its numerous features make this a very versatile portable air cleaner and purifier. The device rids the air in your home of cooking smells, smoke, dust, pollen, pet dander, and is best for hay fever sufferers. It operates silently with a noise level at 20 decibels when running at the first speed, and can be placed anywhere in the room. At 17dB, you hardly notice its presence or functioning, except through continuous breaths of fresh, clean air. It also comes with a pre-filter that can be washed by machine. This you can get in multiple colour options, including the classic Diva Blue of the brand. With its True HEPA filter, the gadget reduces harmful germs and dirt in the air by 99.97%. It also features a 360° air intake function, allowing zero compromises in performance.

The powerful, yet compact device has a coverage of up to 15 m2, and has a modern design fit for studio, bedroom, office desktop, kitchen, or pet room. And a single button eliminates the hassles that come with knob controls, alerting you on when the filter needs replacement.


  • 360° air intake.
  • Machine washable fabric pre-filter.
  • Filter change reminder.
  • 17db noise level at the lowest speed.
  • Up to 15 m2 coverage.

  • The feeling is immediate
  • Effectively clears the air
  • Low electrical usage
  • No mood light
  • No, self-timer

Budget Air Purifier the UK Product Guide

Taking a trip to nature parks or nature locations in the wild can fill one’s lungs with fresh air and keep one sane with its calm, serene ambience. But do you know you can get such premium air quality even indoors? This may seem like a dream, especially when there is a general mindset that only the rich can ‘ship’ clean air home. However, if you know what to look for, you can recreate this same ambience in your very home.

This is possible through the use of air purifiers. These highly-efficient devices can give you that same clean, unpolluted air even in the comfort of your bedroom. You do not need to worry about air quality with air purifiers. Apart from fresh air, they also remove toxins in the air and eliminate harmful airborne substances. They excel at neutralizing foul odour, dramatically reducing the chance of contracting airborne diseases, eliminating toxic radon, and relieve symptoms of asthma. And some have multiple features and can ionize toxins in the air on your room, and can even produce LED mood light and aromatherapy functions. However, with these enticing features, you may wonder if you need to spend a lot of cash to get this improvement to your home. While it is true that some of the most effective devices are on the pricey side, you can still get great performance from budget-friendly models. So, are you on a budget and still want to have a piece of nature’s beautiful air in your room, kitchen, bedroom, or office? Then you need not worry, as you are covered because of these budget-friendly air purifiers on the UK market.

Here are some features to consider before choosing the best budget air purifier that suits your need.

Filter Technology

The best air purifiers are those with True HEPA type filtration technology. You wouldn’t want to buy just any air purifier, because they won’t give you the optimum result. 

What is HEPA?

The HEPA filter in the air purifier is extremely fine and doesn’t cause big clogs up. It was originally designed to capture particles down to 0.3 microns. Essentially, it acts like an extra blanket to trap pollutants from the air. You will see filters from different brands come with varying diameters, but they all cover the same size of room.

Ionizer Function

For optimum satisfaction, you might want to go for an air purifier that has an ionization function. The ions generated to attack the cations if airborne toxins. This technology ensures the air in your room is fresh and clean.

Room capacity

Regardless of device size, some air purifiers are designed to work in smaller rooms while others have larger room capacity. You should check this before going for a brand.

Noise level

Air purifiers should increase your comfort, not give you discomfort. You wouldn’t like annoying sounding devices to disturb your sleep. A noise level of 25db minimum and 40db maximum is ideal.

General Function

Some air purifiers come 3-in-1 or 5-in-1. These extra features, like aromatherapy function or LED mood lights, are life enhancers and designed to give you premium comfort. If you want features like these with your air purifier, then you must watch out for them, because not every brand comes with multi-functionality.


Are Air Purifiers harmful to Asthma patients?

No, they, provide cleaner air for those living with asthma. However, avoid ionizers if you are chemically sensitive.

Should I sleep with the air purifier on?

You can. Most products come with auto-off timers that turn your device well after your peaceful sleep.

Does every room need a cleaner?

This depends on the room capacity of the device. However, it is best to have one cleaner per room.

How To Install A Air Purifier In Your Home

Air purifier installation is usually a cumbersome job for the majority of people. A host of factors like location, flooring, power source, and household size have to be considered. Most common air purifier installation instructions involve laying the ground floor first and using a floor leveller to level out the uneven surface and check that the floor surface is flat.

