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Best Black Trim Restorer UK

Trim restorer’s come in handy on rainy days when you have to bring back to life your old car, tyres, rubber or plastic handles. Using them over time, and especially exposure to the atmosphere and sunlight can have adverse effects on their appearance and colour, which can leave them appearing unpleasant.

I got a black trim restorer for my dad’s car not quite long ago because he needed to put the car trims, and bumpers in order, so I know first-hand how a trim restorer can be magical with restoring a used car. Cars and some parts of the vehicle can get worn out and faded over time due to regular exposure to harsh atmospheric conditions, the weather or contact with hard tools. This can make the car or surfaces appear dirty, unkempt, and undesirable. To reverse this process, a trim restorer is employed, and it can be handy. There are different kinds available in the market, and it can be overwhelming looking out for the best fit for your need. Some can serve dual purposes while others are best for just one type of surface, and using interchangeably can defeat the purpose of buying one. The best ones come with applicators which makes application easy and less messy, while others require you to use a cloth or brush when applying. So, as a result of the unappealing look of my dad’s car back in the day, I made in-depth research on the best black trim restorer UK for one that will suit the need completely with no stone unturned. Voila, I found one that worked well. So, I have put together the various impressive black trim restorer’s out there with their features, characteristics and reviews from past users too. I hope you will find, just like me, a perfect fit to help restore your trims and keep them looking new again.

Top 10 Black Trim Restorer the UK

 1. Meguiar’s UK Ultimate Black Plastic Restorer

Meguiar's G15812EU Ultimate Black Plastic Restorer

Meguiar's G15812EU Ultimate Black Plastic Restorer

This unique ultimate trim restorer makes trim and plastic look like new. It is a trim dressing with an extended durability that can last for weeks. It is the ultimate in long-lasting UV protection. It dries fast, is non-greasy and returns your plastics to black. The trim protectant withstands washing and rain on your exterior plastics without streaking. It works with a merger’s supreme shine microfibre. It creates rich darkness and shine and will not streak when wet. It also prevents ageing and protects surfaces from contaminants. This powerful protectant creates rich shine and darkness for interior surfaces such as dashboards and door panels. It also brings new life to exterior trim and mouldings and works well for outer plastic, vinyl and rubber trim. 

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  • Trim restorer for interior
  • Ultimate long-lasting UV protection 
  • Rubber trim restorer
  • Rector’s back to black
  •  Multifunctional
  • It is easy to apply just like a hand cream
  • It is non-greasy
  • Makes trim look as good as new
  • Dries out badly

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2. Carplan UK Trim Wax, Black

Carplan BTW375 Trim Wax, Black

Carplan BTW375 Trim Wax, Black

This black trim wax restores the original lustre of black trim; leaving the car with a showroom look. This black trim cleans black bumpers, mouldings, radiator grills, door mirrors, spoilers, rubber and plastic trim. The effect is long-lasting, and it is quite affordable.

It leaves an excellently glossy finish and lasts longer than most trims. Just allow it to dry and buff. The bottle has enough for two coats of all trim on a medium-sized car.


  •   Trim for bumpers, mouldings and radiator grills
  •   Leaves a glossy finish
  •   Enough for two coats
  •   Long-lasting
  •   Multi-functional trim restorers
  • It gives a fantastic polished finish
  • Enough for coating more than once
  • It is very affordable
  • Not suitable under the rain

 3. Simoniz Jet UK Trim Restorer Black

Simoniz SAPP0105A Jet Trim Restorer Black

Simoniz SAPP0105A Jet Trim Restorer Black

The Simoniz jet trim restores 500ml is guaranteed to protect and restore all exterior plastics. It reduces the appearance of scuffs and scratches. It is also great for bumpers and tyre and comes in 500ml bottle. It gives lasting protection and a brilliant shine. You can apply the trim to these parts with a cloth, for maximum shine. It also acts as a water repellent. It is long-lasting and makes your interior look as good as new. 


