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Best Beard Shampoo UK

There was a time not so long ago when women would spend longer on their grooming routines than men. All that has changed in recent years with there being a greater emphasis on male grooming. There is a wider range of styles and techniques men can use nowadays to keep their heads, skin and beard looking great. There is also a wider range of products now available.

A clean and well-maintained beard is a healthy beard and one you can feel confident and proud of.

There was a time not so long ago when women would spend longer on their grooming routines than men. All that has changed in recent years with there being a greater emphasis on male grooming. There is a wider range of styles and techniques men can use nowadays to keep their heads, skin and beard looking great. There is also a wider range of products now available.

A clean and well-maintained beard is a healthy beard and one you can feel confident and proud of.

But, what should you use to clean it with? If you have a beard or have had one in the past, were you the kind of person to just use any old soap or shampoo to clean your beard while you cleaned everything else in the shower or bath? Stop. You need to use a proper beard shampoo.

But, what beard shampoo should you choose to compliment your other beard grooming care products? There is a lot to choose from out there. We understand that it might be overwhelming for you to try and select one from a list of a 100. Which is why at Internet Eyes, we are here to help you.

We have done the heavy lifting so that you don’t have to and picked out what we believe are the top 8 beard shampoos. In addition to our reviews, we also discuss why you should use beard shampoo and how it works and the kinds of things you need to look out for when picking the right product for you.

Best Beard Shampoo UK 2020

Seven Potions Beard Shampoo – Woodland Harmony, 100ml

The first great beard shampoo we want to highlight is the extremely popular Woodland Harmony product from Seven Potions. This premium-grade shampoo is known for its nourishing and deep cleansing formula. It will not only give your beard hair the thorough wash and condition it needs but will also help look after your skin too and help prevent skin irritation

As well as general cleaning it will also help to combat common issues associated with beards such as irritation, dandruff and beard itch.

There are many reasons why Seven Potions and products like this one released by the company is made completely in England using high-quality natural ingredients that are 100% cruelty-free as well as being vegan-friendly and organic. It does not contain any silicones, colourants, synthetic fragrances, sulphates or parabens and therefore is a natural beard shampoo.

As well as looking after your beard and skin it will also leave you smelling great, with a very masculine scent, woody and quite sweet that won’t clash with your aftershave. The woods in question are sandalwood and cedarwood.

Although it only comes in a small 100ml bottle, a small amount of this classy smelling stuff reportedly goes a very long way, so you should get a reasonable amount of use out of it.

Beard Monsters Unscented Beard Shampoo, 250ml

Of course, if you prefer something that you can’t use to clean and condition your hair without leaving a scent, then you may want to consider the next product. Another British-based company, Beard Monsters produce this high-quality beard shampoo from premium grade ingredients to give help keep your beard clean and give it a full and invigorated look and feel. Only natural and organic ingredients that are vegan friendly and cruelty-free are used.

These include the likes of aloe Vera to help soothe your beard hair and skin as well as condition it and blackcurrant extract as it has anti-ageing properties.

This comes in a slightly larger bottle, and as you don’t need to use too much at one time it should last you for a reasonable amount of time.

Viking Revolution Beard Wash and Beard Conditioner Set, 5-ounces

Are you looking to use both shampoo and conditioner to wash your beard? You may want to think about investing in this great set from the hugely acclaimed and successful company Viking Revolution. These easy to use products have been made using completely natural and plant-based ingredients to ensure your beard growth has the care it needs to keep it looking and feeling healthy and soft, while also making sure your sensitive skin is clean and moisturised. Some of the ingredients included are ginger root, eucalyptus, aloe vera, argan oil, mint, jojoba oil and castor oil.

The resulting scent of the beard wash and conditioner is a gentle peppermint and eucalyptus. The jojoba and argan oils are included to help compete against facial skin flaking, that is often the issue that leads to dandruff and general itchiness and irritation.

Don’t be put off by the fact that this is a pair of bottles as it only takes a few minutes to give your beard the refresh and clean it needs.

IFUDOIT Beard Grooming Kit

Perhaps you are after a gift for the guy who is hard to buy for or are looking to treat yourself to everything you need for superb beard care daily. From IFUDOIT comes this multi-functional and comprehensive beard growth care kit. As well as an organic and natural beard shampoo wash and beard oil, you also get beard oil, balm, comb, brush all packaged in a sophisticated gift box.

Each of the products is made from high-quality ingredients that do not contain chemicals or additives and are completely natural. The oil and balm have been formulated to ensure your beard is as healthy, smooth, shiny and soft as it possibly can be. The ingredients featured in the shampoo include mainly essential oils such as clove oil, citric acid, shea butter, rosemary leaf extract, aloe Vera, jojoba seed oil, olive oil and coconut oil. Whereas the beard oil is made from cucumber, fruit and mineral oils.

