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Apple iPhone 12 Prices $699 to $999 and Features

Apple announced that it will be the first iPhone 12 phones to operate on 5 G Networks faster. Also, Apple is removing the charger and headphones from the iPhone 12 box, to cut down on its carbon footprint.

The company also expanded the line-up to include a smaller 5.4-in-screen “Mini” edition.

It was also announcing a new, intelligent home speaker, called the HomePod Mini, and some fun accessories for the new iPhones using magnets.

Included are a new lidar sensor on the back from Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. This was first released in March on the iPad Pro and is used for Augmented Reality ( AR) in recent years.

When scanning a space, the lidar sensor is easier and faster than a standard camera. It starts right away rather than taking a couple of seconds to search your camera.

New iPhone Features At a Glance

iPhone 12

  • A new industrial design with squared-off edges, resembling the latest iPads Pro.
  • Oled screen running edge to edge.
  • MagSafe wireless charging, like a giant Apple Watch
  • Ceramic Shield screens, for greater un-smashability.
  • Bigger aperture for enhanced low-light performance
  • 5G tech (with “smart data mode” to drop down to 4G when speed isn’t needed, so that battery life is preserved).
  • Starting at $799/£799 for 64GB devices.

iPhone 12 Mini

  • As above but smaller.
  • Starting at $699/£699 for 64GB devices

iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max

  • Lidar on the camera system adds AR features and faster autofocus.
  • Telephoto camera gets a bigger zoom.
  • Pro features such as Dolby Vision HDR and ProRAW for professional videographers.
  • Starting at $999/£999 for 128GB for the Pro and $1099/£1099 for the Pro Max

HomePod Mini

  • It’s a mini HomePod.
  • And it costs $99/£99.


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