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Best Brake Bleeding Kits UK

One of my biggest nightmares as a young driver was the thought of slamming the brakes in an emergency only for the brake pads to go all the way down without any actual ‘braking’ occurring. This is a potentially dangerous situation which fortunately can be prevented by regularly bleeding your brakes (Regularly, in this case, means every 18-24 months as recommended by experts). A brake bleeder is essentially an instrument composed of a pressure pump, a length of rube and a container also called reservoir that functions to remove fluid from your brake.

As opposed to having to drive into a garage or getting a friend for help, bleeding kits enables you to carry out your car maintenance all on your own and within a fraction of the time. In this review, I’ll show you the best brake bleeding kits the UK to buy, and I’ll also be going over a product guide for identifying the unique considerations and features to take into account while buying your bleeding kit. And because maintaining your car is serious business, this review will also show you my recommended products regarding the best brake bleeding kits the UK to buy.

Top 10 Brake Bleeding Kits UK

1. YORKING Tester Set Bleed Kit

YORKING Tester Set Bleed Kit

YORKING Tester Set Bleed Kit

The Yorking Brake bleeding kit is a vacuum pump that can be used to test a variety of basic vehicle settings and operations.By using the accessory caps and fittings, it can also be used as a brake bleeder. The kit allows for simple operation, and you can easily bleed brakes by yourself without needing help. The high-quality material is durable and convenient for installation. It has an excellent sealing performance along with a vacuum gauge for readout of pressure, the dial is intuitive and can be used for estimating accurate measurements.

The kit is contained in a blow mold case for easy transportation and storage. The pressure ranges between 0-30InHg, 0-760mmHg, and sucks out the fluid through without you having to pump on the brakes. The kit is straightforward to use and easy to attach to the bleeder valve because of the elongated tube.


  • Exquisite design
  • High-quality material
  • The kit is made of Alloy steel, plastics, and rubber.
  • High performance
  • Four types of Adapters
  • Awesome replacement covers
  • Easy installation
  • Simple operation
  • Very handy
  • Great value for the price.
  • Air is sucked in through the bleed nipple thread.
  • The pump got very sticky after4th or fifth use.

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2. Gunson UK Eezibleed Brake Bleeding Kit

Gunson Eezibleed Kit

Gunson Eezibleed Kit

This Automatic Hydraulic Brake and Clutch Bleeder Kit sets a high standard for affordable brake and clutch bleeding systems. It has several adaptors which to enable it to fit most vehicles with screw cap reservoirs. The Gunson G4062 kit uses air pressure from spare wheel to effortlessly bleed hydraulic systems and comes with detailed instruction as to how to use. It also includes a unique pressure vessel to hold the new fluid.

The use of the GunsonEeziBleed pressure kit helps to circumvent the significant disadvantage of trying to bleed by pumping the brakes which are; during bleeding, the piston inside the master cylinder can travel up and end up damaging the seal. However, with the use of this kit, the master cylinder piston does not move. Hence there is no chance of your seal being damaged.

All you need to do is connect to your car’s reservoir with one of the selections of caps provided in the kit, then pressurize the new brake fluid by attaching the Eezibleed tube to the spare tire. And finally, you release the brake bleed valves in turn and let the air bubbles and old fluid flush out through the drain tube.


  • Special pressure vessel
  • Bottlecap assembly with tire connector
  • Bleed tube set
  • Brass reservoir cap fitting
  • Fast and saves more time.
  • Easy to use and effective
  • Great for D.I.Y. mechanics
  • The targeted heads are not suitable for Japanese caps.

3. Sfeomi Bleeding Brake Bleeding Tool Kit 

Sfeomi Bleeding Tool Kit 

Sfeomi Bleeding Tool Kit 

Capable of absorbing up to three liters of liquid, the Sfeomi bleeding kit comes with a standard adapter and a 1000ml collection bottle. The body is made of really sturdy plastic, making it easy to be cleaned and also capable of facilitation brake bleeding on different vehicle types.

It has a quick release and locking feature with Euro ports, a capacity of 3 liters with a one-liter suction tank, and can be conveniently used for European car models. The pressure gauge is evident and easy to read while the suction tank fits very easily onto the brake bleed nipples.