  • Exterior trim restorer
  • 500ml bottle
  • Trim restorer for tyres
  • Restores all exterior plastics including car handles
  • Great restorer for bumpers
  • Long-lasting trim restoring effect
  • Acts as water repellent
  • Reduces the appearance of scuffs and scratches
  • Affected in heavy rain

4. Turtle Wax UK 52812 Black In a Flash Restorer for Exterior Plastics andTyre 

Turtle Wax 52812 Black In a Flash Restorer for Exterior Plastics andTyre 

Turtle Wax 52812 Black In a Flash Restorer for Exterior Plastics andTyre 

If your tyres and trims are looking faded and damaged, then the turtle wax flash restorer is the go-to. This product is an all-in-one treatment to restore exterior plastics and tyres to new. It restores faded plastics, rubber, vinyl and tyres to original condition. The rich, thick non-drip gel ensures easy application without any mess. It is suitable for cars, lorries, caravans, home furniture, and motorbikes.

It comes in a 300ml bottle, and it is water-resistant to provide a long durability. For a matt finish, apply and wipe immediately with a damp clean cloth.


  • Restores soft plastics and tyres.
  • Rich, thick non-drip gel
  • Suitable for cars, lorries and trucks
  • Comes in a 300ml bottle
  • It has water-resistant properties
  • It is easy to use and apply
  • The thick gel reduces messy application
  • Can be used on many exterior and interior surfaces
  • Not convenient on hot surfaces

 5. K2 BONO BLACK UK Bumper Car Trim Plastic Rubber Restorer

K2 BONO BLACK Bumper Car Trim Plastic Rubber Restorer

K2 BONO BLACK Bumper Car Trim Plastic Rubber Restorer

This fantastic trim restorer restores colour and covers small scratches and discolouration of the plastic surfaces. It is suitable for use on bumpers, door handles, side trim, headlamps, spoilers, interior plastics, tires and more. It restores soft plastics to black and gives satin-like look; and not too tacky shine finish.

It is the right product for maintaining and restoring black plastic vehicles. It helps to reduce the appearance of light scuffs and scratches and protects against drying and ageing.


  • Restores colour and covers small scratches
  • Restores black plastic on vehicles
  • Protects against drying and ageing
  • Suitable for application on car paint
  • Gives a shiny matt finish
  • It is easy to apply
  • Can be used on many parts of the car
  • Covers small scratches and discolouration
  • Applied only on black surfaces

6. Poorboys UK Trim Restorer Interior and Exterior Dressing

Poorboys Trim Restorer Interior and Exterior Dressing

Poorboys Trim Restorer Interior and Exterior Dressing

This all-purpose black trim restorer brings back a clean, and bright look to the trim, bumpers, rubber mats and more. It is not greasy or sticky and is long-lasting in use. It does not stick and dries to the touch bringing back the lustre of the part you are applying it on. It is a durable and unique dressing with a patented UV absorber for ultimate protection of exterior and interior surfaces. The trim restorer is unmatched on grained trim, bumpers, vinyl, leather, dashboards and tyres.


  • Patented UV absorption
  • Ultimate protection for interior and exterior parts
  • Comes with a foam applicator
  • Leaves a gloss finish
  • Can be used on any colour dash.
  • It is thick inconsistency with a beautiful smell of coconut
  • Good protection from drying out and cracking
  • Good dark finish
  • Bottle design is bland

7. Autoglym UK Bumper and Trim Gel

Autoglym AG 163254 Bumper and Trim Gel

Autoglym AG 163254 Bumper and Trim Gel

This trim restores, cleans and revives colour, restores ageing trim to its original finish. It protects the surface by forming a formidable, translucent, flexible, waterproof barrier against atmospheric pollution. It can be used on all colours of exterior plastic and rubber components. Bumpers, fenders, gritters, mirror casings, mouldings, trim, tyre, walls, vinyl roofs, spoilers and mudflaps. It is ideal for removing dried stains. Bumper care is an easily spreadable gel containing cleaning solvent and sophisticated protective coating agents which provide a challenging, translucent, flexible barrier against moisture, atmospheric pollution and strong sunlight effects.


