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Checkout Best Aquarium UV Sterilizer UK

Anyone who has an aquarium is aware of the importance of cleanliness of the water in the tank. Otherwise, the aquarium is invaded by the growth of bacteria and microorganisms, which can be the cause of loss of fishes. You would come across internal filters embedded in the aquariums to filter off the impurities in the water. But the question is, are these internal filters equipped to restrict algae growth in your aquarium to ensure the well-being of your precious fishes? 

Even a few years back, I thought that using an internal filter would help discard the algae. But I noticed that the fishes are dying gradually even though I was feeding them timely, and the filter was turned on. I was desperate to find a solution, so I approached a pro aquarist, and he asked me,’ do you have a UV sterilizer in the aquarium’? I didn’t know what it was, so I googled it and placed an order on an eCommerce outlet.  

I followed the instructions and installed it inside the aquarium and guess what, I saw my fishes happily and healthily growing. Ordinary filters cannot strain out microorganisms, which act as a threat to your fishes’ lives. However, a UV sterilizer makes the most of the UV light technology’s power to eliminate bacteria and parasite freely floating in the aquarium water. If you wish for a thriving aquarium, using a UV sterilizer is a must because it is manually impossible for a regular filter to drive away disease-causing parasites and algae growing in the water.

Since there are many options for UV sterilizers available online, you might find it challenging to select the best one for you. To help you make an informed decision in this regard, I have reviewed the top 10 UV sterilizers available in the UK below.

Top 10 Aquarium UV Sterilizer UK

1. All Pond Solutions UK Aquarium Fish Tank Filter with 5w UV Steriliser

All Pond Solutions Aquarium Fish Tank Filter with 5w UV Steriliser

All Pond Solutions Aquarium Fish Tank Filter with 5w UV Steriliser

The fish tank filter with a powerful UV sterilizer attached promises outstanding performance and versatility. You can use it on both saltwater and freshwater tank, depending on your needs. The tank pumps the water at a steady rate so that it passes past the UV sterilizer enclosed inside the quartz glass compartment and the light is evenly spread on the water. However, the best part is that the filter uses a multi-stage approach to ensure that no contaminants remain in the tank. 

There are different filters available in the sterilizer to provide chemical and biological filtration to your aquarium. Their operation mode is similar to that of powerhead filters, but they are present outside the tank, so they use an inlet tube to extract the water and an outlet tube to push the water inside the tank.  


  • The tank filter is efficient for up to 190 litres of saltwater and 115 litres of freshwater aquariums.
  • The capacity of the built-in UV sterilizer is 5W. 
  • There are waterfall outlets present to provide more oxygen to the fishes. 
  • It comes with a hang-on so that the filter can sit conveniently on top of the aquarium.
  • With the UV indicator’s help, you can see whether it is operating without removing the bulb.
  • You can switch on or off the UV light with the help of a single switch. 
  • The filter allows you to adjust the flow rate of the water. 
  • Comes with a bio box.
  • Does not occupy much space
  • Water flow can be adjusted.
  • Cleans all debris within a few hours.
  • Water leakage issues
  • UV bulb burns out quickly.

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2. SADA72 UK Oxygen Pump and UV Sterilizer 

SADA72 Oxygen Pump, UV Sterilizer 

SADA72 Oxygen Pump, UV Sterilizer 

The device by SADA functions both as a UV sterilizer and an oxygen pump for your aquarium. Setting this compact sterilizer in your aquarium is super easy, as it does not need any additional tubing or pump to work. The UV sterilizer works effectively regardless of the type of aquarium water it is placed on, freshwater or saltwater aquarium.

Furthermore, the UV sterilizer spreads evenly on the flow to neutralize the growth of algae and other harmful parasites. The single-line power cord enables clutter-free operation. You also have the option to install it in a vertical or horizontal position on top of your aquarium. 