It has a working pressure of 2 bar/30 psi and a maximum pressure: 4.8 bar/70 psi. The kit has a dimension (length x width x height) of approximately 20/18/40 cm and a weight of 11.1 kg. Because the pressure vessel serves as a reservoir, the system can also be used to fill braking systems. With the help of the Sfeomi, it is possible to bleed brakes or replace brake fluid without needing helpers.

Product features:

  • E20 standard adapter
  • I liter suction tank
  • 3 liters’ capacity
  • 1000ml collection bottle
  • Perfect for changing brake/clutch fluid
  • Easy to use, faster, and leaves the system without any bubbles.
  • Suitable for almost all car brands
  • Can be easily used by one person
  • Does not build up enough pressure, starts leaking from 1bar.

4. Vizibleed UK Brake And Clutch Bleeding Kit

Vizibleed Brake And Clutch Bleeding Kit

Vizibleed Brake And Clutch Bleeding Kit

The Vizibleed brake and clutch bleeding kit manufactured by Saxon comes with an Eco bottle and a retaining strap. The bottle allows you to be able to check the volume visually continually. The equipment is simple to use and comes with a universal fitting for different car makes.

It can be used to bleed brakes and clutches all by yourself without needing help. The kit also contains a neoprene sleeve that fits over the bleed and will not dislodge under pressure. It works for different car models and can also be used on motorcycles. You should, however, note that some cars require two brake bleeding tools. The Vizibleed brake and clutch bleeding kit are so intuitive and straightforward that you’ll wonder how you’ve managed to bleed your brakes without it.


  • Eco-bottle container
  • Has a retaining strap.
  • Universal fitting
  • Neoprene sleeve
  • Very easy to use
  • Does not dislodge under pressure
  • It has a super P.R.A. practical drain.
  • Highly efficient for a one-person usage
  • Time-effective
  • The collection bottle is a bit small.

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5. Draper uk Brake Bleeding Kit

Draper Bleeding kit

Draper Bleeding kit

The Draper 37316 bleeding kit has a one-way valve in the 600mm long, high-quality silicon tube which is designed to prevent air from returning into the brake right in the middle of brake bleeding and can easily be used for one-person brake bleeding. A great alternative to buying probably more expensive pressurized bleeding kits, the draper bleeding kit is very affordable, compact, and delivers efficient results. It also does not require any advanced handling as the bleeding kit is a low tech design which is quite use-intuitive. The kit also works for both motorcycles and any different car models. Although the kit has mild corrosion on the pin, this does not affect use because the valve is a slit in the pipe wall and not the pin. The manufacturing company Draper is known for producing high-performance products at great prices for more than 90 years, and all products come with a Draper Tool guarantee.


  • A one-way incorporated valve
  • 60mm silicon tube
  • A Collecting bottle
  • Single-person use design
  • High-quality tubing
  • Very compact and lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Bleeds brakes very fast
  • The tubing fits nicely over the bleed valves.
  • The silicon tube is short.[/

  • 6. Laser Brake Bleeding Kit UK

  • Laser Brake Bleeding kit

  • Laser Brake Bleeding kit

  • Produced by Laser Tools, a British company in Warwickshire Uk, the Laser 2906 is a kit that utilizes a straightforward method for bleeding brakes. It has three adaptors which are compatible with most vehicles and right-angled connectors which enables you to connect bleed tubes even in a confined area not possible with a straight connector kit. Using the Laser 2906, you don’t need a pump. All you need to do is to time the opening and closing of the bleed nipple correctly by squeezing the brake lever. It can also be easily used on both motorcycles and cars.

  • Features

    • Has three adaptors
    • Right-angled connectors
    • Comes with a plastic hose and pot(container)
  • Pros
        Simple and effective
      • Useful for purging hydraulic brakes
      • Nipple attachments fit and hold well.
      • Easy to use and does not leak.
      • ###ER##GF####The reservoir/container volume is a bit small.

      8. D2B Hand-Held Brake Bleeder Kit

      Hand-Held Brake Bleeder Kit

      Hand-Held Brake Bleeder Kit

      This bleeder kit includes a reservoir and nipple adaptor for brake and fuel line bleeding. The hand-operated pump pulls the fluid through the bleed nipple, removing the need of having to press on the brake lever. It has a pump, a pressure gauge that ranges between 0 -760mmHg with a negative pressure that can reach up to 635mmHg.

