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Best Aquariums in UK

Have you ever thought of having an aquarium or fish tank in your home? I bet you have but do not know where or how to start. The good thing is, in this article, you will find out all about that. The practice of keeping fishes as pets have been around for a very long time. It continues to remain a great way of showing love to the aquatic animals. It is common knowledge that aquariums are a great way of beautifying our homes. 

We know you want your home and office to look elegant and vibrant. Then, consider bringing it to life with an aquarium. You can admire the beauties of nature every single day. An aquarium, also known as a fish tank, is a pool, bowl or tank filled with water that is used for keeping underwater animals, especially fishes. 

We have listed the best fish tanks you can get in the United Kingdom. Also, we have included a guide to getting the best out of your aquarium. However, keeping an aquarium has challenges and rewards. The challenges start from selecting the right aquarium, picking the fish and other rearing activities. In this article, we have solved many of the challenges you may encounter along the way.

 Just sit back, and relax while we embark on this amazing journey through some of the best top fish tanks in the UK.

Top 10 Aquarium in the UK

1. BiOrb Classic 30L Aquarium – Best Classic Acrylic Aquarium

We all started keeping fishes as beginners sometime in our lives. If equipped with the right tools, you are guaranteed a magnificent experience. Speaking of the right tools, if you’re a beginner searching for an aquarium that comes with the ideal mix of strength and great design, the biOrb Classic 30L aquarium is your destination. 

  • Made from acrylic that cannot break
  • Very light
  • Sleek classic design
  • Patented 5-stage filter
  • Clear view throughout
  • Cleaning is simple
  • Sold with a LEDlight
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Comes with equipment and extras
  • Offers limited size choice
  • Design is basic
  • Could get algae growth

This aquarium is made from acrylic. When looking for the ideal aquarium as a beginner in the fish rearing business, there are a few points you should consider. Most importantly, you need the aquarium to be durable and carefully constructed. Fish tanks are usually made from acrylic and glass. Acrylic is much better since it is multiple times more grounded than glass. However, it weighs lesser. 

Nothing beats the classics! This is a classic-styled aquarium that gives you all you need to start. It comes with a LED light and a patented 5-stage filter system that is ideal for your fishes. It also comes with fish food, air pump, water conditioner and an antibacterial liquid. What more could we possibly ask for? biOrb is not a strange name in the Aquarium business. They are world-renowned, and their aquariums are tested and certified by the University of Veterinary Medicine, Hannover, Germany. It also comes with a bright light apparatus that gives you ease when you intend showcasing your fish. 

2. Tetra Starter Line LED Fish Tank – The Family Fish Tank

One interesting part of keeping fishes is when you feed them. Growing up, I enjoyed watching my goldfish run after the small pellets of fish food. This family fish tank brings back those nostalgic memories. Its feeding system is so seamless. The Tetra Starter Line is very easy to use. Therefore, beginners in the family will have no problem operating this fish tank. This is a unique design that makes the view very beautiful. Your visitors will love the idea. You can get this aquarium in a variety of sizes according to how big your family is. 

  • Modest in size for the family
  • Strong glass material
  • Available in a variety of sizes
  • Comes with additional items including a heater, conditioner and fish food
  • Incorporates a 3-phase filtration framework
  • Comes with a lighting system
  • Keeps water clean
  • Prone to leaking easily
  • Poor sealing at the bottom

It also comes with other features that make it stand out. These include the energy-efficient LED lights that brighten up your aquarium. The incorporated water channel keeps your water perfect and crisp, evading any form of growth which can cause problems. The 30L tank is suitable when you want to keep a cold-water fish such as goldfish. The bigger sizes – 54L, 80L and 105L – are wonderful when your fish is tropical. This makes the Tetra Starter Line a very versatile fish tank that is ideal for the family.

That is not all; it also comes with a heater that can be used to get an ideal water temperature, contingent upon the sort of fish you are keeping. This aquarium is a decent starting point for somebody purchasing a modest bunch of fish as it has room to swim around. It has the EasyCrystal technology from Tetra that keeps water clean at all times.