  • Forms strongly translucent waterproof barrier

  • It is multi-functional

  • Has a flexible barrier against moisture

  • Trim for tyres wall and plastics 

  • Interior and exterior trim restorer

  • Contains extra cleaning solvent
  • Prevents moisture and pollution
  • Has a sophisticated protective coating
  • Trim may not cover all the parts

 8. Forever UK Black Bumper and Trim Kit

Forever Black Bumper and Trim Kit

Forever Black Bumper and Trim Kit

This trim restorer recolours and protects. It can be used on bumpers, spoilers, mudguards, door handles, and body and trim mouldings. It is quick and easy to use. It comes with a newly improved applicator brush. It also restores damages from UV rays instantly once applied. It protects bumpers and trims from harmful UV rays while also permanently covering fading.


  • Includes an improved applicator brush
  • Restores bumpers and trims
  • Protect parts from harmful UV rays
  • Permanently covers fading
  • Dries out fast
  • Comes with free delivery across the UK
  • Restores bumpers at one application
  • Enough for more than two coatings
  • Bottle may appear tiny

9. Astonish UK Black Shine Restorer 

Astonish C1541 750ml Black Shine Restorer

Astonish C1541 750ml Black Shine Restorer 

The black shine restore is a superb product that is designed to restore all-black exterior trim, including black plastic, vinyl and tyres back to their original glory. It is also used to remove tough stains and milky residue from the outer whilst leaving your car shining once more. It comes in a 750ml trigger spray bottle. The proven formula has worked for many years and has excellent reviews.


  • Restores exterior trim for plastics, vinyl and tyres
  • Trim restorer spray
  • Removes tough stains
  • Comes in a 750ml bottle
  • Proven car trim restorer
  • Free delivery on first eligible order
  • Leaves restored parts like a new one
  • Works for multiple parts including door handles
  • Trim restorer may not be enough to go more than two coat times.

10. Car Pride UK Black Plastic Bumper and Trim Restorer Spray

Car Pride Black Plastic Bumper and Trim Restorer Spray

Car Pride Black Plastic Bumper and Trim Restorer Spray

This unique trim restorer works for trims and bumpers as well. It restores the shine to be as good as new and at an affordable price. It comes as a spray and can be used on cars, handles, and damaged colours. They are long-lasting and have UV protection.


  • A bumper trim restorer
  • Car trim restorer
  • Spray trim restorer
  • Easy to use and apply
  • Can be used on plastics
  • Restores damage in car colour
  • Gives the trim a perfect shine
  • Free shipping available
  • It may appear to be aqua phallic

Black Trim Restorer the UK Buying Guide

So, having looked at a wide range and number of available best black trim restorers, it is safe to say, you can find one that will work correctly for you. The trim restorers have specific usage, like trim restorer for cars, tyres, rubber, headlights, interior and exterior parts as well. Whatever your need for a trim restorer is, there should be one in the product list that meets them. In this buying guide, I will be capturing these factors, as necessary considerations to picking a good trim restorer. Therefore, I advise you to give attention to the buying guide as much as you would to the product list for maximum product satisfaction. Let’s take a look.

Trim Restorer for Cars

Black trim restorer for cars is available and your best bet for restoring car trims. So, this is a significant consideration as you wouldn’t want to pick up a trim restorer for rubbers and use them for your cars. There are fantastic car trim restorers in the product list and is capable of leaving your car as good as new. Taking not of this is necessary. So, always make sure to check what the trim restorer you are purchasing is for, as you can cause damage worth a lot of money if you use the wrong one.

Trim Restorer on Rubbers

There are different parts of the exterior, and they can take trim restorers made for them for maximum efficiency. So, if you are looking to restore a rubber part, then you should look out for trim restorers meant for that exactly. This leaves the piece looking like a new one, and I am sure that is your aim for purchasing the restorer.

Trim Restorer for Interior

The interior is a sensitive part and can only take what is meant for it. There is a wide range of trim restorers for the interior, in case that is the part you want to use it on. Be sure to check out for the specific trim restorer for the inner details for maximum appearance and the glossy look. It comes out quite well. 

