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Best All-Terrain Tyres UK

Every year, 20% more injuries take place due to people driving on the wrong tyres during winter months. This shows that it is always a good idea to know the correct tyre size that will best suit the conditions that you want to drive in. If you are a heavy driver, we recommend that you buy the size of tyre that is more suitable for your driving habits. If you are a light driver, we recommend that you buy the size of tyre that is most suitable for your vehicle.

Before we go into how to buy 4×4 all-terrain tyres, lets first clarify the difference between 4×4 tires and all-terrain tyres. 4×4 all-terrain tyres are made to be the same size as regular off-road tyres however they have a tread that is designed to withstand the all-terrain terrain that the vehicle is going to encounter. This is why 4×4 tyres come in different widths; it can be a lot more convenient for you to pick the size of tyre that is more suitable for the drive that you want to take.

Each 4×4 tyre has a different tread pattern, and these tread patterns also have extra durability so choosing the correct tread pattern for your 4×4 will depend on the terrain that you plan on taking the vehicle through.

4×4 all-terrain tyres are designed to be robust in all weather conditions, they can be used for trail driving, rock crawling, snow driving and they can also be used on the sand or mud. 4×4 all-terrain tyres are durable enough to withstand a variety of rugged environments. 4×4 all-terrain tyres are equipped with a tread pattern that is designed to grip the road and grip the surface of the earth and keep the vehicle moving.

4×4 all-terrain tyres can be used on 4x4s, but they will not work on a 2×4 that is not designed for off-road use. When you are selecting 4×4, all-terrain tyres make sure that they are compatible with your 4×4 vehicles.

If you are after a tyre that will be the best for your vehicle, we recommend that you take a look at the all-terrain tyres that we have on offer today. I have reviewed some of the popular all-terrain tyres, although these tyres are generally quite reasonably priced they are the best all-terrain tyres.

The tyres that we have on offer are designed with 4×4 vehicles in mind; they offer a lot of grip, and they have a specialised tread pattern that offers great grip; all this helps the tyre provide the best performance for the conditions that the vehicle will encounterI have made a list of detailed reviews below and later added an ultimate guide that will lead you to buy the right and more suitable pairs of tyres for your vehicle.

Top 10 All-Terrain Tyres UK

1. Falken Wildpeak UK A/T AT01 All-Terrain Tyres

Falken Wildpeak A/T AT01

Falken Wildpeak A/T AT01

As far as I have found, the Falken wild peak is an all-rounder, and most of the tyres included in the list as closely all-rounder in some context. However, Falken has stepped into the market with many features that are helpful to have a safe and sound journey. For your ease, if you consider durability as the main factor, then it’s a five-rib block, and rigid design provides extreme durability.

Moreover, you can also experience both on-road and off-road optimized driving and handling. The tread is superbly designed with wide two steel belts for stability and deep grooves for removing snow, water, and mud through inlets that continue the tyres’ movement. Also, these tyres are more traction sensitive to provide additional control. You can find tyres in different sizes from 15-inchto24-inch with diameter up to 37″.


  • The block shoulder design gives hard looks and lowers the tyre noise.
  • Long sweeping sipes provide the additional traction.
  • The multi-angled grooves evacuate snow, mud, water and the block edges ensure all-terrain traction.
  • For driving on-road and off-road sides, the open shoulder grooves allow effective controlling the handling.
  • The rigid bead apex provides sidewall stability.
  • The extra stiff and sweeping steel belts are for stability during off-road handling.
  • The easy and comfortable ride is provided by the nylon band (joint less).
  • All-terrain suitable tyres
  • Strong traction
  • No noise
  • Less effective in wet places 

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2. Bridgestone Dueler A/T 001 UK All Terrain Tyre

Bridgestone Dueler A/T 001

Bridgestone Dueler A/T 001

Bridgestone is an old name in the tyre market, and thus its products are reliable. The one all-terrain tyre that I have selected is Bridge Dueler, all-terrain. This tyre comes with many different specifications. These tyres aim to keep you safe by providing excellent handling both on-road and off-road sides in any season.

The tyre provides robust traction on off-road and robust grip on on-road. The tyres are suitable for challenging terrain. You can drive in snowy, wet, dry, and other places easily. The grooves are designed to let water and snow quickly out of the tyre to keep a better grip.