3. Marina LED Aquarium Kit – Top Choice for 20-Gallon Capacity

This is an affordable aquarium that incorporates everything a beginner needs. It comes in 5 gallons, 10 gallons and 20-gallon variations. The glass used is clear, affording a beautiful display to your fishes. Growing up, we thought smaller aquariums are easier to manage compared to the bigger ones, but the reverse is the case. An aquarium is sensitive because of its encased environment. This means that slight changes in water qualities can adversely affect the fishes inside. When the aquarium is bigger and has more water, wastes can get easily diluted quickly, and this diminishes the risk that may come to your fish. 

  • Built with a clear glass
  • Available in three sizes
  • Classic rectangular build
  • Includes a clip-n filter
  • Energy-saving led lighting
  • Comes with a lot of additional features
  • It consists of an aquarium set up and cares guide
  • Insufficient packaging when ordered online
  • Lighting may be too powerful 

Hence, the experts suggest the 20-gallon aquariums for newcomers. The top pick in this category is the Marina LED Aquarium Kit. We did not need to visit the store for extra items after getting the Marina LED Aquarium. It accompanies all that you may require to begin. Notwithstanding the glass aquarium itself, this unit comes with a filter that has a clasp. The filter cartridges can be changed quickly and thus, allows for simple upkeep. 

A LED light system is incorporated into the aquarium, and this ensures effective lighting that is energy-saving and improves your fish’s appearance. Likewise included is a jug of water conditioner, a work net, a thermometer, fish food, and a guide that teaches you how best to arrange and manage your aquarium. Do you want the best with spending less? This aquarium is popular for its super affordable price tag despite incorporating as many equipment and additional highlights. 

4. Zenph Aquarium Fish Tank 8L–Beautiful and Ecological Design Ideal for Decoration

Zenphmay is not a name you hear very often, but they have designed a fish tank that can surely hold its place at the very top. This lovely fish tank is ideal for beginners. You are looking for an aquarium that has a stunning design and is capable of your fish-keeping needs. This is the option you should go for. Bring the fishing excitement to your home with its beautiful 5-colour LED light and a view that permits a 360 observation. Your will kids not get tired of this due to the freedom of colour it brings.

  • Wonderful ecological design
  • Highly efficient filter system with four levels
  • One button water change
  • It is very affordable
  • It includes a lighting system
  • Allows for a 360 view
  • Five colour lighting
  • Its battery requirement is huge
  • The instructions are poor
  • Setting up may take a while

The 4-level system of filtering is not something we see every day. The water change system is a technology that brings ease. It allows you to switch water with the press of a single button. With a contemporary and stylish white casing that brings anywhere to live, it is ideal for living rooms, bedrooms and offices, irrespective of the design and style. The shape also makes cleaning simple.  

This aquarium is rated outstandingly by many because it is effortless to use. It’s also affordable with different features that make it a good choice for both beginners and experts. The fishes got going in no time with this lovely home we provided for them. 

5. Fluval Spec V 5-Gallon Aquarium Kit – Best Aquarium below 10 gallons’ capacity

We know the excitement that comes with fish-keeping. It is a rewarding hobby and should not be tiring for you. Fish-keeping specialists enjoy the challenge of developing a flourishing biological system in such a little space. An aquarium whose capacity is below 10 gallons is called a Nano Aquarium. Maintaining a perfect environment can be difficult in them, but they offer certain advantages. They are ideal for individuals with restricted space for a bigger aquarium and running them is less expensive. The top recommendation for such cases is the Fluval Spec V 5-Gallon Aquarium Kit. This is perfect for experts who want to keep fishes against the odd of little space. 

  • Sturdy carved glass
  • Modern design with an aluminium trim
  • Aquarium hood with led light installation
  • Comes with BioMax 3-phase filtration framework
  • Flexible flow rate
  • Very small and takes little space
  • The 5-gallon limit can hold a few little fishes
  • Doesn’t have a warmer
  • Weak lighting 

With an incorporated three-phase filtration framework and outfitted with 37 led lights to give your aquarium a stunning sparkle, this aquarium will ensure that your fish continue to look outstanding. Crafted using sturdy carved glass with a modern build, the Fluval Spec V 5-Gallon Aquarium Kit is a great aquarium despite its minimal size. Its 5-gallon limit is huge enough for a few little fishes; however, not taking up an unnecessary ton of room. 

The coordinated 3-phase filtration framework will serve to keep the fishes in the best condition. The aquarium’s mechanical filtration has a froth block feature. It has activated carbon filtering chemicals, and BioMax Bio rings for filtering biologically. The mix of the three will guarantee fantastic water quality to keep your fish sound and flourishing. 

