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Best Regulated Squonk MOD UK

Introducing the Squonk MOD There was a time, remembered by those of us of a certain age group, when smoking was not only socially acceptable, it was the ‘done thing’. People smoked because their friends did, it was enjoyable and – for some – it was the cool thing to do! All that came to …

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Thick Ankle Socks

thick ankle socks

The summer is over, autumn is drawing in, and soon it will be winter – the season of thick ankle socks! Thick socks are the perfect choice for wearing inside boots on cold winter days, and for those evenings in the house by the fireside! There are other uses for thick ankle socks, too: some …

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Best Flea Fogger UK

Getting Rid of Fleas is a Problem! Fleas can be a problem in the home, especially if you have cats or dogs. They may be difficult to see, being very small, but their bites are certainly easy to feel! Fleas from your pets will also start to live – and breed – on and in …

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Pocket Hole Jig UK

Introducing The Pocket Hole Jig The saying goes that a workman is only as good as his tools, and in many ways, it’s true. Whether you’re a professional or are into DIY, you’ll certainly have invested in the best tools your budget allows, and rightly so. Things do get easier if the equipment is up …

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Best Magnetic Charging Cable

The Top 10 1. NetDot 3-pack 2nd Generation The problem with reviewing items that are very specific in terms of their purpose is that there is not always a lot to say about them. So, on that note, please forgive us for any repetition in these descriptions! This is a pack of 3 magnetic charging …

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