  • The tread is designed to experience versatility on both on and off-road sides with good traction and a stable ride.
  • All-season tread compounds provide a firm grip for all seasons.
  • The3PMSFmarking ensures a safe and secure drive in snow.
  • The safety factor is more increased due to grooves and contact patches that remove water and give both on and off-road stability, respectively.
  • Better traction is provided by optimized tread with block geometry and rubber compound both in snow and muddy areas.
  • More traction in snow, water, and mud
  • Increased safety and stability
  • Secure handling
  • Smooth drives
  • All-terrain and all-season tyre
  • Durable
  • Carries less load
  • Might get less effective for off-road sides

3. Firestone Multihawk UK All Terrain Tyre

Firestone Multihawk

Firestone Multihawk

Among the list of all-terrain tyres, the Firestone multitask reduced price with unique features from subtle design to excellent braking and traction. If you don’t want to spend more money on tyres, these tyres would be a better choice. These tyres do not produce noise and allow experiencing smooth and quiet drive. Significantly, these tyres are all way reliable for multiple terrain and weather conditions.

Thus, you can experience better driving in both wet and dry areas. I find these tyres to be more compromising as they are budget-friendly and comes with reliable features. Therefore, it can be a better choice within a limited price range plus, most features you might need.


  • Elegant, comfortable, quiet, and subtle design with better traction or braking performance.
  • Primarily the multihawk is a summer tyre that gives better performance in different conditions.
  • Mutlihawk is for tackling multiple conditions of either road or weather.
  • The braking performance is far better in wet and dry areas by providing a firm grip on a dry road and actively drains water to avoid skidding on wet roads.
  • Excellent braking performance
  • Quiet performance
  • Ensure comfortable driving
  • Might get less productive during winters
  • Might have reduced life span 

4. Goodyear EfficientGrip UK Performance Tyres

Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance

Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance

Goodyear efficient grip tyre might not name all-terrain, but they are tested and seen very reliable with outstanding performance. The tyre can bear the pressure of extreme weather conditions, either it’s rain, flood, or hot climate. These tyres can also undergo amazingly without any blown or puncture on rocky and dirt areas. The rolling resistance of these tyres is superb, with soft sidewalls that provide a more comfortable drive.

Both dry and wet grip is outstanding. Moreover, the softer compound is safe and progressive. These provide more miles with smooth running and comfortable drives all around. So, you can consider these if you are more conscious of performance and quality.


  • The tyres are excellent on dry roads and also low consumption of fuel.
  • Efficient grip performance shows better handling in rocky problematic dirt areas.
  • Soft sidewalls ensure more comfort throughout the drive.
  • The rolling resistance, traction, or braking performance is better in these tyres.
  • More miles
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Reliable for extreme weather conditions
  • No noise
  • Reduced aquaplaning
  • The soft compound might get understeer 

5. Goodyear Wrangler UK AT Adventure Tyres

Goodyear Wrangler AT Adventure

Goodyear Wrangler AT Adventure

The Goodyear Wrangler AT tyres is most suitable for you if you want both on-road and off-road drives with durability, dependability, and overall performance. These tyres can be fitted for trucks, SUVs, and vans because of varying sizes from metric or LT sizes for LoadRangeE. The tread compound is more durable than before and is strongly made for more prolonged use.

Additionally, DuPont Kevlar is another compound with increased resistance for tears, cuts, and chunks. This pro-graded tyre can help you look for tyres that can perform better for your heavy load pulling. Moreover, the Kevlar compound ensures more durability and safe drives if you travel on gravel roads or other challenging terrains.


  • The DurawallTechnology is responsible for adding more strength to sidewall integrity and prevent it from cuts and bruises.
  • The open shoulder block and symmetric patterned tread flow the rims through snowy and wet roads during rain.
  • The traction is also enhanced on both rocky and dirt roads and light mud.
  • The tyre possesses high tensile steel makes belts for better durability and strength.
  • Pro-graded tyres contain two Kevlar layers.
  • Size ranges from 15 inches to 20 inches with a warranty up to 60,000 miles.
  • Traction for both wet and dry on-road
  • Better traction for light terrain
  • Comfortable drives
  • More life span of tread
  • Reduced mud performance 

6. Yokohama UK Geolandar A/T All Terrain Tryes

Yokohama Geolandar A/T

Yokohama Geolandar A/T

A better tyre, if your topmost priorities include durability, better performance, and smooth handling as the GeolandarAT provides enhanced traction for better all-terrain performance.

If you are a working person or require smooth drives for play on either highways or trails, each size is perfectly designed for more all-terrain potential and traction. You can also experience better handling both on-road and off-road drives with increased tread life, noise-free, and comfortable driving.

These tyres are standing out for their increased grip features, mostly for all-terrain. They can handle or bear a load of 105 with a 2-inch lift without troubling. Also, they exceptionally have more grip on gravel roads as well as unstoppable on dry gravel roads. They also provide a smooth experience over slippery rocks and will help you increase your confidence.