  • It is suitable for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums and small ponds. 
  • It supplies adequate oxygen to the water flow of the aquarium. 
  • The powerful UV sterilizer effectively eliminates the algae along with other microorganisms.
  • The sterilizer is robust but compact and fits easily on the aquarium. 
  • Users can position it either horizontally or vertically on the aquarium. 
  • You would not need to purchase any additional tubes or pumps to use this sterilizer. 
  • The sterilizer fish tank delivers a decent water flow in the aquarium, thus maximizing the filtration process.
  • Good value for money
  • Assures longevity
  • Super easy setup and installation
  • The lamp can be replaced easily.
  • Instructions are written in Chinese
  • Spare parts are not easily found.

3. SunSun Aquarium UK External Canister Filter with 9W UV Sterilizer 

SunSun Aquarium External Canister Filter with 9W UV Sterilizer

SunSun Aquarium External Canister Filter with 9W UV Sterilizer

If you are keen to keep your aquarium water clean at all times, then the broad features of this canister filter with UV sterilizer from SunSun will suit your needs. It is quite a versatile option as the UV sterilizer is suitable for aquariums, ponds, and reefs. The best part about buying this filter is you would not need to spend on any additional pumps and filters to install and use it.  

The water pump embedded in the device can pump up to 793 gallons of water per hour of UV light. The sterilizer comes with powerful suction pumps, and with its help, you can mount the filter on any side of the aquarium. Even before the water reaches the UV light, most of the debris is wiped out, all thanks to the filter sponge.


  • You can adjust the flow rate of the aquarium and set it at a maximum of 793 litres.
  • There is a built-in skimmer for added efficiency. 
  • With the help of the LCD light, you can control the duration of the UV lamp.
  • No additional water filter or pumps is needed. 
  • Suitable for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums and ponds.
  • It comes with a powerful motor of 40 w to filter the water within a few hours.
  • Super easy to mount it on top of the aquarium. 

Pros & Cons

  • Can be installed vertically and horizontally
  • No additional hardware is required
  • The powerful motor of the filter
  • Can clean the debris effectively
  • The motor does not offer durability
  • Works poorly for large tanks

3. Jacksking UK Aquarium Filter UV Sterilizer Lamp Oxygen Pump Fish Tank 

Jacksking Aquarium Filter UV Sterilizer Lamp Oxygen Pump Fish Tank 

Jacksking Aquarium Filter UV Sterilizer Lamp Oxygen Pump Fish Tank 

Jacksling offers a broad range of sterilizing UV filters for aquariums, and thus you should take a look at their offerings, including this one. The filter with a UV sterilizer attached is made of high-grade plastic, and thus the device is robust and, at the same time, non-toxic. The advanced design can carry out three functions: sterilizing the algae-infected water, supplying oxygen to the fishes, and pumping the water. 

The UV light is enclosed inside a protective PVC cover so to prevent leakage. With the help of this sterilizer, you can even adjust the water flow as per your convenience. The lightweight and compact device can easily fit into an aquarium side without occupying a bigger space. You can even easily detach the filter from the aquarium and clean it effortlessly for better performance.


  • You can adjust the outlet of the device to 90 degrees.
  • It is built with premium quality plastic and is completely safe and non-toxic.
  • You can adjust the aquarium’s water flow with the help of a single button in the sterilizer.
  • The powerful UV light is safely enclosed inside a PVC cover.
  • It comes with vigorous suckers, which enable it to sit tightly on the wall of the aquarium.
  • Performs three functions of sterilizing, aerating, and pumping quite effectively.
  • Increases the oxygen flow in the water, thus allowing the fishes to have a healthy life.
  • Adjustable outlet angle
  • The adjustable water flow of the aquarium
  • The built of the device is decent.
  • The 3-in-1 function of the sterilizer
  • Durability is not guaranteed.
  • Leakage issues are reported.