Then the commoners need to use a flexible screening machine to remove the blackened dust particles from the floor. Depending on the quality of air filtering, you might need to use a specific type of flooring material or floor tile with inbuilt airflow under the flooring. There are specially designed masks that have built-in filters to ensure that you get the optimum air quality. For residential setup, it is suggested to try using flooring or other insulating materials such as insulation material, that will prevent allergens from being drawn into the house.

If you have carpeted floors, it is recommended to insulate the carpet and carpet tiles. Install ceiling fans for air circulation. Use electric blankets to keep the lower layers of the skin warm. Make sure that air purifiers are placed in a distance to your bedroom. Remove heavy curtains or drapes to avoid blocking the light.

Air purifiers also provide an environment to collect dust, pollen, and other harmful particles. An option can be to use your dust collected through a glove or vacuum cleaner.

One other helpful tip is to keep the home open to the outdoors. That way, the natural airflow will ensure your home is fresh and clean. For those who like to host guests, the next step is to opt for professionally installed air purifiers. Make sure that you provide a separate filter for people with respiratory issues. This filter will ensure that allergens and harmful particles are not being drawn into the house.

Allergies and dust allergies are common in the winter season and can be complicated and unpredictable. It is not always possible to stay away from your work or the occasional client visiting your office. But with the right installation, you can always find the best deal on the market.

How to clean an air purifier?

All air purifiers come with a digital meter, which can display different results to indicate how clean the air is getting. There are many air purifier cleaners out there to choose from. Some can be bought at home stores while some can be purchased online. All of them work similarly, to rid your air purifier of the dirt.

We have compiled a list of items that you need to clean your air purifier.

You will need a damp cloth or a small rag to clean your air purifier. An old pillowcase can also be used to wipe the cloth over the dustbins or the LCD panel on the front. If you have a good air purifier, then there is no need to use any cleaners.

Wet the rag with water and dampen it thoroughly. Run it over the filter, or try to wipe it with it. Rinse the cloth thoroughly after each round of cleaning.

If you want, you can also clean your air purifier with a damp cloth, spray or with a few drops of water. Once you have done that, you will get a clean air purifier in a short time.

If you don’t use any HEPA filter, you will still need to keep on cleaning your air purifier. You can buy an air purifier with a HEPA filter on the market. These filters are different from a standard HEPA filter and need a bit more care.

How often should you clean your air purifier?

If you clean your air purifier with a damp cloth or with water every now and then, then it will continue to work fine. If you are using an air purifier that has HEPA filter, then you will need to clean it at least once every month. You need to put a bit of water on your hand, and gently swipe the cloth across the filter.

You will have to repeat the process for a few times, until the dirt is gone. This is the best way to clean your air purifier.


Air purifiers are a great addition to one’s immediate indoor surrounding. They deliver clean, breathable and tolerable environment by maintaining an effective circulation of air regularly. These devices are also quite useful for houses with members of special needs, such as asthmatic children or chemical sensitive people. They also play a =n important role in making the surrounding air conducive for those who suffer from any respiratory disease. 

Contrary to popular belief, you can enjoy the cleaners and freshest air from the comfort of your living space, without spending a fortune. In the UK market today, there are tons of budget home appliances designed to achieve this. All you need is the right means of picking the best for your needs. It is why I have created this review list for your very consideration. Here, I have selected some of the best budget devices in the market. I have also highlighted their numerous attractive features for you to analyze.

I also included a product guide for those who find themselves in this dilemma for the first time. Regular users of this device are not left out, however, as the information is also very valuable to you. Added to your already established knowledge about cleaners, you will experience a boost in selection confidence. As for newcomers, the product guide is surely designed to ease your choice.

To make things convenient for you, I have taken the liberty to select three products for you to start with. Though every product listed here is exceptional, making a choice might seem challenging for most users. This is why I have pointed these three, so you can kick off with nothing less than the very best.

I recommend Levoit Smart WiFi as the best overall device on the list. It provides the highest level of comfort at a very stable and affordable price. Philip Series 2000i is my best pick for the premium budget shopper. And Laluztop SY-701 Portable is my best selection for shoppers who still wish to cut down on budget, yet seek the best value.

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