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Best Adult Bean Bag UK

Bean bags weren’t made to provide comfort for kids alone. Adults now enjoy the comfort that is provided by bean bags. However, adult bean bags are different from what you knew as a child. The adult versions have a more improved construction, and this is in order to make it give better comfort.

Ever wondered what it would be like to have an extremely comfortable chair that you can take around with you from one room to the other? A chair that is easy to clean and also super supportive. This is what you will enjoy when you choose an adult bean bag.

Best Adult Bean Bag UK 2020

1.   Large Bean Bag Game Recliner

This is a great product that offers so many amazing features. This is the best option for gamers and movie lovers who want to relax and enjoy comfort either when they play games or watch TV. It is important to note that this bean bag is a perfect option for lounging in the garden and also for reading. This product is 1m high, and it provides a very fantastic head and back support for users.

It is made of 100% water repellent polyester fabric material, which makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage. Although I would not recommend leaving it outside all the time it could be classed as water resistant, but not waterproof.

This bag is lightweight, with dimensions of 95 x 75 cm for height and width, respectively.

This is the best option if you are looking for easy and quick comfort. It is perfect for gaming, a cheeky snooze and relaxation in general and one of the best bean bag chairs on the market.

  • Free moving interior filling that offers more rigidity for the neck and back.
  • It is made from 100% water repellent polyester material.
  • It is lightweight
  • It features new and improved materials that make it stronger and long-lasting.
  • It is not as durable as other products, even though it is made from improved materials.

2.   Lumaland XXL Beanbag Chair

Second, on our list of bean bag chairs is one that comes in so many amazing colours that there will surely be one to match your room. This is an extra-large chair that is completely waterproof. It is made of 50% polyester and 50% PVC fabric. This bag is also dust and stain-resistant, which makes it suitable not only for adults but also for children and household pets.

It makes use of EPS filling, which adapts well with anybody posture. This is an amazing snuggle cushion and is perfect for two people, thanks to its large size. This bag also has a very strong seam and an elegant design. It is also a suitable option for both indoor and outdoor use. Unlike other products you will find in the market, Lumaland XXL Beanbag Chair has a removable inlay that makes it possible to decrease or refill the bag with ease.

This bag has a dimension of 140 x 180 cm and a double zipper.

  • It is waterproof
  • It features strong seams
  • It is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Removable and washable cover.
  • Large size may make it too bulky for some users.

3.   Lounge Pug® Large Bean Bag

Third, on our list of bean bag chairs is one from Lough Pug. It is an amazing giant bean bag for people who want to enjoy a unique level of comfort. It is stain-resistant, and it also features child-safe zippers, which helps in ensuring that it cannot be damaged by children. Hard fabrics were used in the design of this to ensure that it is durable.

This is a large-sized armchair with a diameter of 110cm. It can be adjusted such that a lounger, pillow or chair is created for better delivery of comfort. One of the fascinating things about this bean bag is its lightweight, despite its big size. It can be moved around with ease. It is a perfect option for relaxing with friends, watching TV or gaming and would work as a great statement piece in a room.

  • Lightweight which makes moving easy
  • Child safe zippers and hard fabric for durability
  • Fabric is soft to touch, which offers more comfort.
  • Perfect for gaming, relaxing with friends and also for watching TV.
  • This is not a waterproof bean bag chair, and as such, it may be unsuitable for outdoor and garden use.

4.   HH Home Hut Steel Adult Bean Bag

This bean bag offers a brand-new design and unique style. Unlike others, you will find in the market, and this one has an upper-body that provides more comfort and also serves as good support for the head and also for the neck. The design product is also much better than other bean bags that are either pear-shaped or teardrop-shaped.

This is an ideal chair for relaxing and also for use as a gaming bean. Another feature that makes this unique in addition to the fact that it can be used as an upright chair is that it can also be placed in a reclined position to enjoy relaxations and also for added comfort. You would not want to stand up once you sit on the HH Home Hud Steel Adult Bean Bag.

