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Best Armchair Bed

Whether you are a student and space is limited in your dorm or live in a house, apartment or flat where space is at a premium, an armchair bed could be what you need. Similarly, to sofa beds, armchair beds are incredibly convenient, money and space-saving furniture pieces that offer all the benefits of a comfortable armchair with the practicality of a bed that be folded out and used when necessary.

Given their popularity over the years, with singletons and those in smaller living areas opting for armchair beds rather than full-size sofa beds, there is a huge variety of different models to choose from. However, not all armchair beds are made equally.

Rather than just clicking on the first armchair bed you come across or that meets your budget on Amazon, it is better to put a bit more thought into it. Don’t worry though, as we are here to help. Not only have we scoured the listings of Amazon for the 10 best armchair beds of 2020, but we provided further help in the form of a buyer’s guide that covers all the most important things you need to consider when investing in an armchair bed.

Best Armchair Beds 2020

1. Natalia Spzoo Fold Out Guest Chair Bed

To get our guide started we have this excellent fold out guest chair bed from Natalia Spzoo. Natalia Spzoo is a company that was established in Poland in 1994 and that produces a variety of different home furnishings including fully upholstered sofas, chair beds and mattresses. All of their products benefit from some of the finest pillows, cushions and foam filling available and they have built up a sterling reputation since their inception.

Measuring at 200 x 70 x 10 cm when unfolded, this chair bed is available in several different colours including blue, light green, violet and grey. It only takes seconds to unfold it or refold it from bed to armchair and back again and is filled with a foam core that has a density of as much as 22kg/m3.

Its 100% polyester cover is easy to remove and can be washed at 30-degrees. Making this chair bed incredibly easy to take care of. Surprisingly, given how firm and supportive the mattress and the frame are, it’s rather lightweight at just over 5kg and therefore easy to move around, when necessary.

2. HOMCOM Convertible 3-Position Sofa Bed With 5 Position Armrest Pillows

At the other end of the price range, the next chair bed we have is designed and manufactured by HOMCOM, a British company who have been in business since 2009. Known in the industry as a leader in home furnishings and furniture, the word innovative has been used to describe their designs and releases.

Measuring either 80 x 166 x 70 or 80 x 188 x 70, depending on whether you have it folded up as a sofa or out as a bed, we really like the 3-in-1 nature of this furniture piece and the ease at which you can use the click-clack mechanism to switch between the different seating and bedding options.

With a generous capacity, the metallic frame has a reasonable degree of reliability. The body and arms are fully covered in padding, and two large cushions/pillows ensure you always have adequate support for your head and body whether you are sleeping or sitting.

The soft and stylish linen upholstery covering this chair bed is very easy to keep clean and fresh and the fillings and fabric have all been tested to BSS852 standard.

3. COSTWAY Single Folding Sofa Bed Chair With Pillow and Wheel

The third item in our guide is this great single folding chair bed from COSTWAY. COSTWAY is a popular brand that is highly regarded and has branches not just here in the UK but in Germany and the United States.

We love the highly stylised design of this armchair bed. Featuring high-density foam in the cushioning and a polyester cover with a dirt-proof coating, this is a piece of furniture that is very easy to maintain and keep clean. Thanks to the way it is constructed and way it unfolds, it can actually be used in five different positions, as a normal chair, a recliner-style chair and a bed.

COSTWAY has made a point of making their folding sofa bed easy to assemble and have included a pillow that can be used as a cushion when you are sitting on it as a chair. To help make it portable, it is set on wheels that turn through 360-degrees. Wat’s more, because they are built to run silently, it won’t matter what time of the year you need to move the bed and there’s a brake to keep it in place once you’ve chosen the ideal placement.

4. CASART 2-In-1 Sofa Bed With Pillow and Wheels

A similar design to the above, this next armchair bed is made from CASART. It too can be arranged into five different positions, with the option to use it as a recliner chair, standard armchair or bed. It is easy enough to assemble and just as easy to fold, unfold and maintain so it stays fresh and clean.

The coverings are made from polyester with a choice of two modern colour schemes and there are wheels located underneath it on what are essentially the back legs when it is in an armchair position.

One thing that disappoints us about this armchair bed, as it does with the one above is that the covers are not removable. So, although it is relatively easy to clean, you need to do all the cleaning by hand or using a carpet washer on the actual chair.