Trim Restorer for Tyres

If you are looking to restore the trim around the tyres, then there are a variety of unique black trim restorers listed on the product list. This will leave the tyres looking new and rid of any form of scratches. The tyre trim restorer works well for other parts too. Like door handles, plastics and tyre wheels.

Spray Trim Restorer

For convenience purpose, you may want to get a trim restorer that can be applied by merely spraying rather than using with a cloth or brush. This is also a fair consideration, and can reduce messiness that comes from applying trims with clothes and meetings, so, you need to look out for trim restorers that come in spray bottles for easy application.

Trim Restorer with UV protection

The sunlight is a major enemy to the appearance of your cars or plastics parts due to the effect of ultraviolet rays from it. Therefore, it is necessary to consider this factor before purchasing your trim restorer. This will help keep the part restored in good shape and condition for a longer time before reapplying the trim restorer.

Trim Restorer on Car Paint

Because certain trim restorers do not do well with other chemicals, checking to see if the trim restorer you are getting will be fit for your car paint is essential if that is where you want to apply it. Also, check for reviews from past users as this will give you an idea of what the usage looks like, and will save you the stress of experiencing it first-hand.

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How often can I use a trim restorer?

Trim restorers come in bottles enough for double applications most times. So you can apply them over again when you think the first one is fading off. Because they are chemicals, some little time should be given before reapplying after the first time.

Can I use a car trim restorer on my tyres?

Most trim restorers are multi-functional in form. However, you should read through for the features of the one you are purchasing to see if it is suitable for what you need it for. Otherwise, it is advisable to buy the trim restorer fitting for the part you want to use it on.

Can I get a spray trim restorer?

This is an important question, and the answer is yes, you can. There are several spray trim restorers available. This makes application easy and less messy. The spray trim applicator can also be used for a wide range of purpose.

How is a black trim restorer applied?

Most trim restorers can be applied using a brush or a cloth. And some packs come with these included in them. However, you can use any available clothing to do that. Just take some generous amount and apply within the surface of the part been restored, then allow to dry out. Be sure to remove from water during this process as some trim restorers may not have waterproof properties. 


This is a wrap on the best black trim restorer UK. I do hope you find this piece helpful in selecting the best restorer for your trim. I included the buying guide also to help you narrow your choices to the best fit for you considering the material you would want to restore and its compatibility with the trim restorer. There are a lot of unique products out there you can pick from that will give you an outstanding finishing making your car or other parts as good as new. For recommendations, I will be reviewing three of the products. Take a look. 

First on the list will be the Poorboys trim restorer interior and exterior dressing. However, pricey amongst the lots is a unique choice for restoring trims. It is an all-purpose trim restorer who can work for both interior and exterior surfaces conveniently. It is non-greasy or sticky and has a long-lasting use. It also has UV absorber for ultimate protection from rays. It also comes with a foam applicator and can be used in most colours, leaving a glossy finish. The next product would be the car plan trim wax black. This car trim restorer restores the original lustre of black trim leaving the car with a showroom look. Though considerably affordable, it can be used for bumpers, mouldings, radiator grills, spoilers, rubber and plastic trims. It gives a glossy finish too.  

The final product has been recommended is the car pride black plastic bumper and trim restorer spray. This convenient black trim restorer is not only affordable but multi-functional in form as well. It protects against UV rays, easy to apply and restores the car leaving it as good as new. It also restores bumper trims, car handles and plastic surfaces. It comes in a convenient spray bottle for easy application and reducing the messiness of using cloths or brushes. So, with this, I hope you will find at least one trim restorer that will work well for your surfaces and keep them looking anew, and hope you achieve this effortlessly.   

We know that with the power of this guide, you will be able to purchase the absolute best black trim restorer UK without any hassle. Knowing a product you want to purchase before actually buying the product is paramount to getting the right one suitable for you. So, do use it as your guide and have fun finding the right trim restorer for you.


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