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Best 28 Inch TV UK

Everyone gets a different viewing experience with their TVs. The size, the features, the connectivity, and the resolution; these factors can determine how much you enjoy watching your TV. You have probably heard of 4K TVs and how great the resolution is. TVs with 4K ultra HD resolution usually have larger screen sizes (40 inches – 75 inches). But some people would rather go for a TV with a 28-inch screen or maybe a 32 inch TV. For them, the compactness and portability matter more.

Apart from compactness and portability, you might also be considering the price of the TV you want to buy. Relative to TVs within the 50 inches, 60 inches, and 70 inches screen-size range, 28 inch TVs come in at more affordable prices and some people will just prefer having a small TV. Yet they still pack several features to satisfy your viewership.

Although they will not come with a 4K ultra HD resolution, you can still get some of the best 28 inch TV. Top brands like LG, Toshiba, and Mitchell & Brown have some great 28-inch TVs in their catalogue.

Best 28 Inch TV’s

1. LG 28TK410V 28-Inch 720p HD Ready LED TV

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