  • The additional compound made for this model has used silica and triple polymer for more durability.
  • The shoulder sides are even wide to increase traction with long and all even wear.
  • Tyres are covered thoroughly with nylon with optimized grooves and come with an aggressive shoulder design.
  • Traction for both on-road and off-road
  • Both winter and summer performance
  • Well handling on highways and trails
  • The increased life span of tread
  • Might show reduced wet performance in some cases 

7. BF Goodrich All-Terrain Tyre

BF Goodrich All-Terrain Tyre

BF Goodrich All-Terrain Tyre

One of my brother’s favourite tyres for his pick-up truck is a good deal for Jeep and SUV. These tyres come with exceptional traction for both on-road and off-road sides and comfortable with all-terrain and all weather conditions. All rides with BF Goodrich tyres are noise and distraction-free. The improved design had made these tyres produce less noise and more durability. The tread compound is designed to keep the tyre resistant to cuts, chunks, or tears.

The interlocking features of the tread improve stability and even wear all around the tyre with footprint features. Moreover, the gravel road experience is far better; thus, if you have to go out in rural areas regularly or live there, this tyre can be a better option. According to a test, the BFG gives 10% to 19% more traction on mud and snow terrains.


  • BFG’s sidewall is a rubber compound with more thickness, making the tyre more durable and rigid.
  • The steel belts supported with nylon and polyester sidewall (Tri-Gard) makes the tyre robust and reliable.
  • Interlocking tread block is made for all-terrain pattern due to computer Optimization.
  • Rubber blocks that are biter lugs on the sidewall increase traction on mud and snow.
  • Another 3-D sipes locking system is surrounding the tread with griping edges for better and strong adhesion.
  • Suitable for wet, snowy, and dry terrain
  • Durable, firm, tougher tread
  • Increased traction performance
  • Loud tires 

8. Tyre Scorpion A/T UK Tyres

Tyre Scorpion A/T

Tyre Scorpion A/T

Another tremendous featured all-terrain tyre is the new Scorpion. If you are more adventurer and love discovering countrysides like me or maybe for your work purposes, these tyres stand out on tough and rough surfaces. The tyres provide traction on mud, grass, sand, and snow. The aggressive design of tread makes a long journey even safe and comfortable. Specific tread design evacuates mud, stones, and water from the footprint.

The new Scorpion has sipes inserted in the tread blocks to ensure more grip on slippery roads. The tyres are also suitable for both tough and rigid off-road sides due to sidewall integrity and block design. Moreover, the M+S (mountain and snowflake) marks make it an all-rounder for every terrain and all-weather tyre.


  • Block tread pattern with high traction and grip performance on off-road.
  • Optimized and even distribution of wear with better braking performance.
  • Water and mud were removed from longitudinal grooves for more traction in mud and wet conditions.
  • Noise is reduced due to a tread block design with a pitch sequence.
  • Wide sidewall for high safety and damage-free and robust performance.
  • More mileage
  • Suitable for both on-road and off-road terrains
  • Reduced noise and comfortable rides
  • Highway stability
  • Produce noise on rough surfaces 

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9. COOPER Discoverer AT3 XLT All_Terrain Radial Tyre

COOPER Discoverer AT3 XLT All_Terrain Radial Tire

Peter Storm

The copper discoverer tyre is best suited for pick-up trucks and other vehicles that seem aggressive off-roading and visually appealing. As said, the stronger the tyres, the confident a rider will; thus, these tyres can add more spice to your play.

The grooves and long-lasting tread technology possesses built-in interlocking edges inserted into the sidewall for increased traction and firm grip. All-terrain, including mud, rocky, loose soil, and wet, are easily bearable, and traction is even on every terrain. The tyres contain sound barriers for reducing noise during driving. They are also suitable for all seasons without losing grip and comfort.


  • Tyres are all seasons and terrain.
  • It can hold heavy loads without more wear.
  • Capable of withstanding on both dirt and gravel roads.
  • Suitable for hauling with extreme durability.
  • Tread technology provides more resistant on wet roads and silica compound with terrain tread patterns that make the tyres more capable of chip and cut (external).
  • Sixty thousand miles warranty of treadwear.
  • More firm grip on dry, snow, and wet surfaces
  • Increased traction on off-road terrain
  • Less noise
  • Gravel removal due to self-cleaning mechanism
  • A bit pricey 

10. Continental CrossContact AT Tyre

Continental CrossContactAT

Continental CrossContactAT

Last on the all-terrain tyre list is Continental Cross Contact, which is all-season suitable and performs well on highways. If you are an owner of pick-up trucks, crossovers, or SUV, then the tyre will tend to be a better choice.