4. AA Aquarium Mini Green Killing Machine Internal UV Sterilizer

AA Aquarium Mini Green Killing Machine Internal UV Sterilizer

AA Aquarium Mini Green Killing Machine Internal UV Sterilizer

As the name suggests, this machine is powered with specialized features to kill the algae in your aquarium without using toxic chemicals. The sterilizer’s UV wavelength is about 254 nm, and it can effectively clean impurities from 80 Liter of water. The UV sterilizer is entirely submersible in the aquarium water. Furthermore, it allows the water to flow in a zigzag direction to enable equal UV distribution to the water to remove all the microorganisms. 

You would be easily able to install it as it does not require any external plumbing. You can use the suction containers to fit the device on the surface of the aquarium. There is also a LED indicator to alert you whenever you need to change the UV bulb. 


  • Works effectively in aquariums with 80 litres of water. 
  • You will have to clip in the device to any waterfall filter, and it will start its operation.
  • Removes the cloudiness from the aquarium water and keeps it crystal clean.
  • Offers UV wavelength radiation of up to 254 nm.
  • Eliminates mould and yeast growth from the water flow. 
  • LED light signals to alert about UV light replacement. 
  • The UV sterilizer bulb of 3watt is protected inside a plastic cover.
  • Can be installed within 5 minutes
  • Comes with suction cups
  • No external plumbing needed
  • Huge UV exposure to water
  • The plastic used is of low quality.
  • A bit of cloudiness remains.

5. AquaUltraviolet UK Advantage Aquarium UV Sterilizer

AquaUltraviolet Advantage Aquarium UV Sterilizer

AquaUltraviolet Advantage Aquarium UV Sterilizer

If you notice the aquarium water getting green even after you replace it, it might be the result of algae growth. But there is no need to worry as long as you consider using a UV sterilizer to disinfectant the water. One such effective UV sterilizer by AquaUltraviolet delivers excellent results in removing viruses, bacteria, protozoa, and algae from the aquarium, fish reefs, and small ponds. The device is compact and comes in a slim profile, so it will not occupy much space.  

Although it is suitable for a 75-gallon aquarium, the manufacturer advises users to install the device on smaller water bodies for better results. Also, the device is feather-light, so it would not damage your aquarium at any cost.


  • If you use it regularly in your aquarium, no algae growth will be found.
  • It eliminates the cloudiness from the aquarium water.
  • Just follow the instructions to set it up with ease. 
  • There is a timer included in the filter that alerts you.
  • Ideal for small ponds and reefs, apart from aquariums.
  • It can sterilize water quantity of a maximum of 75 gallons.
  • The filter with UV features can clean your aquarium within 3-5 days.
  • Super easy to set up.
  • Works for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums.
  • Water becomes crystal clear.
  • PVC built of the filter.
  • Sealing issues
  • Does not come with a mounting bracket.

6. Jebao UK Pond UV Light Sterilizer

Jebao Pond UV Light Sterilizer

Jebao Pond UV Light Sterilizer

If lately, you have been noticing that your fishes are all getting sick, then the most chances are that your aquarium is infested with algae. It is not uncommon, and most aquarists come across this often, but they deal with it by using a UV sterilizer on their aquarium or pond. If you can relate to this, then you might find this pond UV sterilizer by Jebao of your interests. The sterilizer is manufactured to kill all water-borne organisms so that your fishes can swim healthily.  

Also, you can use the device on saltwater and freshwater ponds, reefs, and aquariums. The UV lamp embedded in the device targets and kills the RNA/DNA of microorganisms and does not harm your fishes in anyways. The manufacturer claims that this filter will deliver the best results when used with a water filter in your aquarium.