Its dimensions are 95 x 75 cm, and it is definitely going to be the first thing you would want to fall on after a very stressful day.

  • The filling complies fully with BS5852
  • This is perfect for rooms of any size
  • It comes already field
  • It is made of soft material for better comfort.
  • Affordable
  • It is not water-resistant

5.   Cotton Grey Stars Bean Bag

Fifth on our list of best bean bag chairs is one that is made from cotton. Enjoy the cosiness and comfort offered by this bean bag at a very cool price because this bag is very affordable. It is washable; however, you would need to follow the washing instructions provided by the manufacturer.

It is important to note that this bag is made of high quality, and this is in order to ensure that it provides the highest comfort and support to users. Another amazing feature is that it is a fire retardant, unlike other products in the market. You will enjoy nestling into this bean bag to either watch movie or to read.

This bean bag is 70 cm wide, 70 cm high and also 70 cm deep.

  • It is washable
  • It is durable
  • It offers a unique level of comfort and coziness
  • Made of 100% cotton which also adds to the comfort
  • For people who want something bigger, this might not be a perfect option.


6.   Bean Bag Bazaar

This is one of the best outdoor furniture pieces you will find in the market. It is a very nice option with an amazing look that is also perfect for indoor use. It offers unbelievable ultimate comfort. It comes in different colours, rest assured you will find one that blends perfectly with your living space. Unlike some bean bags made of fabric material, this one is very durable and water-resistant. It is an ideal bag for gaming, relaxing, watching TV and also for enjoying a sunny summer afternoon.

This bean bag bazaar was designed with comfort in mind. It has a raised back for back support and an amazing recliner. It also offers a spacious seat with armrest for added comfort. You can also refer to this bean bag chair as a sink-in comfort chair. It is relatively affordable. It is lightweight and has a dimension of 90 x 73 cm.

  • This bean bag is made of the highest quality fabric with multiple zipping and overlocked stitching for added safety.
  • Comes in different colors for added beauty
  • Can be used both indoor and outdoor
  • Water-resistant
  • It is not as durable as other products in the market.

7.   Loft 25 Bean Bag Chair

The Loft 25 Bean Bag Chair is the best option for people who want something that is ergonomically designed. It is a very great option for hours when you are watching a movie or playing a game.

This bean bag is made with polyester material that is water-resistant, making it a nice option for both indoor and outdoor use. It has a dimension of 75 x 75 x 80 cm for depth, width and height, respectively. The nature of this bean bag makes cleaning to be very easy; all you have to do is to wipe any dirt or spillage away.

  • It is made of polyester material that is water-resistant
  • It can be used both indoor and outdoor
  • It is ergonomically designed
  • It is easy to clean
  • It is a great bean bag; however, it is a bit small for some adults.

8.   icon Kenai Faux Bean Bag Chair

Simplicity at its peak. This is a large mean bag with a dimension of 85 x 85 x 50 cm and made of luxurious faux fur. This bean bag is a nice option for people who like to enjoy a sink-in comfort that will suit any body shape. It comes in different colours and shapes.

This bag was designed in Britain with the best fabric which has been overlocked with good sticking and a double zipping to guarantee the security and safety of the bean filling. Another important thing to note about this item is that the filling is fully compliant with BS5852 Furniture and Fire regulations.

  • Sink-in comfort
  • Made of highest quality faux fur
  • Overlocked stitching and double zipping to ensure security and safety of the bean filling,
  • It is not made of water-resistant material.

9.   Loft 25 Bean Bag with Footstool

If there is only one thing that Loft 25 specializes at, it would be delivering uniqueness that guarantees comfort. This is a premium quality bean bag that is also ergonomically designed. It comes with a footstool, a feature you would hardly find with other bean bags in the market. This bean bag offers so many unique and versatile features, among which include its design, which is with a velvet look fabric, which makes it have a luxurious feel and look great in a living room.

It is also easy to clean, and it is made of water-resistant material. It is also fire-retardant, thanks to the polystyrene beads. The dimension of the bean bag is 75 x 80 cm, while that of the footstool is 40 x 35 x 25 cm. It is important to note that both the chair and the footstool are lightweight, which makes it easy to switch seating position.