The extra bonus of the products in this kit is that they can be used on just about any body hair such as your beard, moustache, eyelashes, chest hair, eyebrows and even more.

L’Oréal Paris Men Expert Barber Club Beard, Face and Hair Wash, 200ml

Think L’Oréal are only good for hair products with a strong bias towards those aimed at females? Think again, because a new release from L’Oréal Paris Men Expert is this BarberClub Beard, Face and Hair Wash. Taking its inspiration from traditional barber shops, this product has been formulated to work well with hair, face and beard.

The secret to this product is the use of cedarwood essential oil, which helps to fortify and soothe, as well as strengthen and clean your facial hair and the skin underneath.

We really like the fact that this product essentially acts as a 3-in-1 solution, meaning that you don’t need to use multiple bottles and containers of oils and shampoos to keep your face, beard and skin healthy.

By My Beard Beard Shampoo, Conditioner and Face Moisturiser Oil Complete Triple Pack

The next on our list of best beard washes is one of the best value for money products on our list, this By My Beard set is one you will not want to pass on without giving it some serious consideration. It comes with a 300ml x beard shampoo, 300ml x beard conditioner and face moisturiser and a 30ml x beard oil.

All are made from natural and cruelty-free vegan ingredients and will give your beard and skin the care and clean it needs and help prevent beard itch. To help make them as easy to use as possible, especially when you are in the middle of a shower, each bottle is topped off with a quick and effective pump-action dispenser.

There is really nothing else we feel is going to sway you, other than that for way under a tenner you can get three products to use as part of your beard care routine.

Bulldog Original 2-in-1 Beard Shampoo and Conditioner, 200ml

Bulldog is another premium beard washes that has been getting a lot of high praise for its distinctive formula. This particular product from the brand is a 2-in-1 solution for beard care that consists of both a shampoo and conditioner. The ingredients used are natural and cruelty-free so that you know you are doing the best for your facial hair and skin, as well as the planet.

These ingredients include green tea, camelina oil and aloe Vera. While the shampoo helps to cleanse the beard and skin underneath, the conditioner element helps to leave it with a fresh, invigorated and soft feeling. It can also help to fight against the dreaded beard itch and dandruff.

It doesn’t matter whether your skin is dry, mature, oily, sensitive or just normal, Bulldog products will help you.

These are just some of the reasons why Bulldog refers to their products as “Man’s Best Friend”.

Gnarly Joe Beard Shampoo Natural African Black Soap with Coconut, 250ml

At Internet Eyes, we know how important it is to give your beard and skin the maintenance and care it deserves and needs, without causing any undue harm to it. Which is why we have ensured that all the beard washes we’ve chosen are made from natural ingredients. The next product on our list is no exception. From Gnarly Joe, this beard shampoo is 100% natural and made from a mixture of coconut oil, shea butter, argan oil and African black soap to help give you a natural beard.

What we really like about this is the ingenuity and thought that has gone into its creation. As well as cleaning and softening your beard, it does a whole lot more. It can help with growing, styling and strengthening it too.

Its Ph level has been naturally balanced and will help to increase the hydration of your follicles and lead to better care for the skin underneath your beard too as well as improving the health of the hairs themselves.

The company know how important it is to have a product that does the job it was created for quickly and easily. There is, therefore, no fussing or messing around with the pump-action dispenser bottle. All you need is a couple of pumps into your hand and considering you get a 250ml bottle for a very reasonable price, this product provides extremely good value for the money you spend.

Ted Baker Ted’s Grooming Room Hair and Beard Shampoo

To complete our look at the best beard shampoos for men in 2020, we wanted to go for premium beard product. Ted Baker is obviously synonymous with style and cool sophistication. You may not have realised that the fashion label had its own range of grooming products to go along with its fragrances and clothing.

We especially love the fact that rather than just being formulated for beards alone, the Ted’s Grooming Room shampoo actually doubles up as a hair and beard nourishing and cleansing solution.

It will provide you with both the cleaning and conditioning your hair needs at both ends of your head and features natural ingredients including cumin seed extract and aloe Vera that will not only tame your hair follicles to give your beard and hair a more nourished and smooth look and feel but also protect and care for the sensitive skin underneath and give you a nice natural beard.

Although it is designed for use on both the top and bottom of your head and hair, we still think with a bottle containing 300ml and the little you need to use thanks to its composition, you can get plenty of use out of this, making it great value for money.

Ted Baker is a brand that is highly sought after and looked at favourably and this is yet another example of why it has such a great reputation.

How Does It Work?

It is very easy to actually grow out a beard. You just stop shaving, right? Well, if you are not worried about dead skin cells or irritation then that is the basic gist. When you make the decision that you are going to grow a beard, you need to maintain it and wash it a few times a week/

Dead skin cells, food debris and other dirt and grime build-up and get trapped in the strands of your beard and the follicles.