6. Superfish 545625/2050 SF LED Aquarium– Super Stylish Aquarium

Have you seen one of those artificial aquariums designed to look like an aquarium with fishes? Of course, they are used just for decorating the home. But why use that when you can have something as beautiful as the Superfish 545625 LED aquarium? This is one aquarium that effortlessly achieves the aim of beautifying your home or office. A fish tank that is worth every penny you spend on it due to its top quality.

  • The glass is scratch safe
  • Super stylish design
  • Dimmable night lighting
  • It has all the necessary equipment
  • The size is okay for beginners
  • It comes with a LED light installation
  • It also has decorative plants for your tank
  • Size is too small
  • Supply pump could get noisy

Designed using scratch-safe glass in a good rectangular shape that is easy to clean, the Superfish 545625 LED aquarium comes with cartridges and filters for replacement purpose. 

Beauty and the fish! This aquarium also has a LED light apparatus that changes colour to display the beauty of your tank. This aquarium unit is highly recommended because of the size, which is ideal for beginners, and because the pack accompanies the entirety of the fundamental gears, you need to begin. 

7. MonsterShop Large Fish Tank Aquarium 1 – Large Aquarium with Extras


The MonsterShop Large Fish Aquarium is made of an 11mm glass. This dark 300-litre aquarium includes a thick body that is scratch-free and makes displaying the fishes lovely. It has an inherent water filtration framework and has a lot of room for keeping a lot of fish. There’s likewise a pivoted hatch for feeding which also guards the fish against any of your other pets that may want to eat it. 

This is a truly complete aquarium that includes everything you need to get you fish-caring hobby started. It also comes alongside a cutting-edge locker tossed in with the arrangement. This pack additionally incorporates 5 kg of dark rock, an enormous tree root adornment, a reversible stick-on foundation, and artificial plants. There is also a year guarantee when you purchase from the right store.

  • Made with scratch-free glass
  • Includes led lighting system.
  • Huge size for many fishes
  • Pivoted feeding hatch
  • Includes a stand and cabinet
  • Incorporates a 3-phase filtration framework
  • Comes with different apparatuses such as vacuum, warmer, and rocks.
  • It doesn’t have a heater

This is a truly complete aquarium that includes everything you need to get you fish-caring hobby started. It also comes alongside a cutting-edge locker tossed in with the arrangement. This pack additionally incorporates 5 kg of dark rock, an enormous tree root adornment, a reversible stick-on foundation, and artificial plants. There is also a year guarantee when you purchase from the right store.

8. SCA Starfire 50-Gallon Glass Aquarium Kit – The best saltwater aquarium

Two types of fishes are reared. The tropical and saltwater fishes. Maintaining a flourishing saltwater aquarium is a distinctive but remunerating task. SCA Starfire 50-Gallon Glass Aquarium Kit is a definitive aquarium for hopeful saltwater aquarium enthusiasts. With regards to keeping the water quality in a marine aquarium high, you need something other than the usual filtration framework. 

  • Large 50-gallon rimless aquarium
  • Glass is durable and algae-resistant
  • Incorporates a large locker for storing
  • Incorporates a 3-phase filtration framework
  • The kit includes a protein skimmer
  • Includes a return pump
  • Incorporates a sump framework
  • The assembly required is much
  • The locker stand also has to be assembled

The protein skimmer helps eliminate natural wastes from the water section. An arrangement of powerheads will also be required to encourage water stream. Likewise, you will have to come up with a framework for changing the water without altering the balance of salinity or water. This is the ideal aquarium that will help you out with these special tasks even if you are not an expert. The SCA Starfire 50-Gallon Glass Aquarium Kit comes with a rimless 50-gallon capacity aquarium with an exemplary 3D shape plan and a rock-solid locker with a lot of extra room. The aquarium itself is profoundly sturdy, so you never need to stress over splits or spills, and the locker further offers steadfastness. 

Likewise, this aquarium comes with a protein skimmer, a 3-stage filtration system, a sump framework, and a pump. The only things you could to start are the lightning system and the saltwater fish of your choice. Although this aquarium is slightly priced above many, you would be getting value for your money as it is a top-notch 50-gallon glass aquarium that has an uncompromising locker and everything that you require to begin. This is regarded by many as the best fish tank for maintaining a saltwater environment.