      The kit comes in a blow-mold case that helps to keep all your tools organized and easy to carry about. It is also designed for a one-person easy brake bleeding.


      • Vacuum pump
      • Reservoir jar
      • Rubber cap adapter
      • Breaking bleeding adapter
      • Automotive adapter
      • Four lengths of ¼ I.D. tubing and one size of 5/32 ID tubing
      • Time-effective
      • Great value for the price
      • Useful for testing vacuum systems for leaks and bleeding brakes.
      • Prompt delivery and customer care.
      • Fragile (Easily falls apart)[/i2pc

      • 8. Sealey UK Brake Bleeding Kit

      • Sealey Brake Bleeding Kit

      • Sealey Brake Bleeding Kit

      • With the Sealey VS820, you can finally do brake and clutch bleeding the professional way. The reservoir holds up to 2.5 liters of hydraulic fluid that allows you to flush the whole system in one go. The VS820 requires no power source; all you need to do is fill and pump. The device comes with a 45mm cap with a ninety degrees’ connector suitable for many European vehicle models. It also runs an easy pump system with a pressure range that makes it ideal for use with A.B.S. systems. Its broad gauge usage shows pressure clearly and is also accompanied by a pressure release valve.

      • However, unlike the previous products we have discussed, the Sealey VS820 does not come with a pipe that goes on the brake nipple; instead, it fits right on to the brake reservoir. Another thing worth mentioning is, if your car is a Japanese model, then you would need a 42mm cap which needs to be bought separately to be able to use this kit. Or you could just go for the universal adaptor to be on the safer side.

      • The VS820 is also designed for one-person handling and does not require a second operator.

      • Features

        • Easy pump system
        • Broad gauge to show pressure
        • Pressure release valve
        • 90° angled connector
      • Pros
            Perfect pressure for breeding A.B.S. systems.
          • The very straightforward bleeding process
          • Easy to set up and use
          • Very time-effective
          • Do a clean job and leave no oil spills.
          • ###ER##GF####The cap leaks air unless it is fastened tight.

          9. Motive UK Brake Bleeder Kit

          Motive Brake Bleeder Kit

          Motive Brake Bleeder Kit

          The Power Bleeder is such a simple concept that is very easy to use. All you have to do is fill the reservoir with brake fluid, attach it to the master cylinder, pressurize the container with the built-in pump and let it push the fluid through the brake lines. Finally, you have to attach a clear hose to the bleeder screw, open it up, and wait for the clean new fluid to come out, and the air was bubbling to stop. That’s all.

          And all it takes to bleed each brake is just about a couple of minutes each. Once you use this pressurized fluid canister once, you will not want to use any other method. It holds pressure well, and you can be assured of no leaks, thus enabling you to do a clean job without oil spills. The motive also allows you to bleed brakes all by yourself without needing a second operator. The device is also compatible with multiple vehicles makes and models.


          • Pressure gauges
          • Adapter caps
          • Fluid Reservoir
          • Brake fluid-resistant P.V.C. tubing
          • The method does damage the master cylinder rubber cup.
          • Bleeds brakes very quickly
          • Excellent delivery and customer care
          • Highly efficient and durable
          • You’ll need to get a universal adaptor for use with a Japanese car.

          10. DiscountSeller UK/EU Hand Held Brake Bleeder Kit

          DiscountSeller Hand Held Brake Bleeder Kit

          DiscountSeller Hand Held Brake Bleeder Kit

          The Discount handheld Vacuum pump bleeding kit is widely used in vehicles thanks to the multiple adapters (up to six). This bleeding kit application is not limited to discharging and changing the brake fluid. It can also be used to test various vehicle vacuum components, e.g. the exchange regulator. It comes with a 120ml drainage jar that has a detachable lid, a vacuum gauge to monitor pressure, and four connecting pipes easily. Easy to use and made from brass and high-quality A.B.S., this bleeding kit will not be falling apart anytime soon.