You may be thinking that surely conventional hair shampoo can help to clean out your beard. While that is true, as well as removing all the food particles, dead skin cells and anything trapped in there, it also will strip away all the important nutrients from your hair and does not have a particularly pleasant taste.

If you have ever swallowed some regular shampoo accidentally (haven’t we all at some point?), then you will know how bad it tastes.

Beard shampoo is different to regular shampoo as it has a special formula consisting of ingredients that are suitable for use on your facial hairs and skin so that it won’t remove the nutrients and has a more pleasant taste so that if you accidentally swallow or taste any it won’t be as unpleasant.

Best Beard Shampoos: Buyer’s Guide

Although you now have a good idea of what best beard shampoos are out there and why you should be using shampoo on your beard, you may still feel a little unsure about which is the best to choose. That’s why we’ve put together this buyer’s guide so you can consider what you need to keep that beard clean and prevent beard dandruff.

In it, we will walk you through the most important considerations you need to make when picking out the right beard shampoos.


Above all else, the most crucial thing you need to consider when choosing the best beard wash is the ingredients. The products we have highlighted in our guide have all been chosen with the ingredients in mind. Why? Because beard shampoo is applied directly to your face and into your beard to clean it, preserve it and condition it.

But wait, is lime juice extractor shea butter better for your face and beard than blackberry seeds extract? We are not entirely sure on that front if we are completely honest. Most manufacturers devise products so that they are the best they possibly can be, normally using a lot of essential oils, natural oils and organic ingredients.

It would be difficult to look at all the individual ingredients and give a blow for blow account of which are the best and which are not. The one thing we would suggest is that rather than looking at the specific ingredients is that you look at the actual quality of those ingredients. Always make sure they are natural, and if entirely possible, organic natural oils as these should be good on most skin types/

The Beard Shampoo Application

This is something that may not actually matter to many people, but the application is still something we think you should think about. As it could determine whether you enjoy using a shampoo or not. Enjoyment is crucial as that will probably determine how likely you are to regularly use it. You are unlikely to be bothered with using a beard shampoo if it’s a huge palaver.

You need to think about when you are likely to wash your beard. Will it be first thing in the morning or last thing at night? Will you have enough time to make a thorough job of it or will you be doing one of those quick 5-minute jobs? How many times a week will you wash it?

Depending on what works best for your schedule, there are products with simple applications and those with more complicated applications and ones that could help prevent skin irritation. You could always add beard balm after washing to keep the beard feeling nice.


It’s something we are all familiar with, we’re sure. You are in the shower, the water is boiling hot just the way you like it and you are giving yourself a good scrub all over and then you reach out to get your shampoo only to find there is nothing but a few air bubbles that come out. Meaning you can’t give your hair the thorough washing it deserves. Which can be quite a pain, to say the least.

What you will have undoubtedly noticed from looking through our list of products is that there is a huge variety of different sizes/volumes. The size or volume of a beard shampoo is something you need to think of, therefore, not just to make sure you have enough, but that you are going to get the best value for the money you are going to spend on it.


The scent is something that will come down to personal preference and there is really no right or wrong. What we will say is you may need to trial and error a little as there a wide array of different scents offered by different beard shampoos. Some will also be stronger than others. It will be down to you to work out whether you prefer woodier fragrances or fruitier scents involving lots of berries which will give a more masculine scent. Others will be full of natural oils which may give a different kind of scent. You could always add some beard oil after the wash or maybe some beard balm you give you a different scent.

It might be a good idea to consider the kind of scent you would normally choose for aftershave.


We’re really sorry, but really, we’re not. We know only too well that we have made it impossible for anyone that has read this post to not consider buying the best beard shampoos. If you have been growing a beard for many years and still haven’t been giving it the attention, care, cleaning and maintenance it deserves, the onus is on you to change that. And with the 8 great products we have highlighted for you, there is simply no excuse.

You can’t say you didn’t know which to choose. You can’t say you didn’t know where to begin looking or that you didn’t know why beard shampoo was important. And you certainly can’t say no-one was there to help you.

Don’t look at this as defeat though, guys. Look at this at a turning point. From this day onwards, or at least, once your beard shampoo arrives and you start using it, you will have a healthier, cleaner and more attractive beard.

Your significant other or that Tinder date you have won’t be able to make disparaging comments about how your beard looks or smells. They won’t be able to suggest that you are “good looking but would look better if you had a shave”. They will finally see what you have always believed about your beard. That it is an awesome enhancement and not a massive distraction.

Whatever beard shampoo or product you choose, we know you will do the right thing and give that chin hair some TLC. Not only will you look better because of it, but you will feel better too!

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