Moreover, the tyre comes with EcoPlus Technology. For better traction, the tyre contains an eco-friendly tread compound. However, the tyres gain fuel mileage more than other tyres. The block tread ensures a firm grip on the ground, especially on dry surfaces with better steering experience.

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  • Tyre possesses symmetrical tread and circumferential and traction grooves for better traction.
  • These treads reduce overall noise on the road and increase comfort.
  • The two steel belts are supported with polyamide to increase durability and life span.
  • Seventy thousand miles warranty of treadwear.
  • Comes in different sizes from 16 inches to 18 inches, with an additional protector for damages.
  • Suitable for wet, snowy, and dry terrain with excellent traction
  • Better steering
  • Less noise
  • More treadwear guarantee
  • Vibration issues in some cases 

All-Terrain Tyres UK Product Guide 

Where I find driving to be one of my life enjoying deal, buying the right tyres for my Jeep was all-time hectic. Once I bought tyres that were not precisely according to my vehicle’s size; however, I was not left with any choice and had to use them. But, one of the tyres was ruptured when I drove off-road sides, and thus, again, it was time to change the tyres. For this purpose, I decided to go through the best all-terrain tyres that could fit exactly my needs before buying as far as, I searched and what’s obvious not every tyre is suitable for on and off- roadsides as well as muddy, wet, snowy and dry roads. Many tyre brands assure tyres to fulfil all your needs.

Moreover, most commonly, we expect several things from our vehicle tyres, and one on the top list is the tyres’ traction. I think what else would be the purpose of tyres if they won’t be able to grip firmly on the road. At least we are not going to slide all over the road, right! Therefore, it’s essential to find durable tyres with good traction and better treads that could not clog themselves while driving in mud or grassy places.

Plus, the tyres we should look for at least have both on and off-road traction to ensure a better driving experience. After that, I realized the tyres should be within the reasonable budget (I mean, we all don’t want our pockets to get empty while buying TYRES and so still want to keep the pockets warm). Let me share another experience that isn’t related to me but is closely related to tyres discussion. However, my brother’s fondness of pick-up trucks led me to better understand different all-terrain tyres after seeing him struggling with different tyres.

Meanwhile, I have seen how necessary it is to keep your truck’s tyres more adjustable (exact size) as for trucks, the speed matters a lot, especially on/off roadsides. If you have one truck, you might have known to such an issue where replacing the truck tyres reduces the overall speed (that’s because big tyres take more place on the ground).

You might feel that all-terrain tyres are similar to one another, and thus, you would feel confused. But, don’t bother your self because there is no doubt that each product is better in its way, however, what I can do for you is to provide some necessary things that you should consider before buying an all-terrain tyre.


There is a common spending rule to buy only according to your pocket-less money equal to cheap tyre and more money equal to highly expensive tyres. However, the case does not remain the same for everything; instead, some purchasing required realistic approaches. For instance, cheap tyres will give you relaxation for money and the headache of accompanied problems due to low quality. On the other hand, highly expensive tyres will only increase your burden, and you will have to pay for a feature you don’t need. Therefore, it is advised to spend a reasonable amount of money on tyres as it doesn’t make sense to spend money thrice a year on tyres or once a year emptying your pockets.


Branding is something more valuable to some people, and they went shopping for things, not necessarily according to their requirements. As for tyre’s brand, several names in the tires market are widely considered to be trusted among many people, but the chance of wrong spending will still be there. Also, it might be possible that your favourite brand does not offer several specific features that you need, but the other brand tyre gives you what exactly you require. Therefore, do not go only BRAND thing; instead, assess carefully to spend your money on valuable things and not only on a tag.


How can we forget about warranties, right! Including everything and especially tyres warranty is another crucial aspect you should consider. While going to but tyres for long terms warranty gives you mind-peace. Thus, in any inconvenience or incident, you can simply replace the tyres according to the warranty. So look for those tyres which give more warranty period.


I will not be going in-depth for features as all the tyres included in the list have the necessary features to look at before buying tyres. Compactly, tread design and composition, traction on different surfaces, comfort, less noise, good sidewall, and smooth driving on-road/off-road are features you should never forget to look for. However, several all-terrain tyres are all-season, all-terrain, or mud terrain. So, if you want specific tyres for specific terrain, it’s up to you, but the current list is most likely to provide you with all in one.


Well, now wrapping the whole discussion, you will be able to choose the right tyre for your companion. It’s always a great deal to buy the exact tyres pair for your Wilder beast as it gives a sense of upgrading the vehicle at all.

Moreover, there is no doubt in it if you got a better pair of tyres, you would experience better and fantastic driving experience as from considerable size to different features that all count for making the vehicle upgraded.

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