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Month: November 2020

Tips On How To Stop Smoking

Each cigarette can also contain as much as six times more tar than the maximum amount of carbon dioxide exhaled. So you need to find ways to stop smoking for good. One easy and low-cost method is to use a technique called smoke breaks. Smokers are advised to take one a day, every day, but …

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How to Dye Tips of Short Hair

If you are searching for the ideal hairstyle for your short hair and don’t quite feel like trying out the latest hair trends, we recommend that you change your hair colour. It will help you to stand out from the crowd and instantly make you look younger. Most hairstyles will fade away in time anyway, …

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Best Mechanical Keyboards UK

Some gamers and developers may find mechanical keyboards too noisy but others might prefer the feel of mechanical keyboards. Because they’re faster and more durable than membrane keyboards, mechanical keyboards are popular choices for people who game, write, design, or edit. Many web developers and engineers use mechanical keyboards for faster typing and greater accuracy. …

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Best Noise Cancelling Headphones Under £50 UK

Noise Cancelling Headphones Under £50 UK

When it comes to wireless noise-cancelling headphones, you are looking at the highest levels of connectivity and sound. There are two wireless categories, active noise-cancelling wireless headphones (ANC) and wireless Bluetooth headsets. While the former uses a separate, electronic noise-cancelling microphone for outputting the sound to your ears, the latter still has the cable connecting …

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Earbuds Vs in-ear Monitors

I tried several earphones on the market but hardly any of them actually fit in my ears. In the end I ended up buying cylindrical earbuds, so I thought I’ll write advantages and disadvantages of them. I hope you’ll find them useful when buying your next earbuds. “Music is the strongest form of magic.” – Marilyn …

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Best Camping Toilet UK

I can confirm from my experience having used a camping toilet last holiday at the Snowdon Base Camp in Wales was not the best. We ended with a leaking valve and a bulky one that would not fit into the car trunk. So I searched for the best camping toilet but this was a herculean …

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Best Guitar Cable UK

Ever tried getting your musical sound set up, and having to endure a constant crackle or screech from your guitar amp? Many people do not know that guitar cables are not balanced.  A balanced cable is typically used for professional or expensive equipment, where the sound quality is of critical importance, but not the safety …

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Best Black Friday Deals UK 2020

Welcome to your Amazon Black Friday Sale 2020 destination. We track prices on Internet Eyes and currently scanning thousands of discounts to bring you the best deals in the UK. Check the best deals now. Happy Savings! Black Friday TV Deals Black Friday Laptop Deals Black Friday Nintendo Deals Black Friday Devices Deals Black Friday …

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