9. Hagen Fluval Flex Aquarium Kit – A Contemporary Styled Aquarium


 Think fashionable and stylish aquariums this is what it would look like. The styling is curved and contemporary, making this a cutting-edge fish tank and gives it a remarkable appearance. Your front or back rooms have a great beautification with this aquarium. It contains a light and an amazing 3-phase channel. Also, you can change your preferred LED lights to a shade utilizing the controller. That is, the light is dimmable.

  • Very large size to give room for many fishes
  • Strong glass material
  • Comes with additional items included
  • Incorporates a 3-phase filtration framework
  • It does not come with a heater

With this fish tank, you can tweak it to the extraordinary, making your own special home for your pet fish. At a liberal 15 gallons, it’s a unique medium-sized alternative and would be ideal for any fish owner, regardless of experience.

Aquarium and Fish Tanks Buying Guide in the UK

 It is important to take note of certain factors when setting out to get an aquarium in the UK. When considering the hobby of fish keeping, some elements may influence others. For example, the kind of fish you want to rear will determine the type of aquarium to go for. In the same vein, if an aquarium is what you select first, then, the fish to rear has to be compatible with the aquarium type you have. Above, we have listed the top fish tanks in different categories. It is time now to introduce you to the things to look out for when you intend to select an aquarium. 

Type of Fish

 To ensure that you are doing what is right for your pet fishes, ensure you realize what sort of fish you’d like before you purchase your aquarium. To put it plainly, fishes require various conditions for their wellbeing and growth. They are sensitive, and their environment must be carefully taken care off. Extensively, there are two fundamental kinds of fish may be kept as pets: 

Coldwater fish: 

An example is a goldfish. These kinds of fishes require an aquarium with cold water. Therefore, a thermometer and water filter system must be in place to ensure the best for them.

Tropical fish:

An example is the cichlids, betta fish, guppies. To successfully keep these fishes, you’ll require an aquarium with heaters, a thermometer, and filters. 

There aren’t numerous aquariums that are built explicitly for either kind of fish, albeit realizing this will assist you with picking an aquarium that works best for, and can be custom-made to, your type of fish.

Aquarium Size

 To ensure that the fishes have ample space to play and develop, you must consider buying an aquarium that is big enough to contain them. Aquariums come with measurement either in litres or gallons. It is recommended that you get an aquarium that has a capacity of over 5 litres. This will make maintenance easy.

It would be best if you keep not more than five fishes in an aquarium with a 10-litre capacity. You may need to run a little calculation there. There are, however, fishes that prefer smaller environments such as betta fishes. You should also remember that the bigger the aquarium, the bigger your fishes are going to grow.

Aquarium Material Type

 The kind of material used for the production of the aquarium should also be put into consideration. Aquariums may be built from glass, acrylic or plastic, with glass being the most common. Drinks are easy to deal with, and they prevent scratches.

Acrylic is more flexible and can, therefore, be available in different shapes. The clarity can, however, deteriorate with time, but they are lighter and powerful. Plastics are utilized in children’s aquarium since they are just starting. They can also be used for keeping fishes while the main aquarium is undergoing a cleanup.

Aquarium Accessories

 Different aquariums come with other accessories. Buying these accessories independently can end up making you spend too much. Therefore, you should carefully check each aquarium and select one with the accessories that you would need. 

The common accessories your aquarium is likely going to incorporate include filters, heater, thermometer and light. Others may come with aquarium embellishments, cleaning equipment or fish foods. This makes things simpler and much more affordable.


Generally, the round bowl was an exemplary design that was purchased for kids for keeping a couple of goldfish. But nowadays, there are numerous designs in which your aquarium can come in. Some techniques are also recommended since they are easier to clean, for instance, the aquariums with flat sides.

It is likewise important to check the size to have an aquarium that you can keep without disturbances at home. 


Above is a list of the top aquariums that are available for purchase in the UK. The features and extra highlights of each aquarium have been explained with their pros and cons. This is to enable you to choose the best for keeping your pet fish. 

The BiOrb Classic is highly recommended. Even though it has a limited design, it is very affordable and durable. If you want something more stylish, go for Superfish LEDAquarium or Zenph Aquarium. Additionally, this aquarium buying guide will go a long way in assisting your choice of a fish tank.

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