5. CASART 2-in-1 Folding Single Sofa Bed with Pillow

Another intriguing offering from CASART is next in our guide in the form of this 2-in-1 folding single sofa bed. Although it looks in many ways exactly the same as the above, if you take a closer look you will notice that this one does not have the same frame and is not set on legs or wheels. That would also account for its slightly lower price tag.

It can still be adjusted into 5 different positions, so you will always be able to find the right angle to set it at to get the maximum comfort for your own unique needs and requirements. We especially like the fact that not only can it be unfolded into different forms of chairs and bedding, but if you are only using it for a guest who is staying for a few days, you can fold it up to pack it away and it won’t take up too much space.

What’s more, the cover of this armchair bed can be removed to make it easier for cleaning. The armrests have been ergonomically designed to provide greater comfort, while the high-density sponge used to fill the chair ensures you or whoever is using it will be comfortable whether sitting or laying on it.

6. Sfeomi 2-in-1 Folding Sofa Bed Chair With Pillow and Wheels

From a company called Sfeomi, we have yet another very similar concept in the form of this folding bed chair. The main difference is that this one can function as a swivel chair rather than just a standard armchair. Not only is it adjustable around a full 360-degrees but can be adjusted to a higher or lower setting based on your needs.

To convert it from a chair into a bed, you can adjust the back through 5 different positions to set it at just the right angle. There are wheels on this model, at the bottom, but they are small and covered by plastic that helps to protect the surfaces you wheel this chair over.

One thing we would point out based on customer reviews is that the user manual instructions are not very clear, so you may need to look at a YouTube video or find a tutorial online to help you put it together when it arrives if you buy it.

7. CASART Blue 2-in-1 Single Folding Sofa Bed with Wheels and Pillow

CASART is a very popular and reputable brand, which is why we have chosen to showcase so many of their products in this guide. That is why you will notice that this particular model is very similar to the other CASART armchair beds already highlighted above.

The same high standard is met in the design, materials used and construction that you would expect from a product with that branding and this offers 2 different furniture options. Again, another similarity.

You have the option to set it up as an armchair, a recliner or a bed, depending on your needs and it works well in either of those applications.

Polyester and a high-density foam are used extensively, and everything is held together on a stable and durable frame that is capable of bearing up to 150kg in weight.

8. Vesgantti Folding Away Guest Single Bed With Mattress, Adjustable Backrest and Free Pillow

This next folding armchair bed is a bit of a departure in terms of style and design from many of the others we’ve featured so far. Made by Vesgantti, a company established in 2012. Don’t let that put you off investing in one of their highly favoured and ingenious space-saving folding armchair beds.

Built on a durable and robust tubular steel frame, some handles run alongside the mattress at either side when the chair is set to bed mode. It measures around 190 x 80 x 31cm when fully open and is ideal not just for one person but a couple who are okay sleeping close together. With an adjustable back that can be set to 6 different positions, you can set it at just the right angle for your own specific comfort.

There is a spring suspension that ensures that as a bed or chair it is comfortable yet stable. The best thing about it – when you don’t want or need to use it, you can fold it up and wheel it out of the way.

It is available in either navy or brown, so able to fit in with the décor of just about any room.

9. COSTWAY 360-Degrees Swivel, 4-Position Folding Sofa Chair

Another fine product from COSTWAY is what we want to highlight as the penultimate armchair bed in our guide. Made from a premium quality steel you are guaranteed durability and sturdiness, whether you use it as a chair or bed. The frame is covered with thick luxury padding that provides a great deal of support for your back and posterior.

As it resembles a gaming chair, you may wonder how you convert it into a bed. Well, the backrest can be adjusted into 4 different positions. When you don’t need to use it, though, it is also easy to fold it up and store it out of the way without it taking up too much room.

A nice feature that this armchair bed has that we really like is the removable base cover made from breathable fabric. This means it is very easy to clean. All in all, we really love the unique design and the fact that it looks like a contemporary and stylish armchair.

10. HOMCOM Foldable Single Sofa Bed

To complete our guide, the last armchair bed in our list is this compact and smart offering from HOMCOM. The British company really lives up to its reputation for producing innovative and high-quality furniture with the quality of the design and construction, not to mention the styling of this sofa bed.

It does sit in the upper end of the price range, but trust us, we feel it is more than worth it and should be considered as a real investment. Whether you are planning on using this in your living room, spare room or conservatory, it will work well in both applications as a chair or a bed.