  • Easy to clean
  • Water-resistant
  • Fire retardant
  • Footstool for added comfort
  • It may be too small for some adults.

10. TFT Bean Bag Chair for Adult

TFT bean bag is a nice option for people who want something versatile.

It can serve as a small sofa for your bedroom or your balcony. This bean bag will add style to your living room. This bean bag can efficiently serve so many functions. It can serve as a computer chair and can also be a perfect option for your child’s playroom or bedroom. This bean bag can be used in an upright position or a reclined position.

This bean bag is a very comfortable bag and is made of highly durable materials.

  • It can be used for multiple purposes
  • Can be used both indoor and outdoor
  • Can be used upright or reclined
  • Perfect for both adults and children
  • It is not water-resistant.

Best Adult Bean Bag Buyer Guide

There a lot to enjoy from adult bean bags. This is why there are so many products in the market, and these products come in different sizes and specifications. This wide availability makes it difficult to choose one that is appropriate for your living space. There are so many factors to consider when buying a bean bag so that you will get the best fit for your preferences.

Here are the features that are important, and should be considered before you purchase an adult bean bag:

1.  Size

Why settle for the wrong size when you have so many options in different sizes and specifications? Size is usually the first thing to consider when purchasing any furniture, and the bean bag is not an exception. Bean bags come in different sizes, and it is important that you choose one that will fit well in your living space. The best way to determine the appropriate size of the bean bag to choose is to measure the weight and height of the individual that will use the bean bag. Taller adults will need bigger bean bags compared to shorter adults.

2.  Fill Type

The fill type will determine the type of comfort you will enjoy from the bean bag. Bean bags with polyurethane foam is usually recommended because it is the most durable material. This foam will never break down, even though it is very soft. There’ll be no need for a refill with this type of foam. If you would be choosing an eco-foam, it is important to select one that is non-carcinogenic and completely safe for use in homes.

Another set of popular fill types commonly seen is the polystyrene beans. This is popular because of its lightweight, which makes it easy for you to move the bean bag around. A drawback of this fill type is that it can break down with time.

3.  Easy to Clean

Nobody will want to have a nice-looking bean bag that is difficult to clean. Maintaining bean bags can be achieved by regular cleaning, and this will make the bean bag to last for a longer period. It is, therefore, necessary to select a bean bag that is easy to clean. Products that have covers that can be removed easily are highly recommended.

4.  Material

It is not only the foams that should be of high-quality. The upholstery of the bean bag should also have high quality. Bean bags with stain-resistant upholstery are usually recommended. It is also important to go for a bean bag that can withstand wear and tear that may result from the day to day activities it may be subjected to.

5.  Comfort

Remember that the main reason why you are purchasing a bean bag is for the comfort it will provide. Selecting a bean bag with the right filling and size is not sufficient to ensure that it is comfortable. The main factor that determines the comfort of a bean bag is the manufacturing and the shape of the bean bag.

Therefore, when choosing a bean bag, always ensure that your needs align with the size and shape of the bean bag. Gamers would need a more upright bean bag while people who want a bean bag that they can snuggle into will prefer a bean bag with a reclined position.

6.  Safety

Safety features are another important feature to look out for when buying a bean bag. Some bean bags have a child safety zipper, which is a great feature, especially if you have children in your home. Another thing to check is to ensure that the bean bag filling is not carcinogenic. Therefore, always go for manufacture that places more value on both your health and the environment.

7.  Warranty

Not every bean bag comes with a warranty. However, this is a plus for you. There are so many warranties offer produced by different manufacturers. It is usually within the range of one month to five years. There are also some brands that offer lifetime warranties. Therefore, it is necessary that you always check the warranty of a bean bag before you purchase it. The warranty will give you an idea of how durable the product is.


The features given in this guide will help you in making the right decision. Rest assured that you will enjoy the comfort that is offered by this amazing furniture.

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