  • It comes with a long power cord of size 22 feet so you can connect it to the mains effortlessly. 
  • The vitriolic UVC clarifier eliminates all the disease-causing microorganisms from your aquarium.  
  • The UVC light is powerful and detects microorganisms effectively when passed through it. 
  • A visual function indicator is available in this sterilizer. 
  • It consumes less power, and thus the running cost of this UV sterilizer pump is relatively low.
  • It can effectively kill all the germs and bacteria from ponds holding up to 8000 gallons of water. 
  • Comes with two inlet and outlet adaptors. 
  • Delivers results within a few hours.
  • The power chord is quite long.
  • It can be mounted vertically or horizontally.
  • Easy to install.
  • Risk of leakage.
  • Light clips are wobbly. 

7. AOPOW UK Aquarium Fish Tank Internal Filter

AOPOW Aquarium Fish Tank Internal Filter

AOPOW Aquarium Fish Tank Internal Filter

Pro aquarists are always on the lookout for UV sterilizing filters, which guarantees usability, durability, and longevity. This UV sterilizer for fish tanks manufactured by AOPOW is made off premium quality components, and thus longevity is assured to the users. The sterilizing device also increases the quantity of oxygen in the aquarium, thus allowing fishes healthy lives.

The sterilizer offers pumping functions as well, and therefore with the help of it, you can adjust the rate of water flow in the aquarium. The UV light is enclosed within a protective covering to prevent leakage issues.


  • The sterilizer can efficiently kill all the bacteria, pathogens, yeast, and other microorganisms invading the lives of your fishes.
  • It can also reduce cloudiness from the aquarium water, thus making it crystal clear.
  • Offers pumping function, so installing additional pumps is not required.
  • The sterilizer is also equipped with oxygen supplying features. 
  • The UV light is housed inside a quartz glass covering not to harm the fishes.  
  • For better results, the UV light can also be completely submerged in the aquarium water.
  • The UV sterilizer can be easily removed for cleaning purposes. 
  • The flow rate can be adjusted.
  • It can be used in saltwater and freshwater aquariums.
  • Oxygen supply feature
  • UV light is submersible
  • Does not come with a UK power chord.
  • Packaging is poor

8. Fish R Fun Mini Green Killing Machine Aquarium UV Filter Sterilizer

Fish R Fun Mini Green Killing Machine Aquarium UV Filter Sterilizer

Fish R Fun Mini Green Killing Machine Aquarium UV Filter Sterilizer

If you have been searching for a mini and compact device ready to use without any hassles, you should check out this product now. For starters, the power of UV sterilizer comes in the form of this mini machine, which is potent enough to kill all the parasites and algae growing exponentially in your aquarium. The best thing about this is that the UV lamp will be in direct contact with the water flow, and thus all the harmful bacteria of the water will be eliminated instantly.

The power of the UV bulb is 3W, and it is sufficient for up to 20 gallons of aquarium water. To avoid the UV sterilizer’s deterioration with time, the UV bulb is enclosed in a protective covering. You can decide to either turn on or off the UV bulb, depending on your requirement.


  • The LED light indicator will tell you whether the UV bulb needs to be replaced. 
  • It does a great job of removing cloudiness from small-sized aquariums.
  • The sponge of the sterilizer can be easily rinsed.
  • Within 5-7 days, your aquarium water is expected to become crystal clear.
  • The sterilizer filter even enables you to adjust the water flow at all times. 
  • You would only require 5 minutes to install it on the aquarium. 
  • Sealed UV bulb design prevents corrosion
  • Noticeable changes within a few hours
  • Works even for 160 L aquarium.
  • Small and compact sized UV sterilizing filter.
  • A bit noisy
  • Problems with plugging.

9. CanKun UK Aquarium UV Sterilizer Lamp

CanKun Aquarium UV Sterilizer Lamp

CanKun Aquarium UV Sterilizer Lamp

Aquarists looking for a high-power UV sterilizer should check out the review of this sterilizer with double UV light. If you have already used a UV sterilizer and have not been satisfied with the results, then you can go ahead and make the most of the power of dual UV lamps as well. The UV lamps are safeguarded inside a quartz tube so that the lamps remain isolated from the aquarium’s water.