The backrest, as you will know by now is common in these products, can be adjusted through 5 different positions, so whether you or whoever is using the piece can relax at just the right angle for the optimum level of comfort and support.

It is sturdy, set on steel legs and easy to use and has a very minimal feel without feeling like you are missing out on too much. It may not offer quite the same level of support as a normal-sized bed, but for a few days, it is alright for most users.

Best Armchair Beds 2020

Well, we hope the above list of 10 great armchair beds is enough to help you pick out the right model for you. It may be that in your head you have already picked one out for you or you have clicked the link and bought it. However, if you are still mulling over our suggestions, to help you whittle down that shortlist even further, we’ve put together this handy buyer’s guide.

Below we will look at the main features and aspects of armchair beds that you need to consider when deciding on which model will suit your needs best.

Frame Material, Design and Construction

Without a shadow of a doubt, the most crucial part of any armchair bed is the frame it is built on. Not only does it need to provide adequate stability and support for anyone sitting on it, but it also needs to, once it has been converted, provide appropriate stability and support for anyone lying on it and using it as a bed.

Therefore, when you are looking at the different armchair bed options out there, you need to pay close attention to what kind of materials have been made to use it, particularly the frame. If it is made using cheap plastic, composite wood or even metal, it may not be the best quality. Ideally, you should aim to invest in one that is made from a nice tough hardwood.

The trade-off in having a structurally sound, stable bed made from a durable material is that it will cost a lot more than one made from an inferior material like metal or plastic.

It’s not only the type of material used for the frame that you need to find out but how it is actually made. This is another determining factor as to the quality of the chair bed. Cheaper beds are made most cost-effectively, often on a production line with metallic staples holding joints together. A method that will not produce a strong and durable frame.

Compared that to armchair beds that cost a lot more that are built by hand by a master craftsman using solid jointing. The difference in quality is light and day.

Opening and Closing Mechanism

Another important aspect of armchair beds that you need to think about when choosing the best model for you and your living conditions is the opening and closing mechanism. Although this aspect will not affect the durability, structural soundness or overall quality of the armchair bed, it will affect how easy and reliable it is to use.

For example, if you invest in a high-quality armchair bed with a premium quality opening and closing mechanism, you will normally be able to switch between armchair and bed in seconds with little to no effort. Whereas, the phrase “you get what you pay for” springs to mind when thinking about the lower quality and lower priced armchair beds. As well as being awkward and difficult to use, cheaper armchair beds are less likely to stand the test of time and give you many years of service.

In theory, there should be no snagging or sticking or strange crunching and squeaking sounds when you open or close the bed. It should be easy and smooth lifting or pulling it out. You should also think about who is going to be using the bed most often and whether they will be physically able to set it up or if they will need help.

Mattresses and Cushioning

It should go without saying that when looking at traditional armchairs, you need to consider the cushioning offered. As armchair beds are both chairs and beds, it is still important to think about the cushioning provided by particular models. The kind of cushioning used and its consistency can make all the difference between an armchair bed is one that you could sit on for hours comfortably and one that is uncomfortable and even painful to sit on after a while.

The most common material used in cushioning for sofas and armchairs is foam. However, that doesn’t mean that all armchairs benefit from the same quality of foam for cushioning. For example, many mass-manufactured chairs will feature lower-density foams with a greater percentage of air bubbles to fill them out. As a result, they offer far less resistance and tend to lose their shape very quickly compared to cushioning made from premium quality, high-density foam.

Let’s not forget that armchair beds are beds as well as chairs and as such you need to think about the mattress. Again, cheaper products are likely to use cheaper mattress materials. You want a bed that you are not going to feel any of the coils, slats or bars poking into your back. While fully sprung and memory foam mattresses are very popular these days, some people don’t like the fact they lack breathability and can overheat.


All that discussing armchair beds has made us a little sleepy. Before we sign off though, we hope this guide is enough for you to find the right piece of convertible furniture for your home. There are plenty of great options out there, but these are our favourite 10, all chosen to offer the greatest variety and appeal to different budgets and homes. We know that everyone has different needs and have tried to reflect that with our choices.

Whatever you choose from the above, though, we are sure you or your guests will enjoy sitting and sleeping in these stylish and convenient additions to your home.



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