          • Replaceable cylinder head gaskets, rubber piston rings, and valves
          • A precise pressure gauge ranging 0-30inHg, 0-760mmHg
          • Brake fluid liquid collecting device
          • Rugged metal handle
          • Does a clean job leave no fuel spills?
          • Great storage case
          • Fast and easy to use
          • Does not hold the vacuum for long

          Brake Bleeding Kits UK Product Guide

          If you are a D.I.Y. who prefers changing your brake fluid at home rather than use a garage, you have to be able to bleed your brakes for them to work correctly. Thankfully, bleeding kits allows you to seep your brakes fast and easy without needing help from a second operator or having to go to a garage.

          How do you then pick the best bleeder kit when they all essentially do the same thing? Well, the most viable option would be to go through the review of the best brake bleeding Kit UK above and compare prices and features. However, there are certain primary features that can help you to make a better-informed decision. In this product guide, we’ll be going through some of them.

          Bleeder types

          Bleeder kits work under three methods of brake bleeding; vacuum bleeding, which involves creating a vacuum that sucks out brake fluid and air bubbles into a container(reservoir). This method is pretty easy but can also be time-consuming because air can sometimes get in around the bleed screw-thread, thus creating a tube filled with air bubbles. Another technique is pressure bleeding: this is considered by many as the best bleeding option. Using this method, you can get every drop of fluid out of your brake system. It is a bit complicated than the vacuum method but more efficient. The Motive 0100 Brake Power Bleeder System is a typical example of a brake bleeder using this method. In a reverse way, a pump is used to force fluid through the bleeder valve to the master cylinder. This method works on the principle that air rises in liquid and naturally wants to escape up and out of the brake system. The reverse bleeding method is by far the most efficient and fastest. The Gunson G4062 kit works on this method.

          Type of Reservoir

          The reservoir is the container that will hold the brake fluid to be bleeder through the braking system. An important feature to be considered here is the size or volume of the reservoir. The reservoir should be able to accommodate the total capacity of the brake system, as this will enable you to bleed your brakes in a single go, and also allow you to be able to use your bleeding kit on a variety of cars. Some reservoirs are also see-through and graded to let you visually ascertain the amount inside:

          Hoses, Adapters, and Attachments

          These are of particular importance in a bleeding kit. Adaptors allow you to fit your bleeding kit to the brake system, while the hoses (or tubing) are the medium of transferring out the fluid out of the brake system.

          Without a suitable adapter, your bleeding kit may not work with your car model. However, some bleeding kits such as the Vizibleed brake and clutch bleeding kit comes with a universal bleeding kit that makes it versatile across a wide variety of cars. You must also ensure the attachments and accessories coming with your bleeding kit are tight-fitting to prevent fluid from leaking all over the floor during bleeding.

          Pressure Gauge

          The presence of a pressure gauge in a bleeder kit is often an indication of superior quality as compared to a brake bleeding kit with none. Pressure gauges allow you to know whether you are over-bleeding your brake system, under-bleeding it, and just the appropriate pressure to stop. A quality pressure gauge measures the pressure within a range of 0-30in/Hg.

          Pump Handle type

          You need to look for a pump handle that has a soft, ergonomic design and is well-cushioned, this is because an easy to use handle gives you more control over fluid flow and also keep your hands from hurting during use.

          Frequently Asked Question (F.A.Q.)

          What is Brake Bleeding?

          Brake bleeding is an automobile maintenance procedure performed on hydraulic brake systems which involves removing old brake fluid and replacing it with new.

          How do we identify a potential fluid leak without bleeding the system?

          Just place a clean sheet under the car for at least 12 hours. Then check for any signs of a leak.

          How often should I bleed my braking system?

          Experts generally recommend changing your hydraulic fluid every 18 to 24 months.


          Bleeding your brakes is a big deal, so in this review, we’ve gone over the best brake bleeding kits Uk that would make this maintenance exercise fast, easy, and efficient. We’ve also covered features to consider when selecting a brake bleeding kit for your automobile. If you are looking for a brake bleeding kit that just gets the job at a very affordable price. You should consider going to the

          Vizibleed Brake And Clutch Bleeding Kit. It does not come with a ton of options but gets the job done all the same. Looking for something better for more value? Sealey Brake Bleeding Kit is our best value option. If you are willing to go all out in getting a high-quality brake bleeding kit that has built a reputation in the minds of automobile D.I.Y. and professionals alike, then the Motive Products Brake Power Bleeder System is the excellent way to go.

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