Also, the glass tube owns high light-transmitting properties, so it is affected by UV radiation. The USP of the device is that it allows you to install the device following any one of the multiple procedures enlisted in the instruction manual. It removes the algae buildup from the water and eliminates the foul odour associated with it.


  • The device has the power to sterilize the aquarium water even in a second.
  • You can use the sterilizer in aquariums, fish tanks, and ponds.
  • The UV lamp life is longer than 5000 hours, and after that, it can be replaced easily.
  • The glass quartz tube regulates the wavelength of the UV light to maximize its antibacterial action. 
  • Algae, moss, and bacteria are eliminated with high efficiency.
  • Improves the quality of the aquarium water by decomposing all the harmful substances present in it. 
  • It even helps you get rid of the stink in the aquarium water.
  • You can choose from several installation methods.
  • Suitable for fish farming and water planting.
  • Power of double UV lamps.
  • Extended life of the UV lamps.
  • Might not be suitable for small aquariums.
  • Replacing UV lamps is troublesome. 

Aquarium UV Sterilizer UK Buying guide

UV sterilizers are more effective than conventional cleaning methods at killing these germs but do not always eradicate all bacteria. You can also use them on freshwater aquariums and live plants for optimal health. Many plants should not be washed with an ammoniacal water rinse, and a UV sterilizer can kill most of these.

If you have reached this point in the article, you must have a handful of options for aquarium UV sterilizers. But what if you are still not in sync with the basics of the aquarium UV sterilizers, which you must know before investing in the product? Worry not, because you are not alone, and there are hundreds of others like you who want to know about these FAQS about aquarium UV sterilizers:

How to choose the best UV sterilizer?

All the products reviewed in this article are best in their ways, but since it is illogical to purchase all these together, you will have to make a final decision. If you are into fish culturing, you need to choose the sterilizer based on the power of the pump and the type of microorganisms it can eliminate. In case you are looking forward to buying a UV sterilizer to use in your home aquarium, you can judge the products based on their usability, their compactness, efficiency to reduce cloudiness, and lastly, their cost.

How to maintain a UV sterilizer?

Maintaining your UV sterilizer is as easy as placing an order for it on an eCommerce store. Follow the instructions, detach it from your aquarium and give it a deep cleanse to restore its efficiency. While you are on the cleaning spree, pay special attention to the pump and the crystal sleeve. Also, inspect the condition of the UV lamp to check whether it needs to be replaced.

Are UV sterilizers for aquarium harmful for your fishes?

It is just the opposite; or in other words, UV sterilizers benefit fishes greatly. There is no question of harming them because fishes are resistant to UV rays. UV rays supposedly revitalize the pigments of fishes, and that is why when fishes are exposed to UV rays, their colours seem to be more vivid.

How to install the UV sterilizer on the aquarium?

Although the installation process is easy and straightforward, it is wise to read the instructions manual thoroughly. Check whether any fixtures or accessories are required during the installation. Also, be careful with the power chords to prevent any disasters.

How to use the aquarium UV sterilizer?

To use the UV sterilizer, you need to first filter the aquarium water with the mechanical filter system comprising of canister filters. Now you need to run the filtered water through the UV sterilizer and direct it towards the aquarium. For more details, read the manufacturer’s instructions and go through the features mentioned in this article.

Will the UV sterilizer eliminate the good bacteria from the aquarium?

UV sterilizers can only kill free-floating algae and bacteria, and these are the bad ones. The good ones, however, biofilters and live rocks, so they are not harmed.  


Now that you have come to the end of this article, you must have wishlisted a few UV sterilizers but probably could not decide on the best one! To help you out, I am enlisting my favourites out of the ten products reviewed in this article: 

Best product- All Pond Solutions Aquarium Fish Tank Filter with 5w UV Steriliser

Value for money- SADA72 Oxygen Pump, UV Sterilizer 

Expensive- SunSun Aquarium External Canister Filter with 9W UV Sterilizer for Fish Tank

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